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Friday, April 30, 2010

I have been interviewed!

I have been interviewed on Novel Sisterhood. To learn all about me and to see the purty new cover for "Huldah's Two Hikers" head on over to


Berengaria Brown

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Intensity" is #20 on Siren's best seller list!!

In just a few hours "Intensity" will have been out on the virtual shelves at Siren for one week. And it is sitting on #20 on the best seller list. I am soooooo excited. Yes, I know that there is a big difference between #1 and #20 but I am STILL excited.
If you scroll back a bit you can see a trailer for it. And if you go to
you can see my pretty cover and read an excerpt.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have a book trailer!!

With a lot of help from a more knowledgeable friend, I now have a book trailer for "Intensity".
Isn't it cool!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FREE READ!! Shop Soiled

My first book, "Intensity" is being released in one week. To give you a little taste of my writing here is a free read for you.

WARNING: This is an adult story. If you are not 18 please leave this site.

Shop-soiled by Berengaria Brown (c) 2010

“Dan and Dave’s” shop sold pretty much everything and despite the stock being on cluttered shelves right to the ceiling Dan and Dave could put their hands on whatever their customers wanted. Or they would order it in.
Sue liked to go there, “just to look around” she said, disappearing into the store for twenty minutes or so a couple of times every week and usually emerging with only one or two small purchases. But, as she said, Dan and Dave were almost as good to look at as their amazing range of stock.
On Tuesday Sue turned up at Dan and Dave’s at 11am, a fairly quiet time of day for the store. Only old Mrs Heggerty was there, looking at pet food cans.
“Hey, Sue, what would you like today?” asked Dan, as Dave discussed the virtues of fish versus chicken for cats with Mrs Heggerty.
“I’m tired of scrapbooking as a hobby. I thought I might try latch hooking a rug or something. Do you have any latch hook kits?” she asked.
“Got lots of craft and hobby stuff out in the back room,” he replied. “Come on out and have a look.”
The two latch hooking kits Sue had ordered the previous week were sitting on the back counter. As soon as she followed him into the room Dan pulled her to him, and kissed her hard, grinding his mouth against hers before running his tongue along the seam then thrusting it inside. With one hand he gripped her ass, pushing it hard against his cock so she could feel how much he wanted her.
She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him back enthusiastically, sucking on his tongue and rubbing her nipples against the hard muscled wall of his chest.
God he was hot. Her panties dampened with her need for him—them—already. His arm wrapped around her like an iron bar and his cock pressed into her belly was definitely rock-hard.
She drifted one arm down from his shoulders and inserted it between them to reach for his zipper. Slowly she pulled it down, tooth by tooth, then let her fingers wander inside.
Commando! God that made her even hotter. And his cock was scorching hot, a tiny pearl of pre-cum already in the eye. Sue slid her hand down his shaft, then up to grip the head again.
“Condom?” she queried softly.
“Back pocket.”
She pulled it out and covered his cock with the latex while he unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees.
Pushing her against the counter he spread her thighs as much as her jeans would allow and rammed into her in one quick, deep thrust.
“God, yes. I love how you do that,” she whispered into his neck.
He pushed her t-shirt up and grasped her nipples in both hands as he pumped hard into her cunt.
Dave’s voice was loud and clear through the open door. “Why thank you Mrs Heggerty, I am sure Toodles will love the fish. But if he doesn’t we’ll be happy to exchange the other cans for chicken. Now you have a good day, y’hear.”
Dan pumped harder into Sue’s hungry, hot cunt, one hand squeezing and pinching a nipple, the other now grasping her ass with a finger thrusting in and out of her dark hole.
His tongue was in her mouth matching the beat of his cock and his finger.
The familiar feeling of tension coiling in her belly was gripping Sue. She was so close, so very close to coming.
“Room for one more?” asked a quiet voice.
Dave’s mouth descended on her breast sucking the areola into its wet heat. His teeth scraped across her engorged, aching nipple, then he bit down on it.
Dan pulled his cock almost right out of her, then thrust in as hard and deep as he could go. The adrenaline rush of semi-public sex, the excitement of hot and hunky Dan fucking her against the counter, and the thrill of Dave touching her as well, were all it took to send Sue off into a shattering climax.
The orgasm exploded inside her shaking her from head to toe and Dan’s cock joined in as he came hard inside her, the heat of his cum burning her channel through the latex.
“God, you two are good,” she whispered into Dan’s neck.
“You’re pretty hot stuff yourself,” replied Dan. “We do enjoy your visits.”
Berengaria Brown (c) 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have been interviewed!

I have been interviewed on Siren BookStrand. "Intensity" is coming on 21 April and that is not long now. You can learn all about me http://www.sirenpublishing.com/berengariabrown/default.asp

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

INTENSITY is coming on Wednesday, April 21st

My first book will be out in April, not June!!
INTENSITY is coming on Wednesday, April 21st
from Siren BookStrand.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Intensity" is coming soon!

I am on the coming soon page at SirenBookStrand!!