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Friday, November 9, 2012

"Resort Romance" OUT TODAY!

“Resort Romance” Blurb:

Imogen agrees to accompany Gage and Liam to a resort for a week’s vacation and some extra hot ménage sex. The gardens are beautiful, the meals are delicious and the facilities are excellent, especially the three swimming pools. The men are delicious too, but Gage is bossy and Imogen is not going to be anyone’s sex toy.
But the men are awfully yummy and Imogen is having a wonderful time. Until Gage makes a few autocratic decisions which remind Imogen of her manipulative father. Then Imogen has to decide whether the best orgasms of her life are worth risking potential heartbreak.

Story excerpt

“Wow, this place is huge. There are three swimming pools. Three! And one has a waterfall and a beach. And there are gardens and walks, a bridge over the water, and a cinema and a gym. Tennis courts. A golf course. We’re only here for a week. We won’t have time to try even half these things.”
Imogen’s hazel eyes were almost popping out of her head as she looked from the map of the resort to the various areas they were walking past.
Liam scowled. “It’s all very well for you two. I’m the fair-skinned one here. I’ll be burned to a crisp in five minutes in this sun.” He pulled his dark glasses down over his blue eyes and hunched his shoulders deeper inside his long-sleeved T-shirt.
“I brought sunblock—”
“So did we. Lots of sunblock. Waterproof sunblock. And hats.” Gage spoke firmly. “We’ll be sensible and only stay out for half an hour at a time.”
Imogen’s joy evaporated in an instant. God, he sounds just like my father. “No going near the water for an hour after eating. Keep your hat on at all times. No more than fifteen minutes in the sun. No talking to other children.” All I ever wanted to do was run and play on the water’s edge like the other kids!
With a start she came out of her reverie and looked at Gage and Liam. They had stopped in front of a cabin, the end one in a block of four, with huge bushes covered in vivid pink flowers out front of it.
“Aren’t they wonderful!” She waved at the flowers, but the men had already opened the door and were pulling their luggage inside.
Well, hell. It’s a good thing I decided to come away with them to test our compatibility. It looks like this relationship is not going to work, at least from my point of view. She sighed, then rolled her suitcase through the doorway behind them.

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