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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 2: Amarinda Jones

Amarinda Jones said: The best thing about Christmas in Australia is the sounds of cicadas in the trees, the taste of fresh mangoes and the heavenly smells wafting from the barbeque. It’s about being off work, lazing by the pool or sitting under the gum trees with a glass or seven of wine and talking to those you love. It’s about freedom and peace and enjoying the time soaking up the sun. Christmas in Australia is beaut.

Amarinda is offering THREE lucky people the chance to win a copy of "Shackle Me Not."

"Shackle Me Not" blurb:

Hot, wild sex is one thing but commitment is another. Katharine Mayflower is only too willing to jump Wil Sattler’s delicious body in an orgasmic frenzy of lust but the idea of forever scares her. Sure, songs have been written about it but Katharine isn’t sure she can keep up with the beat.

Wil has two great loves - Katharine and music. His plan is to serenade her heart and body with sex, sin and submission until the only thing she can think of is him and her need for love. Music brought them back together, desire and hunger will seal their fate.


Shackle Me Not had come straight to Katherine after she called them. It had been her promise to buy them a round of pizzas that had done it.
“I need you to write me a song.” They munched on their pizzas and looked at her blankly. “The song is about my feelings for someone.”
“If they’re your feelings we can’t write them dude,” Manga pointed out to her just before he belched. “It’s something that has to come from your soul.” They all nodded in time with each other.
“The thing is my soul is a little confused at the moment and I need some help from professionals.” And God help me, these four are my only hope. She bunched up some of the fabric of her long, gypsy-like skirt in her hands to an effort to be calm and patient. This song meant everything to her. It’s my last hope to get it right.
Snowball looked reluctant. “It’s not something we do on request man.”
“We’re artists,” Toey added, dripping bright red pizza sauce down his shirt front. “We have to feel it and believe it and be in the mood. It has to come from deep within. It’s a spiritual moment of realization when our true self connects with our inner self and we become one and create from that bond of total harmony.
Oh what a crock. It was time for a reality check. “I’ll pay you.”
This had their immediate interest. “What do you want in the song?”
Yep, money talks. “It’s about a woman who is scared to commit.”
Eddie looked confused. “Commit what? Murder? We haven’t written one of those before. Cool.”
“Ax? Chainsaw?” Snowball warmed to the theme.
“Nah,” Manga interrupted them. “Women use poison as their choice of murder weapon. I read it somewhere.” They all liked the sound of that and chatted eagerly.
Give me strength. “Boys, boys, focus. I’m talking about committing to the man she loves.”
“Oh right.” Toey looked disappointed. “An angsty death song would be better.” Once more they all nodded in time.
“No doubt,” Katharine murmured, trying to remain patient with the band.
“So who’s the dude?”
She looked at Manga. “Is that important?”
“We have to feel his pain.”
“What about the woman’s pain?” This was, after all, her song. Katharine wanted to make sure they got it right.
“We can see it in your eyes.”
Okay, so they were not so thick after all. “Really?”
“Yeah, they’re bloodshot,” Eddie observed. “That means you’re either intensely upset or slugging down tequila at your desk.”
“Is the man Wil?”
“Why do you ask?” Was it that obvious?
“It is?” Manga persisted. “You sort of look like you’d fit together and Wil’s been pretty moody since you came into our orbit.”
Orbit? “He has?” Was moody good or bad?
“Oh yeah, like staring out into space one minute and biting our heads off the next. Wil’s usually a mellow dude.”
Yeah he was. I’m the uptight one. “So the song—”
Eddie looked at her thoughtfully. “You messed Will about?”
“Is that going to cost me more?” She had not factored the band’s loyalty to Will in the cost.

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To be one of three lucky people to win a copy of "Shackle Me Not" go to Amarinda's website
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  1. Thanks for the lovely intro to Shackle Me Not, Berengaria and Amarinda!

  2. Hi Amarinda,
    Thank you for the contest and the yummy excerpt.
    Thank you for dropping by Flchen

  3. Too funny! The guys are upset because her messing with Wil is making him moody? That's male-bonding loyalty for you! Great excerpt.

  4. Oh, excellent excerpt! This is great!