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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Possessive Passions Book 4: Captured Possession

"Captured Possession": Blurb

For generations, the men of New Thimphu have kidnapped the woman of their choice, spent the night making love to her, and then demanded she marry them. Doms Ryker Volkov and Coulton Urquahart work together to capture the woman of their dreams, Kenzie Evans. But Kenzie doesn’t believe two Doms and one sub can possibly work, so she says no to their advances.

They punish her for rejecting them then take her to bed, determined to woo her with orgasms. At the end of the night she again refuses, believing that she can't satisfy two Doms for long. This time they leave her naked, chained to the bed. When Kenzie wakes up they’ve both gone to work, but she takes her situation as a challenge and uses the bedding to make herself a poncho and finds Coulton’s hidden computer to entertain herself with. The men again ask her to marry them, but she refuses. How will they convince her they love her?


The building in which she lived had a hot tub in the basement. Kenzie decided a long soak in the tub was just what she needed to think things through. She went into the office and asked the building manager, “Is anyone using the hot tub this evening?”

“Hi, Kenzie. Let me check. Um…No, it’s all yours. Put the Ladies Only sign up when you go in, though, please.”

“No worries.” Kenzie hurried up to her apartment, kicked off her shoes and underwear, then collected clean underwear and a couple towels before going all the way downstairs to the basement. The hot tub was the very last room in the hallway, and had a mirrored wall behind the tub and a mirrored ceiling, perfect for erotic moments. Sadly all she had tonight were her fingers, but the warm water and bubbles would be lovely anyway. And she was spoiled living in a community where she could use a hot tub. There’d been nothing like that at the condominium block she’d lived in before she’d come here.

As instructed, Kenzie hung up the Ladies Only sign, placed her towels and underwear on one of the sinks, and dropped her skirt and shirt onto the floor. She riffled through the cabinet under one of the sinks, found some lavender bubble bath, and tipped half the bottle into the hot tub. Likely it was too much, but she felt the need to be lavish and decadent. Then she sank back in the hot water and relaxed, letting her long hair swirl around her and the bubbles tickle her chin. “Oh yes, this is good.”

She closed her eyes as the heat warmed her bones and muscles, soothing her right through her body and into her soul. The lavender scent filled the room and helped restore her to her usual even-tempered serenity, too.

Kenzie heard a faint click, then the quiet swish of movement over the tiled floor. Before she could come out of her reverie, open her eyes, and focus on reality, a hood covered her eyes, a ball gag filled her mouth, and strong arms were lifting her out of the tub.

She reached out to whoever was holding her, but her wrists were gripped tightly and handcuffed together.

Fuck! Kenzie kicked out with all her strength, but that just resulted in her ankles being cuffed as well. Had she been captured by an octopus shape-shifter? The man—and the person was very strong so it had to be a man—seemed to have arms everywhere, stopping her every action. No, more likely it would be more than one person. Kenzie was a normal-sized female, not a tiny little lightweight, yet she was wrapped in a towel, lifted, and slung over a shoulder in seconds.

Frantically she wiggled, knowing her foam-covered body had to be slippery to grasp. She needed to capitalize on that fact before the towel absorbed all the dampness. But she made no impression on her captor.

Kenzie’s heart was pounding hard, her throat dry, her body shivering in fear as she was carried through the building and outside. Her wet body, with only a towel over it, instantly felt the coldness of being in an open area. Fuck! If she wasn’t raped and murdered likely she’d catch pneumonia and die of that!

Then her rational self took over. It was possible these captors were murderers, but New Thimphu was a secret underground community, and it wasn’t easy to actually enter it. All the entrances from above ground were hidden in the various farm houses owned by community members and dotted over the fields surrounding the long green ridge that covered the heart of the community.

No, what was far more likely was that this was an inside job. That someone specifically wanted her. And the only person who knew she’d been in the hot tub was the building manager. In the old days New Thimphu brothers used to steal their women, but no one wanted to marry her. Unless…

Dammit! Ryker and Coulton had captured her and were taking her somewhere. Coulton had a cottage a mile or more from the heart of the community. Somewhere the two men could play with her and her screams—assuming they took the ball gag out of her mouth and she could scream—would never be heard. Uh-huh. It looked like these Doms hadn’t accepted her “No” as an answer. She was about to get her dungeon trial anyway.

If her mouth hadn’t been stuffed with a ball gag, she would have been grinning. Only a tiny voice in her head nagged at her. Are you sure it’s them? Are you sure you’re really safe?

Oh, yes. She’d been fucking scared witless for a few minutes, but then her brain had gotten back to working. She was certain it was Coulton and Ryker. Her two Doms. Ah, well, it’d be interesting to see what they did. Sooner or later they’d have to take the ball gag off and if she wasn’t happy, she was plenty capable of letting them know. She was also certain they’d abide by her decision if she really was determined to end the relationship. Meanwhile some dungeon play and an orgasm or two suited her fine. She just hoped she wasn’t frozen solid by the time they arrived at Coulton’s cottage.

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