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Sunday, March 16, 2014

I have THREE bestsellers!

WOW!!! Three of my books are on the best seller lists right now!!!

"Women in Love", my brand new lesbian romance is a bestseller at All Romance ebooks.
When I went there to admire the pretty star I noticed "Would You Trust a Werewolf" (MM paranormal) is also a bestseller!
And finally my new BDSM menage, "Seduced by her Two Masters" is on the bestseller list at SirenBookstrand.

Why yes. I am excited!!!!

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/women-in-love-by-berengaria-brown/

BUY LINK: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/would-you-trust-a-werewolf-by-berengaria-brown/

Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/seduced-by-her-two-masters

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Women in Love. Lesbian Romance out today

“Women in Love” blurb:
Tammy has been lusting after Lydia for ages. They attend the same gym and Tammy makes sure she’s there when Lydia goes. Lydia recently turned forty and has realized that there’s more to life than a career. She’s aware of Tammy’s interest in her and decides it would be good to get to know Tammy better and see what develops.
Damaris has loved Larnie for a long time, but Larnie’s unwilling to commit to a true relationship. They end up joining the gym together, and Larnie’s very nervous about taking this step.
Will these women deny what's in their hearts or will they find love?

PG13 Excerpt
Lydia slung her gym bag over her shoulder and said, “I think you shocked the new woman in the spin room.”
“What? How?” Tammy had seen the blonde woman standing there and thought no more about it.
“She blushed when you kissed me.”
Tammy laughed. “Maybe she was jealous. She’d likely do a whole lot more than blush if she knew what I have in mind for tonight.”
“And what’s that?”
“Wait and see.”
But they didn’t have to wait long. As soon as they got home Tammy dropped her clothing on the floor and dragged a chair into the bathroom, placing it in front of the floor-length mirror Lydia had there. Lydia never left the apartment without checking her clothing from every angle to make sure she was neat and tidy. This time Tammy planned to use the mirror for something much more interesting.
She laid a towel across the seat of the chair and called, “Come in here, Lydia.”
“I’m right here.” Lydia was standing just back from the doorway, still fully dressed.
“Now do you know what I’ve been thinking about?”
“Not the new woman at the gym, evidently.”
“Hell, no. I’ve been thinking about you. About making you come so hard you scream. About us both watching you come in the mirror.”
Tammy gazed at Lydia’s face in the mirror. Lydia’s eyes darkened and the lids dropped, giving her face a hot, lusty, slumberous look. Hell, yes. Lydia was aroused.
Tammy stepped across to her and helped her undress, then led her back to sit on the chair. “Wrap your legs around the chair legs. Open yourself up wide so we can see how pink your cunt is.”
Tammy felt her own cream dampen the insides of her thighs as she looked at Lydia’s pretty cunt in the mirror. Damn, she looked good. Resolutely Tammy stood behind the chair and placed Lydia’s hands on the chair back. “Grip the chair. No moving.”
Still standing behind the chair, Tammy used a hairbrush to gently stroke Lydia’s skin. She trailed the back of the brush down across one breast, then turned the brush over and tickled Lydia’s sides with the bristles. Next she kneeled down and teased up and down in the insides of Lydia’s legs, twisting the brush over and over so Lydia would never know whether the smooth back or prickly bristles would be on her skin next.
Only when she saw Lydia’s cunt had turned red and there was a damp patch on the towel, from Lydia’s cream, did Tammy stop.
“Now, masturbate while I watch.”
“It won’t take long. I’ll come very quickly.”
“That’s okay. But you have to keep your eyes open all the time. I want us both watching together.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/women-in-love-by-berengaria-brown/


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seduced by Her Two Masters

Seduced by Her Two Masters (MFM) The Wolf Masters book 3

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 18th.

Anne Wade is a sculptor who lives at Pine Corner. She hires the Hot Springs Transportation company to deliver her valuable bronze sculptures to a New York gallery. Cody Winton, a driver, and Carson Mellor, the Hot Springs attorney, who are both werewolf shape-shifters, go along with her in the big rig to guard the sculptures—and her.
Carson hates the city, that’s why he moved to Pine Corner, but he can’t bear to be away from Anne. Cody’s just new and still learning the job. Anne is a sculptor first and foremost, and her entire future rests on the safety and success of these bronzes.
But bronze is ninety percent copper, and robbers can easily melt such artworks down and make a lot of money from it. How can two men keep Anne and her sculptures safe on such a hazardous journey?

Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/seduced-by-her-two-masters

Anne Wade looked around her studio with a sense of mingled joy and frustration. For almost two years a big New York gallery had been begging her to send them some large sculptures, promising her they’d make them into a special exhibition if she did. With the arrival of the Hot Springs Transportation Company in her home town, Pine Corner, she’d dusted off the illustrations she’d designed, and was working flat out to sculpt the pieces.
Bronx Montaine, the manager of the transportation company, had promised her that he’d clear a full week in his schedule to deliver her pieces to the gallery. The date they’d penciled in for the road trip was at the end of the month. More than three weeks away. She’d need two or even three full days to crate up her pieces, wrapping them carefully for the journey, and another day to fill in all the paperwork.
Which left her a little over two weeks to finish the sculptures.
Four of the pieces were finished, standing in her studio, and looking magnificent. Well, she thought they were magnificent. Who knew what the art critics would think?
The fifth piece was almost finished. It was at the stage where she liked to leave a work for a week or so and then look at it again critically before making any final changes to it.
The sixth was—hmm. Was what? Begun? In process? Stalled?
Yeah, stalled.
And now, after she finally had her big chance to make a name for herself and earn serious money, the gallery had asked her to bring her work in at least a week ahead of time. Not because they were altering the dates of the exhibition, or to give her more publicity, but simply because their staff were going to be “very busy” the following week.
Well the staff should have been busy the following week. Busy with her exhibition. Now she had to wonder if her work was going to get sidelined and overlooked because of the gallery’s busyness.
Well shit. And she had this unfinished piece as well and no idea which direction she needed to take with it.
Although she worked in bronze, the copper was so expensive she cast the piece first in plaster and only poured the bronze after a buyer had chosen the piece. Well, usually. In this case the expense was all hers. The New York gallery wasn’t interested in a bunch of plaster models. They only wanted the bronze statues. Which was fine, except this one just didn’t want to come to life. And her time to think and let it develop in her head had been cut short.
Anne walked around her studio, running her hands over the finished sculptures. They were her best work. If the critics didn’t like them, well, too bad. She knew she couldn’t have done any better with them.
But damn, it was a hell of a lot of money to be riding on a single exhibition, even if it was in a top New York gallery.
Anne sat at her drawing desk. For the sixth sculpture she’d started with a man bending over a stream, but the man was turning into a tree. Parts of him were human, like his head, and parts of him weren’t. His legs had become the tree trunk and his feet the roots. On paper it worked. In plaster, not so much. Now she couldn’t decide whether he was a man or a tree. Her charcoal sketches looked really good. He was neither one nor the other, yet both. But how to turn her idea into a three-dimensional physical sculpture eluded her.
“Er, excuse me. Ma’am?”
Anne jumped up, turning swiftly as a voice spoke from the doorway behind her.
He was youngish, her age probably, with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She narrowed her own eyes at him and assessed his build. He’d be perfect for her troublesome bronze. The local teenagers she hired to help her lift her pieces and do other odd jobs were much too young and gangling for her imagination, but someone older, with some hardened muscles and broader shoulders, would be ideal.
“Take off your shirt.”
“What?” His voice came out as a squeak just as if he had been one of the Pine Corner teenagers. But she knew he wasn’t a local. She had no idea what he was doing here in Pine Corner or at her studio but maybe, just maybe, his body was what she needed to finish this piece.
“Take your shirt off. Now. Please.”
He gave her rather a deer-in-the-headlamps look, but did as she said, remaining in the doorway of her studio and removing his T-shirt.
She waggled her fingers at him saying, “Come in. I won’t bite. I need to look at your muscles, the line of your back. She picked up one of her charcoal sketches and held it out to him. “Stand like that.”
He stared at her, then at the picture, before shaking his head, which made his curls bounce. And then, finally he put a hand on his hip and leaned forward, as she’d drawn her man-tree.
Anne snatched up her sketchpad and a stick of charcoal, walking around the stranger, sketching the line of his back, the tilt of his hip, the way his hand bent as he rested it. When she put it beside her original sketch she laughed. “That’s the problem. Right there. The arch goes out, not in.”
“Huh?” Her unwitting model looked up at her then stepped over to see the pictures.
She didn’t know whether he understood the difference or not, but to her it was clear. Now she could finish her plaster model and cast her bronze. Hopefully still in time to meet her new, sooner deadline.
“I’m Anne Wade. Were you looking for me?”

Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/seduced-by-her-two-masters

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two new male/male stories out today!

