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Monday, March 15, 2010

Signing up on chat loops

With my first books coming out soon, I have been busy signing up on chat loops. As soon as I have covers and blurbs and excerpts you will see them up here, on facebook (friend me!) and on my wesbite: http://berengariabrown.webs.com/

Meanwhile here is a tiny PG taste of "Intensity".

At the top was another door. Excitedly she swiped her keycard again, pulled the handle and walked inside.
It was an average bedroom-sized room, with one window covered by a flat metal shade that allowed people to see out but no one to see inside. There was a deep comfy chair in front of a TV turned onto a sports channel, a large bookshelf packed with books, a single bed, and a small table with two chairs.
Keziah’s mind was running wild with possibilities, so she walked over the bookshelf to look at a row of photographs there. She recognized a recent one of Amos and Wesley, and an older one of them aged maybe twenty-one or so. But the most fascinating picture was an old black and white one of two men who looked vaguely familiar but not quite right. Keziah picked up the photo and stared at it for a long time before pacing it back on the shelf and moving a bit farther along. Here was another picture of the two men. They were much older now and the picture was in color, though quite faded. The men had gray hair and with them stood a young woman holding a baby.
“I bet that baby is Wesley!” she exclaimed aloud. That’ll be old John Smith with Wesley’s grandpa and his Mom.”
“You’re right,” said a voice behind her. “I knew all along you were a very intelligent woman and a perfect match for Amos and Wesley and you have proven so today!”
“Shit!” screamed Keziah whirling around.
John Smith’s ghost was sitting in the comfortable chair, his right ankle resting on his left knee.
“How the hell— Who the hell— Wait. You’re old Mr. Smith. You’re dead!”
(C) Berengaria Brown 2010


  1. Excellent excerpt! Sounds like a very interesting story!

  2. Don't over sign up on chat loops mate