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Monday, January 31, 2011

"Forever Yours", my print book is live on Amazon!

“Forever Yours” is a print version of my three stories set in the Smith Tower building, “Intensity”, “Complexity”, and “Eternity”. If you like sexy ghosts, vampires and ménages, I can promise you’ll like “Forever Yours”.



Sunday, January 30, 2011

CONTEST, excerpts and more

Beth Carter is running a contest on her blog, and I’m over there talking about my latest book, “Rose’s Renaissance”. I’ve posted the Prologue to “Rose’s Renaissance”: what happened before Rose met those two yummy men at rehab. How she broke her leg. Please drop by and don’t forget to enter the contest.


Friday, January 28, 2011

SL Danielson is visiting today

Thank you for hosting me, Berengaria!! I'm honored to be here!

I'll start with a mention of my latest release, due out March 26th, entitled "Life After Math". It's a sequel to my paperback "Love by the Numbers" from 2009. It revolves around my now college-age couple of Scott and Jared and the four years of drama, love, jealousy, and will leave you guessing until the very end!

Right now, it's in the cover design phase, and I wish it were done so I could share it, but it'll be a couple more weeks yet.

As for the rest of my blog post...wow, I could mention the unceasing series of snowstorms we're getting here, or my graduate studies, or even my unceasing look for a job that I'll love (besides being an author).

I'll take a cue from my good friend Jules and talk about a movie that has inspired me from the moment I saw it; Star Wars, episode four; A New Hope. I was such a little kid when it came out in 1977, but it stuck with me for the rest of my days, even influencing my author name...lol. I've often held contests to see if anyone could guess what the L in S. L. stands for...wanna take a crack at it? Star Wars is a major clue.

To this day, Star Wars can teach us things, esp if you watch all 6 movies and truly understand the 'backstory' of it all. Tis not just fantasy or sci-fi, but political, family, life, attitude, and how we treat people. I highly recommend it to anyone who says they aren't a 'fan' of sci-fi, this is an everything series!

Now, to cap things off, here is a snipet from my up-n-coming book: Life After Math.

Thank you again!

The two fell silent for a moment. Scott bowed his head and gripped his hair. "Dammit. This whole situation has gotten out of hand. If I don't help out I'm a jerk and jeopardizing people's school careers, but if I do, then I'm endangering my relationship."
"It's up to you. Which future do you want to face?"
Scott stood up and removed the kimono. "One where I can win on both sides. There's gotta be a way to work this out where everyone benefits!" He folded the kimono over his arm and walked towards the door. "Thank you for the gift again. I'll let you know what I decide about the tutoring."
Daniel nodded. "I hope you find a balance, my friend."
"So do I," he said contritely. He turned the knob and walked out the door.