Matt has arranged to meet Jake for Christmas Eve drinks after work. Matt has hopes this will be the start of a relationship for them. But his boss, Clauson, drops a huge pile of work on his desk at the last minute and he misses the last bus home.
As well as having kept Jake waiting so long, he now discovers he’s left his wallet and cell phone on his desk in his rush to catch the bus.
Jake refused to talk to him or forgive him. As Valentine’s Day approaches Matt is determined to reconnect with Jake. But is Jake too hurt and disillusioned to forgive him?

Buy links:

Two short stories in one book:
Chocolate-Coated Reunion: Matt has arranged to meet Jake for Christmas Eve drinks after work. Matt has hopes this will be the start of a relationship for them. But his boss, Clauson, drops a huge pile of work on his desk at the last minute and he misses the last bus home. As well as having kept Jake waiting so long, he now discovers he’s left his wallet and cell phone on his desk in his rush to catch the bus.
Jake refused to talk to him or forgive him. As Valentine’s Day approaches Matt is determined to reconnect with Jake. But is Jake too hurt and disillusioned to forgive him?
Carnal Connections: Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?

Buy links: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417124


Friday, March 7, 2014

STOLEN DESIRE RELEASE CONTEST - WIN one of 13 erotic romances!!!!

STOLEN DESIRE - Erotic Paranormal - RELEASE CONTEST - WIN one of 13 erotic romances!!!!




Her freedom depends on one man. A criminal to his realm…

Outlawed Realm, Book 4

One minute, Paige Ross is outside a Seattle bar, grieving a failed engagement. The next, she jerks awake in a weird, candlelit room with velvet walls, black silk sheets, and a man who motions for silence.

Paige has little choice but to trust the powerful stranger who promises a way out of what looks like Satan’s brothel. And pray his promise to keep her safe is as real as the heat burning in his eyes.
Banished from E2’s ruling elite for supposed crimes against the realm, Zekin risks everything to rescue those brought to E5 for the guards’ carnal pleasure. Paige will be leaving this inhospitable realm of fire and ice—if he can somehow forget the way her trembling body melts in his arms.

Safe—temporarily—in an underwater world populated by strange creatures, Paige’s sexual awakening explodes into an unquenchable need that consumes them both. But the guards will be looking for her. And Zekin’s plan to send her home is a dangerous journey she cannot—will not—take without him.

Warning: Scorching-hot sex and loads of aching tenderness between a drool-worthy hunk who’s determined to do the right thing and a woman who’s not about to give him up.


