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Sunday, May 29, 2011

BLOGGING Today and tomorrow Sexy, naughty stories

I’m over at Sex Marks the G-Spot today and tomorrow. Today I’m sharing some yummy excerpts from my naughtiest book yet, “Four-Way Split”. Tomorrow it’ll be some tantalizing pieces from “Sex Odyssey”. Come and join us.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Bookish Arousal. OUT TODAY!!!!

Yanni is determined to romance Audrey into his bed. But can he arouse her? Or is she truly frigid?

“Bookish Arousal” Blurb:
Audrey has no trouble achieving orgasms reading erotic romance novels alone in her bed at night. Whether with her fingers or her favorite plastic friend, orgasms are assured. But her last boyfriend labeled her frigid when she failed to be aroused by sex with him.

Now she is madly in lust with a truly delicious work colleague, Yanni. But when they go to bed, nothing happens—she’s devastated that, despite her lust for him, her body refuses to be aroused.

Yanni is determined to romance her until her body cooperates. Maybe some dirty sex talk—and other assistance—will get her aroused!

Excerpt PG13
Dammit what’s wrong with me? Was Joe right? Am I just a useless, frigid bitch?
No, that can’t be true. I have lots of orgasms at home in my bed.
Yeah, alone!
Shut up!
Deliberately Audrey relaxed her tense muscles, running her fingers through Yanni’s soft black curls. Damn, I’d kill for hair like that!
She stroked her palms lower, over the ripped muscles of his back, as his mouth worked on her nipples. He was rolling them so much better than she could touch them herself. With just the perfect amount of suction from his mouth to stretch them and tease them. So why aren’t I wet? I should be flooded with moisture by now, he’s so damn good at this.
Audrey felt her body grow tense again and tears filled her eyes.
What’s wrong with me? The best-looking man at work, the man I’ve lusted over for months, takes me to bed and nothing’s happening downstairs. He’s perfect and I’m useless. I’m a failure!
Tears fell in earnest down her face now, and Audrey panicked. She pushed Yanni’s head off her breasts and scrambled clumsily from the bed.
Yanni sat back on his heels and looked up at her, confusion and hurt mingled in his face. His huge, liquid brown eyes, eyes she had likened to the finest chocolate, stared at her in dismay. “Audrey? Precious? Am I doing something wrong? I thought—”
Audrey threw her skirt and sweater on, shoved her underwear into her purse and thrust her bare feet into her pumps. “No, no it’s me. You’re perfect and wonderful. I—” Her voice broke as she realized exactly how stupid and ungrateful she must appear to the man who’d been an ideal companion all evening.
“I’m sorry, so very sorry.” Blinded by tears, she ran from the room, down the hallway and out of his apartment, almost falling down the stairs in her unseeing rush.
She drove home, her face tear-stained and the occasional sob breaking forth despite her determined efforts to control her feelings.
Arrived at her place she slammed her door, ran to her bedroom and fell flat on the bed, shattering sobs breaking loose as she gripped the bedding and thought of the hurt on Yanni’s face and her own inability to be aroused when the kindest, sweetest, most delicious man she knew wanted to fuck her.
Joe’s cruel words ran through her mind over and over. You’re a useless, frigid bitch, Audrey. No man will ever want a cold, worthless cunt like you.

Buy Link http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9353-bookish-arousal.aspx


Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm blogging today at Sweet and Sexy Divas

Today I'm visiting the Sweet and Sexy Divas. We're talking about superpowers, ideal jobs and books.
They even asked for my backlist and who my Yoda was.


Please drop by and say hi!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogging and giving away books

I’m visiting Tina Donahue today talking about low carbon footprints and sexy digital books.

And I’m one of five authors giving way books to celebrate the first anniversary of Nocturnal Nights.

Please drop by.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Food free flash fiction cookbook

Love food? Love erotic romance?
Eleven authors have produced a free flash fiction cookbook for you with yummy recipes and yummy romances to do with food.
Free flash fiction for you.
And yes, one of the stories is by me.
A little gift from me to you.

Rush straight over to 1Place for Romance to collect your free copy now.