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Friday, June 17, 2011

An HEA for Father's Day: Fire and Light

Fire and Light: Blurb
Hugh's six year old son, Orion, has just recently come to live with him. He has taken vacation time over the summer break to be with the boy and teach him to swim before he goes to summer camp. Orion and Hugh meet Quigley, and a deep friendship develops. For two weeks, they spend time together at the swimming pool and the park, getting to know each other.
Quigley invites Hugh and Orion out to dinner, and afterward he stays over, and he and Hugh have an extremely erotic night together. The next day, Quigley has to go back to work, as his vacation is over. During the next week, they miss each other a lot, and Orion learns to dive to have something to show Quigley. From then on, Quigley spends many evenings at their apartment, and the relationship grows until the men want to live together.
But this is a huge problem, If they move house, Orion will need to change schools--again. And where will they find a suitable place for such a non-traditional family anyway? Is their romance doomed?

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Quigley was excited that Hugh and Orion had agreed to his invitation to the restaurant. He'd thought long and hard about how to move their relationship to the next level. Although he loved his job, in one way, going back to work would put a real blockage in his romance plans. He was incredibly attracted to Hugh, and Orion was a great kid, smart and bold, yet polite. But it was Hugh he so desperately wanted to know on a deeper level. They'd talked and laughed and had fun together nine times over two weeks, so surely that was long enough before they had a real date.
Of course, what he wanted was to be in bed with Hugh, to have Hugh pounding into his ass, sucking his cock. To lick and suck every inch of Hugh's delicious body, from his reddish-hair, down his muscled chest, to his long toes. Hugh had made no secret of the fact that he was bisexual. He seemed to be equally attracted to Quigley and, hopefully, would be ready to move to the next stage. Quigley just wasn't quite sure how sex would work with the boy present. Screaming orgasms wouldn't be possible. Hell, people with kids, even single parents, had sex all the time so there had to be a way around the problem.
Just thinking about Hugh's delightfully sculpted muscles, his strong thighs, sinewy calves, broad shoulders, and berry-brown nipples gave him the hard-on from hell. Quigley just knew his cock would be perfect. Several times as they'd been talking, he'd noticed Hugh's cock growing inside those red board shorts. It looked to be a most impressive package, and Quigley longed to suck every inch of it down his throat, to play with Hugh's balls, to slide a finger deep into Hugh's ass and watch his cum spurt over them both, then to lick it all up.
Even if they didn't get as far as fucking, Quigley was determined to kiss Hugh, to sink his tongue into the other man's mouth, to taste and tease that warm cavern, and to nibble his earlobes. Quigley wondered if Hugh realized just how sexy his earlobes were. His ears were perfectly shaped, a delicate pink, and begging to have a tongue thrust inside and teeth nibbling the edges.
Right now, the big question was what to wear. He'd heard how carefully Orion chose his clothes and wanted to do justice to this first date with Hugh and the child. A button-down shirt? Dress pants and dress shoes? Or loafers? Hmm.
He finally decided on navy dress pants, black dress shoes, and a pale blue button-down shirt left open at the neck with the cuffs rolled up. When he arrived at the Japanese Steakhouse, he was relieved to see Hugh had chosen cargo pants, not jeans, and that Orion looked very smart in long brown shorts and a tan shirt that complemented his flame-red hair.
But his gaze kept returning to Hugh, who looked absolutely luscious in his beige pants and cream shirt. Good enough to eat, and so delicious Quigley's cock was standing up and begging to be touched, his ass clenching with the need to be filled, his heart pounding with the hope that he would have the chance to tell Hugh of his desire to make love. Yeah, make love. He didn't just want to have sex with this man; he wanted them to make love together.
Orion was entranced by the display the chef put on. The man was a performer as much as a chef. He flipped and caught foods with his spatula, chopping mounds of vegetables with strokes so fast the human eye could scarcely follow his movements. Next, he arranged onion rings into a fire-shooting volcano. He concluded by flipping a shrimp through the air to land in the center of Orion's plate on top of a pile of noodles.
With their beef, onions, and noodles, they had cabbage, zucchini, bean sprouts, and garlic chips. They all ate every mouthful, and it was superb, but not half as superb as the delectable man sitting opposite him at the table. I'll die if we don't go to bed together tonight. I can't wait another day!
Fortunately, by the looks Hugh was shooting him, Hugh's mind was running along the same pathway as his.


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