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Monday, February 8, 2016

South: Born to Rule book 6

"Born to Rule" book 6: "South"

A man attacks Sue at the Gathering and Fletcher arrives to rescue and claim her. Sue knows nothing about Fletcher or Mu Arae, but something is drawing her to this man. Something irresistible.
Meanwhile several communities are lost. Fletcher, the team paramedic, worries he should to be looking for them. But how can he leave his bride before he claims her?

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/south-by-berengaria-brown/


Fletcher stretched out on his bed and gently lifted his bride onto his body. He sat her on his hips, and lightly tugged her head down so he could kiss her. Fletcher put every ounce of his pent-up longing and need for this woman into the caress, kissing her with his lips and tongue, but also with his heart, his soul, and his mind. At first she responded tentatively, but then she relaxed into his embrace and her kiss became just as passionate as his, inflaming his blood, making his heart pound fast and hard, and his cock press up against her soft skin, wanting to be deep inside her.

Fletcher stroked one hand up and down her back, petting her shoulders, her spine, and her hips. Then he lowered his mouth to her breasts, taking first one nipple, and then the other into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and sucking her sweet feminine flesh.

As soon as her cunt began to dampen his skin, he knew she was ready for him. He was incredibly relieved. He was the warrior and she was his. His duty was to fuck her constantly until her power released. He was an honorable warrior and no way would he shirk his duty. But having her respond to him, to want him, to welcome him into her body, was so much better. He loved Sue even though he knew nothing about her. He loved her because she was the woman the Fates had given him, and he promised himself and them that he’d cherish her forever. But first he had a claiming to complete.

“It’s time, my bride. Take my cock into your body. Make me the happiest man on Earth.”

Sue gave him an assessing look out of her pale blue eyes, and then held his cock at her pussy entry. Slowly she rested his cockhead inside herself and then lowered her body down on him, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Several times she paused and he knew she was adjusting to his girth, but every time her tissues stretched and opened around him and she kept accepting him until his balls were pressed hard against her body.

“Fuck yes that’s good.”

She gave a little wiggle as she settled her ass firmly on his pelvis, and Fletcher got a glimpse of the woman Sue truly was, a bride with a mischievous streak who would be an entertaining lover as well as a giving one.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/south-by-berengaria-brown/

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