Back at Jared's dorm room, he was still unpacking items when Scott knocked on his door.
"Come in."
"Hey, baby." They kissed quickly.
"Hey, handsome. Come on in. What the heck is that?" Jared asked, seeing the kimono.
"Oh, uh, it was a gift from Daniel. Now, before you get all bent out of shape, I told him I'd never been there. He got it for me just as a surprise."
Jared bristled a bit. "That's how these things start. Haven't you ever watched a bad movie romance? It's always just a little this or that and pretty soon the two are all over each other."
Scott scowled. "Sorry I even brought it up. Look, we need to talk."
"Oh yeah? About what?"
"Us and school."
Jared sighed and continued his task. "I thought we'd already decided. You were going to cut back on your tutoring so you'd have more free time with me. Has that changed now? Oh wait, shit. I bet Daniel talked you out of it, didn't he?"
Scott looked away. Jared finally stopped what he was doing and walked over to his lover and cupped his face. "Scotty…you've gotta stop doing this."
"Doing what? What the hell am I even doing anymore? I don't get to decide who I'm going to help?" His lower lip quivered a bit and a few tears spilled out.
Jared held him close. "Shhh, Scott. You told me you didn't have the time to help much anymore, didn't you say that?"
Scott nodded and sniffed a bit. "I guess so."
"Don't you want to spend more time with me again?"
"Of course I do, but this isn't about you or us. This is about helping students pass their classes. Think of where you'd be if Mrs. O'Reilly hadn't made us work together!"
Jared went over the words in his mind. "Made us work together? She may have ordered it, but it was up to me if it worked out at all. I could've been a very difficult student."
"Not if you wanted to play baseball again to save a beating from your father." Both men fell silent and sat on the bed together. "Jared, I love you more than anything, but I'm needed by other people too. It's not forever! We have the rest of our lives together, plus weekends and holidays and everything else. Remember what our parents said?"
Jared nodded. "I remember. It's tough, very tough. I suppose it's our first taste of the real world as adults. Too busy for anything."
"Pretty much." He took Jared's hand and kissed it. "Look, I want to keep seeing you, do you want to also?"
Jared kissed him softly and smoothed his hand over Scott's pale face. "Of course I do! I want to be around you always."
"Then please, let me do what I'm best at. Let me help them pass their math classes the way I helped you."
Jared pulled his hand away. "What if I need help too? Do you just pencil me in?"
Scott cleared his face and nodded. He retrieved the hand and held it tight. "If need be. I'll make you my special time student; the only one who gets tutored naked." They grinned and kissed a couple of times.
"Hope Daniel understands I need you too."
"He does. Look, for the first time in my life I've got a lover and a friend! That's huge to me!"
"I hope he knows you're just friends."
"He does."
Jared fingered the kimono. "Really? A silk kimono as a friendly gift?"
Scott smoothed the fabric himself. "That's how I perceive it."
"I hope you're right, baby. I really do."

S. L. Danielson
Author of m/m erotic fiction




Life After Math coming March 26th by Silver Publishing!

The heroine wears eyeglasses: Interview

I’ve been interviewed about my newest release, “Rose’s Renaissance” over at Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights. Wearing eyeglasses in the swimming pool for rehab after a broken leg may not be ideal, but at least that way Rose can keep watching hunky Oliver and Kieran.


Buy Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3026


Monday, January 24, 2011

TOP PICK Three for the Road

Night Owl Reviews have given “Three for the Road” a top pick. I’m ecstatic!!
Ursshebear called it “a wonderful story…all about the love between three people which led to the sex.”

“Three For the Road”, is part of the Sex Odyssey series with Amarinda Jones. It’s all about the journey.

Blurb “Sex Odyssey: Three For the Road”.
When three fuckbuddies go on a two-week road trip together, will it turn into a sex odyssey or will it be the death of any hope of a relationship or romance?
Jennifer Adams agrees to a vacation with Chris and Robert. When she sees she’s expected to live in a shipping container, instead of a conventional RV, the vacation is almost over before it has begun. Jenni is lured by great sex with two yummy men. But will that be enough?

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Three-for-the-Road-by-Berengaria-Brown.html

Sex Odyssey trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRovJUhp9vw&feature=BF&list=ULWG_Flawu5QQ&index=6


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interviewed by a penguin wrangler!

I’ve been interviewed by South African penguin-wrangler and editor/author Nerine Dorman at Tea and Tails: http://vonwillegen.blogspot.com/2011/01/tea-with-berengaria-brown.html

Also, don't forget the entire first chapter of my one man/one woman book, “Dinner Delights”, is up as a free read at D Renbee Bagby’s First Chapters: http://dreneebagbypresentsfirstchapters.blogspot.com/2011/01/dinner-delights-by-berengaria-brown.html


Saturday, January 22, 2011

My gift to you, dear reader

The entire first chapter of my one man/one woman erotic romance, “Dinner Delights”, is available for you to read, free, today at http://dreneebagbypresentsfirstchapters.blogspot.com/2011/01/dinner-delights-by-berengaria-brown.html

My gift to you

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today is my last day at Wickedly Sexy

Today is my final day at Wickedly Sexy. You can read all the interviews and excerpts here.

