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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm talking about...

I'm talking about my lesbian erotic short story, "Fist Me" over at the Torquere blog today.
If you've ever been fascinated by the naughty things two women get up to together, come on by.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Scorching fun at the beach

“Hot, Wet, Wild” blurb:

Gwyn moves down to the beach, and once again, she has a hot thing going with Zac and Parker. But then she gets a series of legal letters about her house, her garden, and her lifestyle. Clearly, someone doesn’t want her there.

Some expensive equipment goes missing from the golf course where Zac’s a groundsman, and he’s let go from his job. Parker and Gwyn try to soothe him with mind-boggling sex and help him search for the missing equipment. Their love sustains him, but who's responsible?

Parker hopes the three of them can move in together and be a real family. Will they ever be together for more than the occasional wild night?


“How long are you down for, Parker?” she asked, hoping he’d say the full month.

“I’ve moved down here to live. I got sick of you two always telling me how good life here was, compared to the big city, so I applied for the manager’s job at The Beachfront Motel and got it. So now I’m a gen-u-ine, one-hundred-percent native.”

“Woo hoo! That’s awesome news.” Gwyn threw herself against his muscular chest for another hug, and Zac joined them, pressing his cock into her ass as he hugged them both in his big arms.

“Mmm.” She pushed her ass back into Zac’s cock then pressed her belly forward into Parker’s. Oh yeah, he was happy to see them both again.

“How would you both like to come to my place and see the bookshelf I just built today?” she suggested.

“Isn’t the guy supposed to ask the gal to see his etchings?” said Zac.

“Do you have any etchings?” Parker asked.

“Actually, no. Guess we’d better go look at Gwyn’s bookshelf instead.”

Laughing they collected their things, ran up the dune, crossed the dirt road, and walked into Gwynnyth’s front yard. “Hey, this is looking good. Your folks had let the yard get kinda overrun with that creeper stuff, but the garden looks great now,” said Parker.

“Yeah, took a couple months of hard work, but it’s worth it.”

“Freaking knotweed. We’re always on the lookout for it at the golf course. Can’t let it get a hold there,” added Zac.

She unlocked the front door and let the men precede her inside. Zac hadn’t seen the living area since she’d painted it, and she wanted to hear his reaction as well as Parker’s.

“Hey it looks so much lighter, brighter. What have you done?” asked Zac.

She didn’t answer, waiting for them to work it out.

“The clunky, dark window blinds are gone,” said Parker.

Zac shook his head and swiveled around looking at everything. Parker had obviously decided he’d solved the problem and wandered over to look at her bookshelf in the corner. He thumped a fist against the sides, and the bookshelf hardly wobbled at all. Gwyn was inordinately pleased with herself.

Parker stared at the wall behind the shelf. Zac was staring at the walls now, too. Almost together they said, “That horrible dark blue paint’s gone.”

“The walls. You’ve repainted the walls.”

Parker and Zac looked at each other and laughed. “We always did think alike. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Zac.

“I reckon so. Are you going to show us what changes you’ve made in the bedroom, Gwyn?”

Suddenly the room seemed to be enveloped in a fog of lust. Heat that had nothing to do with the outside temperature rushed through Gwyn. The crotch of her swimwear dampened with her honey and she longed to feel both Zac and Parker inside her again. Parker’s teeny tiny swimwear was struggling to contain his cock, and Zac had a most impressive bulge in the front of his board shorts. She turned and walked down the short hallway to the bedroom. 

This book was previously published in the “Scarlet Lovers” anthology. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lesbian short romance

“Fist Me” Blurb:

Taryn asks Maeve to fist her. When Maeve gets over her shock at Taryn’s request, she tries to talk her out of it. Fisting is extreme, and Taryn’s not a lesbian. But Taryn is determined. She’s just broken up from Mr. Perfect, who was definitely not right for her, and this is something she wants to do just for herself. Maeve is the only person she trusts to share the experience with her. And she’ll worry about the fall-out from her broken romance later.

