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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Captured Possession Trivia

Hidden underneath a long green ridge of land in an ordinary part of rural America, New Thimphu is a community established by settlers who live in their traditional ways.

In New Thimphu all the brothers share one wife in a ménage. She’s their treasured possession. Neither Ryker Volkov, nor Coulton Urquahart, has a brother. Uh-oh. Big problem!

The men decide to be like brothers and form a ménage with Kenzie Evans. Oh, good plan.

But both Ryker and Coulton are Doms in the BDSM scene and Kenzie’s convinced two Doms and one sub in a ménage will never work. She says, “No”. Uh-oh. Big problem!

In the old days, New Thimphu men used to kidnap their bride. Ryker and Coulton decide to kidnap Kenzie. Oh, good plan.

Kenzie decides ménage sex is awesome, but she still refuses to marry them. Uh-oh. Big problem!

The two Doms leave Kenzie naked and chained to the bed. Now what?

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