It’s been a lot of fun. And did I mention there’s a book trailer as well?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still blogging and Rose is released!

I’m talking about Digital Publishing today over at Avril Ashton’s http://www.avril-ashton.blogspot.com/

And also today “Rose’s Renaissance”, a two men/one woman ménage, released from Torquere!
Buy Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3026


The heroine wears eye glasses

Blurb: “Rose’s Renaissance”

Rose is at the swimming pool, unhappily completing physiotherapy after breaking her leg, when she meets up with a very attractive man she saw at rehab, Oliver. Unfortunately Oliver is in a gay partnership with Kieran, an equally attractive man. Oliver and Kieran take a liking to Rose, do their swimming pool exercises together, and then go out for dinner. Dinner leads them back to Oliver and Kieran’s house where the evening ends very satisfactorily for all of them, in bed.
But Rose’s leg is not healing properly and extra measures—measures she sincerely dislikes—have to be taken. And what will happen about her growing romance with the two men?

Buy Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3026


Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogging, blogging, blogging at Wickedly Sexy

I’m over at the Wickedly Sexy Spotlight today talking about my newest release, “Three For the Road”. This is part of the “Sex Odyssey” series written with awesome erotic romance author, Amarinda Jones.

Blogging about authors, writing and genres

Today I’m over at The Embraced Scribal Love talking about writing, being published, different genres and more. Clare has asked a lot of writing-based questions so if you’re interested in authors, books and writing, please drop by.


Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm blogging...

I’m visiting Icy Snow Blackstone today talking about Lesbian erotica and strong women in history. Please drop by and visit with us.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 cups for Vivienne AND a new cover

Wendy at Happily Ever After Reviews, gave Vivienne’s Vacation 5 cups!!
“Berengaria’s insight on what every woman’s dream vacation is brought a hot steamy vision to my eyes.”

Thank you so much, Wendy!
Buy link:

And I have a new cover!

"Intensity", Complexity" and "Eternity" my three linked books set in the Smith Tower building, are coming out as a paperback volume called "Forever Yours" from Siren.
Isn't the cover awesome!
I'll let you know when you can pick up a copy. I'd be thrilled to sign it for you.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sex Odyssey: It's all about the Journey

“Three For the Road”, OUT TODAY at Evernight Publishing, is part of the "Sex Odyssey" series with Amarinda Jones. It’s all about the journey.

Blurb “Sex Odyssey: Three For the Road”.
When three fuckbuddies go on a two-week road trip together, will it turn into a sex odyssey or will it be the death of any hope of a relationship or romance?
Jennifer Adams agrees to a vacation with Chris and Robert. When she sees she’s expected to live in a shipping container, instead of a conventional RV, the vacation is almost over before it has begun. Jenni is lured by great sex with two yummy men. But will that be enough?