“Fist me.”

“What the fuck?” Maeve sputtered her beer over the table as she almost choked at Taryn’s words. She had to have misheard. Sweet, innocent, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth Taryn couldn’t possible have said, “Fist me”.
“Fist me. I want you to come home with me tonight and fist me.”
Yes, she did say it. Jeez. “Um, well, um…”

Taryn stood up, dropped some money on the table and held out her hand to Maeve. “Come on. Let’s do it now.”

Her head spinning, Maeve climbed to her feet, snagged her purse off the back of her chair, and took Taryn’s hand.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to fist Taryn. Hell, she’d like nothing better. But it was more, what had happened to the slow build up? The gentle hand touches, the sweet kisses, the pressing of hard nipples into soft, rounded breasts. The romance.

By the time they’d reached the parking lot, Maeve’s brain had started to function. “Um, listen, Taryn. I think we should talk first, before, you know…”

“What’s to talk about? You’re a lesbian. You like me. I want to try out fisting.”

Maeve took a deep breath and told her raging libido to shut up for a few minutes. “Fisting is extreme. It gives the most intense pleasure to both the parties involved. But a hand is a lot wider than a cock you know. It, um, stretches you. Not just physically, mentally as well.”

Taryn pulled Maeve into her car. “That’s what I want. I want that extreme sensation. The drive, the intensity.

This book was previously published in the “Lusty Wenches” anthology.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty new print book!

“Dragons’ Bond” and “Dragons Redeemed” are out now in a print. Read all the dragons’ stories in one book!

 “Dragon’s Bond”: Blurb

Mallory is fascinated by three life-size stone dragon statues. Then one night they come to life and she learns they’re shape-shifters. One of the museum’s directors, Teivel, plans to use the shape-shifting dragons as art thieves by placing them in exhibitions in other museums, and Mallory, Angus, William, and Mark now have to find out which statues are shape-shifters and how they can prevent Teivel from implementing his plan. That makes their days very busy, but the nights are for their own pleasure.

Can they outwit Teivel? What will happen if Mallory loses her job or the statues have to leave their home in the museum? And can a relationship built on a crisis and unbridled lust develop into lasting love and enduring passion?

“Dragons Redeemed”: Blurb

Trudy is a locksmith and security expert who Mallory asked to quote to improve the security at The Magic Dragon Museum. When Trudy arrives at the museum, it’s full of naked people, and four of the men say she belongs to them! The dragons need to reclaim their human lives while stopping Teivel’s plan to steal the artworks—if they can get out of bed long enough to concentrate.
Meanwhile Trudy has a job to do and a business to run. Crevan, Daegan, Graegor, and Penllyn are determined to protect her while watching Teivel. The dragon shape-shifters have their hands full with an independent, determined woman and a bad guy planning to cause trouble. Plus Mallory wants to come back to the museum, and her men are set on protecting her from Teivel, too.

Between lust and danger, sparks are flying everywhere.


