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Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to my Stylish Blog!

My blog is Stylish! It's official!
The awesome Tabitha Blake http://www.tabithablake.blogspot.com/

gave me this award. If you go back to her post you'll find out her seven secrets. Now I'm supposed to tell you seven secrets about me.

1. I love chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, drinking chocolate. Yeah. Any kind of chocolate is awesome.

2. I'm a big James Bond fan. My dream night out would be with any of the James Bonds. Or all of them! Hey I write menage, so why not!

3.I began writing Lesbian erotica not just because it's HAWT, but also because I've always been fascinated by how women in history, when they had basically no rights at all, managed to arrange their lives so they could be happy.

4. Georgette Heyer is the author who started me reading romance. So yeah, not exactly a big surprise that I've written a couple Regency-set romances is it!

5. I was a reader before I became a writer. Even though I write now, I still read a LOT. Like, several books a week.

6. My favorite season is summer. I vacationed once at Hawaii and would love to go there again.

7. Several of my books are set in China. It is an awesome place to visit. So much history and tradition and wonderful people.

Now I'm supposed to award some people a Stylish blog award.
On the bar at the right you'll see the blogs I follow. I hereby declare them all STYLISH!



  1. China, eh? Why not write a historical story using one of their legends??? And thank you very much for declaring me stylish!