Excerpt PG

“You’re shitting me, right?” Jennifer Adams stood with her hands on her hips and stared in horror at the huge truck, complete with shipping container on the back, parked out front of her tiny, third-floor, walk-up apartment.
“You two expect me, ME, to live in that thing for two weeks?” Jenni could hear her voice rising to a shriek, but made no attempt to control it. There was no way—absolutely no fucking way—she was getting inside a metal box. Not even a humongous metal box.
“But, sweetie, we put curtains at the window and everything. Just for you.” Christopher turned huge pleading brown eyes toward her, looking like a kicked puppy dog.
Jenni took a big breath and reined in her temper. She hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings but jeez louise, what kind of morons were they to expect her to— Wait a minute. “Window? What window?”
Chris’ face broke into a happy grin. “Come over here.” He grabbed her arm and hurried her around the back of the long vehicle.
The container looked different on the other side. Its long metal wall had a decent-sized window cut in it, with curtains as promised, and a person-sized door.
With the air of a conjuror about to do his best magic trick, Robert unclipped from behind the truck cab, a thingy that looked rather like a TV remote control, and pressed a button. There was a whirring noise and a metal shelf slid out from beneath the door and started to descend.
Jenni looked at the men. Chris was beaming at her, but Robert looked a little worried. She couldn’t resist smiling back at them. “That is kinda cool. But what about inside?
“Just wait and see. You’ll love it,” Chris said enthusiastically, almost bouncing up and down and still reminding her of an overgrown puppy dog.
“It’s really comfortable in there. You should like it.” Robert was still a little worried.
“She can’t help but love it. It’s one hundred percent excellent,” added Chris confidently.
Jenni wasn’t sure. But there was a door and a window and curtains. Plus a cool way to get up to it. So maybe…
The three rode up to the door on the platform, and, dramatically, Chris bowed and handed her a door key. She slid it into the lock, then turned the door handle.
Opposite the door, was a little kitchen/living area with a table bolted to the far wall, a bench seat on either side of it, a sink with cupboards under it, and a microwave oven on a shelf above it. There was also a small upright gas oven with cook top.
The end of the shipping container was a living area with some shelves and a sofa. A TV was on a swiveling arm bolted to the wall, so it could be turned to face the sofa or the table.
“That is a nice set-up,” she said. “It reminds me of a recreation vehicle.”
“That’s where the guy got the idea from,” said Robert. “But this only cost a fraction of what one of them costs, and it’s plenty big enough for three for a few weeks.”
“Come and see the bedroom,” urged Chris, pulling on her arm.
Jenni allowed herself to be led through the living area to the truck-cab end of the container.
The bed was huge and filled most of the width of the container with some cupboards built into the wall opposite it. Beyond it was a functional shower and toilet cubicle and more storage space.
“This is awesome. I’m sorry I was rude.” Jenny hugged both men. “I can see the stove runs on gas, and I guess you plug into an electrical outlet in a camp ground, but how do you make things work the rest of the time?”
“There are batteries that automatically charge as the truck drives along. That gives enough power to cook and run the lights for a couple of hours each evening,” explained Robert.
“Whose is it? However did you find it?”
“The father of one of the guys at work is a real handyman, and he built it as a retirement project. Took him a couple of years. He was just finishing the last few details and planning his first trip in it, when he went to bed one night and never woke up the next day,” said Robert.
“Yeah shocked the socks off Will, his dad passing like that. He and his sister haven’t decided whether to keep it, or sell it, yet, but they were happy for us to borrow it for two weeks. We bought the curtains, and the bed linen, and the TV, and if there are other things you need, we’ll get them too,” added Chris.
“We want this to be a special vacation. Our first one, the three of us together,” Robert said, pulling Jenni into his arms. Chris pressed up behind her, wrapping his arms around the other two, melding them into a unit.
Jenni shivered, her panties suddenly damping. God these guys were hot. And sweet and thoughtful, if a tad irritating at times. Chris, with his open, loving ways, and Robert the more serious one, the thinker.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Three-for-the-Road-by-Berengaria-Brown.html

Sex Odyssey trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRovJUhp9vw&feature=BF&list=ULWG_Flawu5QQ&index=6


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Coming from Evernight Publishing tomorrow. "Three For the Road", part of the "Sex Odyssey" series with Amarinda Jones.

When three fuckbuddies go on a two-week road trip together, will it turn into a sex odyssey or will it be the death of any hope of a relationship or romance?
Jennifer Adams agrees to a vacation with Chris and Robert. When she sees she’s expected to live in a shipping container, instead of a conventional RV, the vacation is almost over before it has begun. Jenni is lured by great sex with two yummy men. But will that be enough?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Werewolves and women's rights

Today I am over visiting Jadette Paige, talking about my werewolf story, “Dogged Pursuit”.
I am also talking about my Regency-set lesbian erotica, “Sappho’s Sisters”, and women’s rights in that era.
Please come and visit me!

And as a special bonus for dropping by today, here is an out-take from "Dogged Pursuit" for you!