Trudy had not enjoyed a sheltered childhood. She’d pretty much brought herself up while her mother worked eighteen or more hours a day, seven days a week, in a sweatshop, sewing clothes for two dollars an hour. She’d seen life on the streets in all its sordid detail and come to the conclusion that it wasn’t for her. She’d also decided by the age of twelve that sewing, prostitution, and crime weren’t careers she’d follow. At fifteen, she’d apprenticed herself to Larry, an elderly locksmith. The day she’d turned eighteen, he’d handed the business over to her and caught a plane to Florida where he planned to sit on the beach for the rest of his life.
But when she’d decided to hand-deliver her quotation for upgrading security at The Magic Dragon Museum, she’d thought she’d be speaking to Mallory, the manager/curator there, and possibly her boyfriend, Angus, who seemed a possessive kind of man. Trudy entered Mallory’s apartment via the roof garden to prove how useless the current security was. The last thing she expected to see was four completely naked men, three other men wearing only jeans, and a woman dressed in nothing but a baggy T-shirt, as well as Mallory and Angus.
Life on the streets had been eye-opening, and as a locksmith she’d had to rescue the occasional naked person who’d locked themselves out of their apartment, but nothing had prepared her for this.
“What the fuck is going on here? And why are so many of you naked?”
“They’re all dragon shape-shifters. This museum is their home,” said Mallory.
Trudy couldn’t see any evidence they’d been drinking, or doing drugs, but that sure didn’t sound logical to her. “Right. Okay. This is my quotation for the security. I’ll just leave it here and be on my way then.”
“Oh no you won’t. What if she’s working for Teivel?” One of the naked men, a very good-looking one with brown hair and eyes and a really long cock, grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest.
An upbringing like hers had taught Trudy many skills other women didn’t have. She slid under his arm, twisted sideways, and rammed her knee into his balls, then stepped smartly out of his reach. “I own my own business and don’t work for anyone but myself, you pervert.”
The man was bent forward, holding his family jewels. Trudy was actually rather surprised he wasn’t curled up on the floor crying. He must be pretty tough. Or else she didn’t hit him hard enough.
Most of the people in the apartment were now talking at once. From what Trudy could understand, some of them didn’t want to tell her anything, and Mallory and the other woman were arguing she should be told the truth. Yeah, the truth would be great, but she could live without it. Right now it was time to go.
Trudy backed silently toward the door she’d entered by, but another one of the naked men, a redhead, was watching her. “Don’t sneak off. We won’t hurt you. If you come in and sit down, we’ll tell you why Mallory asked you to improve the locks here.”
“Why don’t you tell me why you’re naked? If this is supposed to be an orgy, where are all the other women?”

One of the men wearing only jeans and the woman who wasn’t Mallory were locked in a passionate embrace. Maybe it was an orgy.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wanna WIN a book?

Buffy Kennedy has interviewed me and is giving away a copy of my book, “Forbidden Future” so just come on over and enter for a chance to win. As a super added bonus you can find out stuff about me, like my favorite authors.

I’m blogging about a dream I had, and how, three books later, I finally worked out what the connection was.
What’s your opinion about sequels. Come and tell me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A very different interview!

The Scarlet letter (GLBT fiction) is out and I’ve been interviewed about super powers, aliens, time machines and more!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Woman in Hot Water out today!

"Woman in Hot Water" blurb:

Unemployed and homeless, Kendra gets a job at the local Aquatic Center. Her new boss, Osborne, is very yummy, but he’s partnered to Jordan. When she’s offered a threesome with two such delicious men, how can she say no? And with so many opportunities to see their semi-naked bodies, being a good girl is not that easy either. Fun on the waterslide, a hot time in the sauna, slick, gleaming muscles in the gym...
When Jordan deduces that Kendra is sleeping in her car, the men ask her to stay in their guest room. She’s hesitant, but allows them to persuade her. Despite the best sex of her life, Kendra is determined to move into an apartment of her own as soon as possible, so she goes house-hunting. The men don’t like either of the places she chooses. She can’t risk losing her job but values her independence too.