Thick gray clouds rolled above them, heavy with more snow. A sliver of bluish-white light poured through a gap in the cloud cover, as though the moon were trying to bleed through. Its rays swept across the land, which shimmered in the frail glow, sparkling like thousands of diamonds. The effect lasted only a moment, and then the light receded, with shadows once again taking over the hostile terrain.
As though that worried him, Zekin increased his already fast pace, pausing only once to shove her clothing into a snowdrift, burying it.
Paige wasn’t able to ask. She struggled to keep up, gulping air. It should have been icy, hurting her throat, but wasn’t. The transparent mask no doubt heated it. How was that possible? Desperate for answers, she cried out, “Where are we going?”
Zekin looked over. “A colony where you’ll be safe.”
Paige dug her fingers into his hand. “Where are we? What is this place?”
What in the hell was that? A government installation where scientists conducted classified studies and had pleasure slaves on the side? That made absolutely no—
Wait a sec. Suddenly, Paige recalled Zekin mentioning E1 when he’d first come into her room.
“I’ll do all I can to bring you back to E1,” he’d promised her then.
Instinctively, she held back. Just as quickly, Zekin yanked her forward.
“Don’t fight me,” he warned, “or you’ll end up like the others you saw outside the guards’ outpost.”
Paige shivered so badly, her voice shook. “Did those bastards throw the bodies out there after they murdered those people?”
“Only some. The others they pushed out there to die.”
“They weren’t useful any longer.” Again, he glanced over. “When one of the guards found you and brought you here, they got rid of the other woman. That’s what they do when they tire of females from your realm, or the pleasure slaves they haven’t already killed.”
Paige was about to pepper him with more questions. Instead, her mind snagged on one word—realm.
“You mean country?” Maybe she’d been wrong about his nationality. It wasn’t Greek or Middle-Eastern but Russian. Could be this was Siberia. In a weird sort of way, that made sense. “Is that what you meant—my country? The USA? America?”
He regarded the landscape past her. “We have to hurry before the other guards return and see us.”
Paige couldn’t imagine how that was possible. The material covering them was the same tint as their surroundings, making them virtually invisible…unless the guards had some kind of special eyewear, like night-vision goggles, that allowed them to see what the naked eye couldn’t. “How far is the colony?”
“Past that body of water.” He gestured toward what appeared to be an enormous frozen lake ringed by drifts.
As Paige scanned the area beyond it, searching for some sort of building, a flock of birds flew over the lake. At least she thought they were birds. Their thick feathers were an ashy white, their wingspans enormous, like nothing she’d ever seen.
They flew in an odd formation, not the usual V pattern, but in a perfect circle. Paige couldn’t help but stare at the phenomenon. How in the world did they do—
A thunderous crackling sound interrupted her thoughts, and the again screeching wind.
She flinched. Zekin released her hand and moved in front, his body pushing hers back, shielding Paige as something shattered the ice from beneath the center of the lake. Within seconds, a creature pushed through, hurling its milky body upward. The waves that followed it froze instantly in the raw air, the ends of the water curled over like a fine crystal sculpture. As massive as a blue whale, the creature surged from the lake, a horn protruding from its snout, no doubt what pierced the ice. With blinding speed, it penetrated the circle made by the birdlike creatures.
Shrieking wildly, they scattered, but it did no good. The whale-like thing swung its monstrous head back and forth, gulping several of the creatures before gravity pulled it back down to the water. A thin sheet of ice formed instantly, hiding its exit. Harsh winds toppled the frozen waves as easily as if they’d been a house of cards, then pushed them against the snowdrifts, returning the scene to the relative calm of a few minutes before as though none of the carnage had occurred.
Paige continued to hyperventilate. What kind of fucking nightmare had she stumbled into? Was it possible she’d been drugged and was hallucinating? If not… Aw crap, she didn’t want to think about that.
“There’s nothing to fear,” Zekin assured. “The thing has had its fill for the moment. It won’t harm—”
Her embrace stopped him. She clung to Zekin, her face pressed against his back, praying he wouldn’t push her away. “Don’t leave me, please,” she begged.
Her fiancĂ©, Johnny, had done that, calling off their wedding after she’d worked so hard on the plans and getting him to want her. He never apologized. He’d just told her the score, saying they could still live together. As if she’d want that. Before he’d bugged out on her, her mother and then eventually her father had also left. She’d had no one for too long and by God, right now, Paige needed the warmth of Zekin’s body, the security and comfort of his size to preserve her sanity. To give her hope that they’d both get through this.
“Please,” she repeated.
“I won’t,” he murmured. “It’s all right.” With his hands on her wrists, Zekin gently pulled her arms from him but didn’t step away.
If he had, Paige would have followed. Out here, she had no shame, no pride, just an unbearable need to be close.
He turned to face her, then hesitated only a moment before wrapping his arms around her in a sheltering caress. She couldn’t stop shaking. As he ran his hand down her back, he whispered, “You’re safe.”
No, she wasn’t. Neither was he. Not out here in arctic-land. Deep inside, Paige was terrified they weren’t on Earth any longer. It was crazy to even consider that, but how else to explain all of this? How could either of them survive? Why had he even risked his life to rescue her? Who was he? Where had he come from?
She pressed her cheek against his shoulder. The transparent material covering her face was exactly like skin, letting her feel his solid frame, his heat. She snuggled, unable to stop herself, indulging in this small, welcome intimacy as the world went crazy around them.
The wind died for a moment, then picked up again, slamming against her body as it screamed past. Clouds continued to sink, weighted with snow.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
His hand stalled on her back. “For what?”
Being scared and being a burden, asking too many questions, not knowing how to make this better. All her life, Paige had done whatever she could so people wouldn’t leave her. Didn’t work. They always had.
“Getting you into this,” she finally said.
If she hadn’t had those stupid drinks at Rozie’s, if she hadn’t gotten involved with Johnny—a damn fool who couldn’t commit to marriage much less save her ass out here—none of this would have happened.
“You had nothing to do with this,” Zekin said. “It was my choice to come.”

Available for preorder from: Samhain - Amazon - B&N  
Release: March 11

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About Tina:

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.


Tina will choose one commenter as her winner. Winner gets her choice of one of Tina’s award-winning, bestselling ebooks from this list:

1. Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
2. Deep, Dark, Delicious – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit
3. Lush Velvet Nights – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award
4. In His Arms – SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT
5. Sensual Stranger – 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT
6. The Yearning – Top Ten Bestseller
7. Take Me Away – #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books
8. Unending Desire – Best Book Rating LASR
9. SiNN – Nominated for Book of the Week LASR
10. Sinfully Wicked – Magnificent – Romancing the Book
11. Claiming Magique – Top Pick – NOR
12. Illicit Desire – Four Stars Romantic Times
13. Come Fill Me – Five Stars – Guilty Pleasures