Shaggy’s Story

It was a bitterly cold winter’s night and Cora Ainsley was rocking newborn Sally to sleep by the fire when Fred heard a noise at the door.
He hurried over and switched on the porch light but couldn’t see anything.
“Who is it, dear?” asked Cora.
“No one there. Must be the wind.”
But he heard it again. A soft whining. He opened the door and looked out. No one. And not really much wind either, although it was damn cold out there.
Something damp touched his slippered foot. Fred looked down and saw a tiny bedraggled ball of black fluff standing on four very wobbly little legs.
“Oh my goodness! Who are you and where did you come from?” he asked picking the tiny puppy up and quickly shutting the door behind them both.
Fred hurried back to the fire and gently put the pup on the rug in front of it while he went to get a towel to dry it off. “Although a handkerchief would likely be big enough to do the job,” he laughed to Cora.
Dark liquid eyes shone lovingly at the man as he rubbed the tiny fur ball dry, and a rough red tongue licked his hand in gratitude.
“Likely someone will come looking for him tomorrow,” warned Cora as the pup snuggled to sleep on Fred’s lap.
But no one came looking for him, and when the Ainsleys asked around the neighborhood, no one reported a lost pup either, so he stayed.
His coat remained a solid black color but shaggy as if it needed a trim, so Shaggy became his name. And he and baby Sally were inseparable, although he grew much faster than she did.
“I swear that dog is smarter than the average person,” Cora and Fred would say to each other at least once a week.
About eighteen months later, Shaggy and the toddler Sally were playing in the backyard as Cora was hanging out the laundry.
Suddenly there was frenzied barking, and sounds of splashing. Cora dropped the clothes in her arms and turned and began to run to the lake. But Shaggy was there long before her, the baby’s diaper gripped between his teeth as he dragged Sally from the water.
By the time Cora arrived, red-faced and puffing with exertion and panic, both dog and baby were sitting happily on the ground, huge grins on their faces.
“I swim. I swim” laughed Sally. Shaggy’s big red tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth as he grinned at Cora.
“Shaggy, Shaggy, how can I ever thank you? The baby would have drowned before I’d gotten there. If it wasn’t for you…” her breath hitched.
Shaggy just grinned, his dark liquid eyes showing he would always be there for the family he’d chosen as his.

(c) Berengaria Brown 2010

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Please welcome Michael Mandrake to the blog!

The True Meaning of Love

Out NOW - my first sole author E-book. An M/M tale with emotion, romance, and scorching sex...


True Meaning Trailer: http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_shared?p=cc688167a8be4881171ce8&skin_id=701&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url

Brandon McFerry and London Davies are a couple that has been together six years. After having an argument over the importance of Brandon's event at his art gallery versus London's party at his club, London is involved in a serious car accident that makes him temporarily incapacitated.
During his rehabilitation, Brandon and London will learn the true meaning of love thus bringing them closer together.


London playfully hit Christian’s bare chest. “Yes, it is…can you hand me the digital camcorder there.” London pointed at the cam that was at the foot of the bed.
“Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to be on camera, make sure you get my best side…” he joked, running his long fingers through his think head of hair.
London smirked while looking through the lens, “Uh Christian, every side is your best. You are absolutely perfect…”
Christian laughed, winking at London as London turned the cam onto Christian. “Say hi Christian. This is December 25th, 2010 at the McFerry Davies household, where Christian Taylor is about to become Brandon’s delicacy for the evening,” he announced to the camera.
Christian waved just as the bathroom door opened with Brandon coming out in nothing but a towel. Right away, London panned over to the confused Brandon who looked at the gorgeous man sitting on their bed.
Brandon cleared his throat, “Babe…um…”
Christian was grinning ear to ear looking at Brandon. “God London, the picture you showed me does him no justice, he is beautiful…”
“Ahem, baby, what’s going on?” Brandon smiled walking over to the foot of the bed.
With the cam still on him, “This, my love, is your other gift. Brandon, this is my friend that was in town, Christian Taylor, Christian, my beautiful, blushing bride, Brandon McFerry Davies. Smile baby…”

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The first of my monthly blogs over at Tabby's Nocturnal Nights is up!