“It’s a damn good thing I’m not too tall,” Kendra McIntyre muttered softly to herself as she untangled her body from the sleeping bag on the backseat of her old car. She peeked out the rear window through one bleary eye, pleased to see no people around but quite a few cars scattered about the cinema parking lot.
She sat up, slipping her shoes on, then brushed her hair and tied it up in a ponytail. Now to find a place where she could shower and change her underwear. The first three days after she’d been thrown out of her apartment because her roommate wanted her boyfriend to move in, Kendra had used a free trial gym membership pass. That was awesome because not only did she get to try out all the equipment, and use their showers, but also if she went early enough in the morning, she got a free breakfast as well.
The next two days she’d visited various malls, but washing there was problematic as there were too many people and no shower stalls. She’d ended up filling her water bottle with hot water, stealing the soap from the sink, and trying to wash in a toilet stall. Today she planned to try out the local swimming pool. For a start, it opened at six a.m., so she figured she could spend plenty of time in the showers and wash her hair as well.
Her car was almost out of gas, and her bank account was almost empty, but she’d have to put ten dollars of fuel in her car if she was to continue job hunting. The problem was everyone wanted fifteen-year-olds to do the type of jobs she was looking for—retail and hospitality. She still had two more funeral homes to apply to for a job as a professional mourner though. She was positive that being in her midtwenties would be better than being a teenager for those positions. Besides, funerals almost always had coffee and something to eat after them, and her food budget was even lower on her priority list than her gas budget.
Her panties and bra were still a little damp. She’d washed them out the night before and laid them on a towel on the dashboard of her car, but they weren’t dry enough to wear. Still, she couldn’t leave them there in daylight. Hopefully, there’d be hot air blowers at the swimming pool and she could finish drying them then.
She set her cell phone to recharge as soon as she turned her car engine on. Every time she saw an electrical outlet, she plugged her cell phone in, but it was never long enough to recharge it fully. However, it still had two bars, so should last long enough to answer a call about a job. If she was offered one. Certainly she wouldn’t be using it to call anyone herself. There was no budget for that.
Dammit, she needed a job right now. Then she could get an apartment. Then, possibly even a life. She grinned at herself. Yeah sure. Men would fall all over themselves to date her. Like hell they would. She was at least ten pounds overweight, her hips needed trimming, and so did her hair. She sighed. No budget for a hairstylist either.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blogging here, blogging there, blogging, blogging everywhere

I’m talking about my erotic medieval romances, about men with long swords *cough*, castles, ladies in flowing robes, even about Robin Hood.

Please drop by.
Also, I’m visiting Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights talking about my futurist ménage series, “Embracing the Future”.
 And I’m also visiting Gabrielle Bisset, talking about my medieval ménages.
Please drop in and read some yummy excerpts, see my awesome covers, and learn some of the backstory to these books.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Embrace the Future

More than fifty years ago, wicked winds, carrying deadly diseases, swept across the land, and their ancestors fled to a protected valley. But now the easy-to-gather food and fuel are used up, and the people struggle to feed themselves. The goods their ancestors had brought with them are worn out, and life is hard trying to feed and provide for themselves.
Zuri, Udo, and Tau love each other, but have to meet in the forest to make love. The people decide to go to the city to look for food and fuel. It’s Zuri who finds the ancestors’ truck and asks for a gift in return—that she, Tau, and Udo could be together. Their request is granted. Then everyone plans for the trip to the city. It’ll be very dangerous, but the three of them will be together. But will they find any food? Will they even survive?

Ruby, Pagan, and Koby are lonely, missing the community they left and the friendship of the people from the valley. As they collect supplies for winter, they decide to get extra and visit the valley, taking them some food and maybe animals to help them.
But first they have to hide from a group of motorcyclists looking to raid settlements for food and women. The trio’s next stop is an abandoned farm, where they find some useful things, including some animals and a truck to transport them back to their warehouse home.
They stay in the warehouse during winter, but once the weather becomes warm again they finish planning their trip to the village, adding a high-sided utility trailer to their vehicles to transport fuel for the people.
Danger is everywhere in this lawless world with food so scarce. Will they even survive the journey?

Adena is determined to marry both Arthur and Ghedi. Not because Arthur will be leader one day, and he and Ghedi are friends with benefits, but because they’re the only men she could ever love. She’s also determined to go on a journey and find more food for their village. Arthur and Ghedi are hot to marry Adena, but agreeing to her going on the journey with them takes them longer to accept.

With Koby, Pagan, and Ruby, plus Zuri, Tau, and Udo, they set off to find where the food manufacturing site is to provide for their village. They circumnavigate the city but find no fresh food stocks.

Then they’re captured by the Prince of the South and his people. Left with almost no food, they have to decide whether to attempt to go home, or to remain with the prince. Oh, and stay alive, too.