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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THREE new releases coming soon

"Combustion" is coming from Ellora's Cave on 18 February.
Xonra Gibson attends the memorial service for one-hundred-one-year-old MaryAnne Menzies, and is embarrassed to be attracted to the broad-shouldered hunk squeezed into the chair next to her at the overcrowded event. It turns out the delicious Glenn Hilton is partnered to the equally yummy Morgan McLean.
She allows her hormones to lead her to their apartment for an incredibly hot one-night stand and three fiery orgasms, a personal record for her. The men are determined to spend more time with Xonra and get tickets for a weekend at Berisford Village a historical tourist attraction. The village is fascinating, the accommodation luxurious and the orgasms stupendous, but Xonra is convinced something under the surface at the village is wrong.

Also on 18 February
"Feels so Good", the next release in the "Sex Odyssey" series, will be out at Evernight Publishing.
Yasmin meets Pearce and VJ in the trailer park at Resort City. She’s traveling until she runs out of money, when instead, she runs into the two yummiest men she’s ever seen. She’s never had ménage sex before, but with these two men it’s bound to be excellent.
The sex is awesome, but when she witnesses a robbery the men become possessive, demanding and over-protective. Will this be the end of her sex odyssey? Or will she be forced to teach them a lesson?

And my novel from Siren BookStrand, "Tempting Tenealle", has been moved forward to be a 24 February release!
Continuously overwhelmed by an unending inundation of visiting cousins, Tenealle decides the only solution is to buy a bigger apartment. Evan’s selling an apartment that is perfect for her. In fact, Evan and his partner, Faris, are perfect for her. How can she concentrate on renovating an apartment when she’d much rather be in their bedroom?
Evan has inherited his Great Aunt Enid’s apartment and doesn’t want to refurbish it, so is looking for a quick sale, even though his partner, Faris, can see its potential. They both see enormous potential in a relationship with the totally delicious Tenealle, despite her myriad cousins, too. But which cousin tried to harm her. And why? And what is the story about the fountain?

So WOW!! THREE new books coming very soon.

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