I'm talking about how 2010 ended and 2011 began for me.


Follow the chat, ask questions, hear the news first!

I now have a page at Coffee Time Romance Groups where you can hear all the book news on the threads, follow the chats and comment on anything.

Visit and friend me there.
Today I am talking about my two new releases, "Changing Cherry" and "Sappho's Sisters".


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lesbian Regency-set Erotica

Happy New Year: Sappho's Sisters is out now!

Lady Eustacia Lumley is the only child of the Earl of Wentworth. It is her duty to marry well and ensure the succession.
Margaret Durrell is the fourth daughter of a gently born, but near penniless vicar. She has no option but to marry a man who can provide for her and possibly for some of her sisters as well.
Best friends since their days at Miss Marcomb's Academy for Young Ladies, both young women are very interested in Sappho's poetry and ideas. One evening while visiting the Wentworth estate, Margaret has a headache and Eustacia offers to massage her scalp. This act of kindness leads them into an encounter they both find very enjoyable.
The two young women fall deeply in love, but is there any hope for them? Or will they both have to conform to the rigid rules of Regency society?

Sappho’s Sisters: Excerpt PG 13
After a week in Town, Eustacia was keen to return to Green Meadows, her home outside London. It was ideally situated on good farming land, a full day’s journey from the bustle of the city—close enough to make a trip to Town for shopping or parties easy, but not so close that people were endlessly arriving unannounced.
She was particularly pleased to have Margaret staying with them for at least three months. Margaret’s long-suffering Papa despaired of marrying his four motherless daughters appropriately. Both Margaret’s Mama and her Papa came from the nobility, but the Reverend Mr. Durrell had inadequate funds to launch them onto the marriage mart. He loved them and wanted them to be happy, not just married to the highest bidder.
“Ah well, he won’t need to worry about Margaret for a while,” she mused.
Although Margaret was eighteen to Eustacia’s twenty-four, they both had lively minds and had formed an instant bond in the brief year they’d both been at Miss Marcomb’s Academy for Young Ladies—Margaret’s first year there and Eustacia’s last. They both loved learning and had read avidly. Since then, they’d kept in touch with long letters and had recently been reading and discussing Sappho’s poetry. Eustacia was looking forward to talking more about it with her friend.
Sappho’s sharp imagery, her immediacy, her control, and the rhythm and almost melody of her words were immensely appealing. Not to mention some of her underlying ideas—ideas which were increasingly compelling to Eustacia.
Eustacia had never been sexually attracted to men. While all the other young ladies at school had been sighing over the dancing master and the riding master, Eustacia had only desired to learn the subjects they taught. Their male beauty stirred her heart not one iota. When she had first made her curtsy to the Ton, many handsome and eligible young men had sought her hand for that lascivious dance, the waltz. Not one of them had made her heart beat faster. Fortunately, her father, the earl, had made no attempt to push her to accept any of the three very flattering offers he had received for her hand. Even more fortunately, Gervase’s younger brother, Anthony, had three fine, strong sons to inherit the title, so there was no pressure on Gervase to marry again and produce an heir, or to marry off his daughter to ensure a grandson to inherit.
But Margaret. Ahh, Margaret did make her palms sweat and her heart beat faster. Margaret’s bright, inquiring mind and ability to converse intelligently on any topic. Margaret’s soft brown eyes and shiny brown hair. Her white skin and pale cheeks that flushed enchantingly when Eustacia smiled at her.
Eustacia had read widely about Sapphic love and was eager to experience it—but only with Margaret and only if Margaret was willing. Meanwhile, her reading had taught her much, and with the help of a handheld looking glass, she had learned a lot about the art of self-pleasure. As for the anatomist Mateo Renaldo Colombo, who claimed to have discovered the amor Veneris, vel dulcedo—“the sweetness of Venus”—Eustacia was willing to bet her late mother’s emeralds that Sappho and her followers had known about their nubbins six hundred years before the birth of Christ!

Visit the Sappho’s Sisters page at Logical-Lust Publications: