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Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Raining Contracts!!

I have just received a contract for my male/female erotic short story, Dinner Delights. It will be coming soon from Breathless Press.
Watch this space for more details.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My website is up!

It's not very exciting yet, but as soon as I have covers and release dates they will be posted there.
Meanwhile here's a taste of my three contracted books:

"Intensity" will be coming from Siren-BookStrand in June. It is an erotic contemporary menage about an independent woman, two bossy men, and a ghost with an agenda all of his own.

Working title "Lady Caroline's Reward" will be coming from Torquere. This is an erotic Lesbian Regency-set book. Can Lady Caroline keep both her inheritance and her lover Dinah?

From Whiskey Creek Torrid, "Huldah's Two Hikers". This is a contemporary erotic MMF menage. Huldah is determined to complete a three-day hiking challenge accompanied by the two most delicious men she has ever met.

I hope to have covers, blurbs and excerpts coming soon so please drop by again soon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh my! Oh my!! Oh my!!!

I have been offered contracts on three books - each one with a different publisher. I am so excited I can't sit still! I am working madly to get a website up and running so I can tell you about the books and show you covers as they are done.
If you like romance I am sure you will like at least one of these books. Maybe even all three. Please check back soon to hear more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonderful news coming soon

I have some wonderful news from a publisher. I can't talk about it until everything is official, but I hope to be back here soon, dancing in the streets.
The book is about an independent woman, two bossy men, and a ghost with a mind of his own.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Pet Me" by Amarinda Jones

Amarinda Jones's new book, "Pet Me" is dedicated to Lara Punches, a young woman who died from complications after a fire in her college apartment.

Amarinda said, "Inspiration comes to us in the strangest ways. Although I never met Lara Punches her love of life and all creatures great and small inspired me to write this book. Some people, without knowing it, shed light and wisdom in simple, quiet ways, and lead others on to achieve. Thank you, Lara."

All proceeds from "Pet Me" go to a fund set up in memory of Lara.

The blurb:

When Drusilla Camm accidently kills Arthur, her niece's wonky-eyed goldfish, she's desperate to find a replacement. The only one to be found is the same one that a hot, hard-bodied man wants, and he's not about to give up. While this guy might be sex-on-a-stick, Drusilla is determined to get that fish. As for the man, she just might have him as well.

Newspaper reporter Cormack Flint loves women and is rarely surprised by them-until he meets sexy Drusilla. Instantly in lust, he might just be prepared to give up the fish if some sweaty sex is on offer.

Romance Book Scene gave "Pet Me" five hearts and said, "The book is a comedy come to life with lots of great sex in the middle. Kudos to Amarinda, who is a fabulous writer."

You can buy "Pet Me" here http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-8029-138-pet-me.aspx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is the next step?

Some time ago a publisher requested changes to the story I had sent them. I made the changes and sent the book back. When I didn't get a reply I sent them again as things do get lost in cyberspace. Still no reply.
If I ask again does that make me look rude and pushy?
If I don't ask does that make me look lazy and uninterested?
Do I continue to wait patiently or do I make a move?