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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Paint Store Boys

"Popping His Cherry" (MM) is out 2 August and it's on discount as well!


AVAILABLE: Saturday, August 2nd

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 9th.

Builder Max Hall and Detective Nicholas O’Hare have a wonderful night together after the court case between The Paint Store and serial pest Mitchall. But then they’re both very busy at work, and Max doesn’t answer Nick’s calls. Is their romance over before it really began? Max had admitted to Nick that this was his first gay romance. Max was adamant that he’d gradually realized he wasn’t attracted to women and craved the rougher, tougher love of another man. Was he lying? Was all his talk about wanting to have his male cherry popped just talk, and once he’d had the experience he’d decided to revert to loving a woman? Had Max just used Nick? Nick thought there was genuine love between them, but if so, why isn’t Max answering his cell phone anymore?

But the problem is much deeper than that. Something has happened to Max.


Max Hall sat on the end of the bench in the booth where the crowd from The Paint Store was celebrating their court victory over serial litigator Mitchall. The man had tried to persuade the judge that when he made a legitimate complaint about a faulty paint roller one of the staff had viciously broken his finger.

Since Ainsley was able to produce photographs of Mitchall’s finger marks on her thigh, and he had no evidence his finger had been damaged, his case was thrown out of court.

It had been Max’s job, as a builder as well as part owner of The Paint Store, to give evidence that the paint roller was perfectly marketable. Mitchall hadn’t wanted them to see the roller and when Max had insisted, it was obvious why he’d hidden it. The so-called ruined wall had only the tiniest evidence of any unevenness of the paint application on it, and that could be blamed on the skill of the painter rather than the quality of the roller. Max had taken pictures of both the wall and the roller as well.

Fortunately the judge had agreed with them. But even better than that, the entire incident had caused him to meet Detective Nicholas O’Hare. Nick had seen the pictures of the opening of the store in the local newspaper, and had wandered in to have a look for himself on his day off. He’d arrived at absolutely the right time for The Paint Store staff. He’d seen Mitchall lean over Ainsley, grip her thigh, and scream at her.

The judge had believed him absolutely when he’d said that anything that might or might night have happened to Mitchall’s finger was self-defense.

“Personally I wish she had broken it. That might have taught the idiot a lesson,” Nick had said to him as they walked from the court to the bar for their drink.

“Yeah, me, too. But mostly I’m just glad it’s all over,” Max said, ensuring he was sitting next to Nick. The detective looked even sexier today in his prim navy blue suit and pale blue shirt than he’d looked in jeans and a faded blue T-shirt the first time they’d met. Watching him loosen his navy necktie made Max wonder what it’d feel like to kiss the man’s slightly stubbled cheek.

Max had always been attracted equally to men as to women, yet he’d never had a relationship with a man before. It was rather embarrassing to realize that he was thirty years old and his male cherry remained unpopped. But that was something that he planned to fix real soon. Maybe even tonight.

He’d known he needed to accept his sexual orientation after spending an hour in Nick’s company on the day Mitchall had come to the store. It was just that he hadn’t been able to think of an appropriate way of going about it. The store had the detective’s cell phone number, but what was he supposed to say? “I’ve decided I’m gay. Will you pop my cherry?” was hardly a good enough pick up line. Tonight was his only chance. There’d be no logical reason to speak to the man ever again after tonight. So somehow he had to arrange for them to leave together. But how?

* * * *

Detective Nicholas O’Hare hadn’t spent two years at the Police Academy without learning to read body language, and he’d known from the very beginning that the attraction he felt toward the big builder was reciprocated.

He sipped his craft beer and pretended to be looking down the table at Roland, who was speaking, while he actually watched Max out of the corner of his eye.

The builder was six foot four, and solid with it, muscles bulging beneath his sports coat and business pants. Nick had never loved such a big man before. Usually he preferred smaller, slender men like the interior designer, Basil. But apart from the fact that Basil had eyes for no one except the staff member, Edward, it was Max who Nick was drawn to. Max was huge and assertive on the outside, but Nick had a strong feeling that he’d be a great, big, soft, cuddly teddy bear in bed.

Well, time would tell. He planned to make a move on the man tonight, and see what might happen.

It was fascinating watching the four owners and staff members interacting like this, relaxing after the pressure and drama of the day in court. Each owner was very different from all the others, but they seemed to understand and make allowances for each other’s personalities.

On the outside Max was very much a man’s man. A big, tough person with definite ideas. He teased Basil by calling him Baz, which the designer clearly disliked, and he and Basil both called Cuthbert, the accountant, a bean counter in quite a derogatory way, which Cuthbert waved off. Yet underneath the teasing Nick sensed their bond was strong.

Roland, the business manager, was the final member of the group and he looked and sounded as staid as Cuthbert, yet had some quite radical ideas at times.

The three full-time staff members were also a close-knit group—Edward, Robyn, and Ainsley, who’d shown such courage against the bullying Mitchall. Henry, the final staff member, was clearly in awe of everyone else, yet had staunchly supported them all. Nick was as certain as a nonmathematical person could be, that The Paint Store was on solid ground as a business.

What wasn’t on such solid ground was whether or not Max would split off from the group and come somewhere with him so they could get to know each other better.

Their attorney, who’d accompanied them all to the bar, left, but the others decided to buy food, so he did the same, aware that now he was the only noncompany person remaining in the group. But he didn’t plan on leaving without Max. Or, at the very least, without a date organized with Max.

nce the food was eaten, Ainsley and Robyn finished their drinks and decided to leave. Cuthbert started saying his good-byes, and Henry did, too. Nick decided this was the perfect opportunity. Under cover of all the conversation he asked Max softly, “How about we continue this event somewhere we can talk? Just you and me.”



Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog hopping!

BB: Peyton Brittany Clarke roped me into this blog hop.
Welcome Peyton! She is a fellow author and blog hopper!

PBC: Thank you Berengaria! Here's a little about me... My name is Peyton Brittany Clarke. I live in Michigan where summers are a bit humid and winters are a little too cold. Me and my husband have been married for over a decade and he often lends a helping hand or opinion or two when I'm writing a steamy love scene. Mostly for authenticity. I love to travel and hope to make it to a romance writers convention sometime soon where I'd get to meet my idols in the genre without getting too much "stalkage" in the process. When I'm not on the net (which is practically all the time) I am reading about the life of my latest "book boyfriend" from a favorite author or creating my own in one of my books. I love talking to my fans. So if you'd like to contact me, drop me an e-mail. I'd love to speak to you. My e-mail is peytonbrittanyclarkewrites@gmail.com
Peyton's blog is at: http://peytonbrittanyclarkewrites.blogspot.com/2014/07/its-our-blog-hop-featuring-your.html

Now the Questions for me to answer:
Question 1) What are you working on?
I’m planning a series of four more male-male books in the same world as “The Paint Store Boys”. The day job is very hectic right now so I’m still at the “thinking” stage.
Question 2) How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I’m different in that I’m constantly swapping genres. I write a lot of ménage, but in all different combinations — one woman with two men, with three men, with and without MM interaction. But I also write FF, and MM, and MMM, and (gasp!) straight MF. I write historical (Regency and medieval), paranormal (ghosts, shifters, vampires) and a lot of contemporary.
Question 3) Why do you write what you write?
I like to read across all different genres, so that’s the way I write. I feel if a reader doesn’t like one of my books, chances are they’ll like another one in a different genre.
Question 4) How does your writing process work?
Process? I’m supposed to have a process? I like to think through the characters and plot first. Once I begin writing I like to have a beginning, an end, and some points I want to hit on the way through. But how we get from the start to the finish very much depends on what the characters feel like doing!

The next bloggers are:
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Please visit them and learn about them too.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sunshine Yellow Days on discount this week

Sunshine Yellow Days (MM) The Paint Store Boys Book 1

AVAILABLE: Saturday, July 19th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 26th.
Edward Robinson is a failure, nervous, frightened, bullied, and unemployed. Basil King, a flamboyantly gay interior designer, sees the man behind the pain. He has designs on Ed. Basil is one of the owners of The Paint Store, along with Cuthbert, Roland, and Max, and he offers Ed a job there. As Ed settles in and enjoys the work, Basil invites him out to a gay bar for a drink.
Ed has tried so hard to fit in, to be invisible, to be ignored. Someone who looks and dresses as outrageously as Basil, yet without being hated, is an inspiration to him. Not that he could ever look or act like that. But maybe working for Basil and his friends will help him get some self-confidence so he can begin to reclaim his life and his self-respect. When Basil wants to date him he can’t believe anyone would care for a person like him. But he accepts the date anyway.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/sunshine-yellow-days


Ed was up early the next morning, his lunch made and in a brown paper bag and his uniform on long before he needed to leave. At seven thirty he was too excited to wait any longer and put a coat over the uniform for the drive to work. As the staff had been told to do, he parked in the very back row of the parking lot, and stepped out of the car. Still wearing his coat he walked around to the back door of the store and punched his personal code into the security system. It beeped and the door opened. There were two other cars already in the parking lot so he knew he wasn’t first, but just as a practice he locked the door behind him and went to the security box on the wall, checking the lights were green, not flashing red.
He, Robyn, and Ainsley each had a code to use to enter the store. He supposed the four owners did as well. The other staff would be at the back door ten minutes before eight and Robyn was assigned to let them in. Then they would all be lined up across the front of the store to welcome the first customers when the ribbon was cut and the store officially opened.
Ed had never been at the opening of a building before, and was surprised how excited he felt. Not nervous, just excited. Although if people kept asking him questions he couldn’t answer he’d likely get scared soon enough. But they’d been told yesterday what to say if they needed help. “I can’t answer that question myself, but I’ll refer your request to my supervisor.” Then one of the four owners would deal with the question.
Ed put his lunch and his coat in his locker and stared at himself in the mirror in the change room. He really didn’t look like himself at all. He looked younger, more carefree, happy even. The uniform was a long-sleeved bright yellow shirt worn under the same bright yellow overalls. The overalls had huge splotches of lurid colors all over them, mimicking paint splatters, and across the center back, in big red letters was “The Paint Store.”
But the outfit suited the store. It was very modern, very bright, very eye-catching. And so was the store. Ed could hear movement and talking, then laughter and the sound of cars. Before he knew it the staff had all arrived, every one of them in uniform and with smiling faces. As instructed, they lined up across the front of the store and watched through the huge windows as crowds gathered, the mayor spoke, the ribbon was cut, and the door opened.
Before the customers could flood into the store a lot of photographs were taken, including some with all the staff, and then people entered, laughing and talking.
It was like a holiday, Ed thought. Everyone was so carefree. People were laughing, joyous. Nothing was too much trouble. Ten people in line ahead of them? No problem, they just chattered gaily to everyone in line with them. The store sold so many rollers and paint trays he had to go out to the store room and restock the shelves. Then he handed a note to Robyn for her to order in more. By the end of the day more displays had been depleted and he was busy restocking a lot more shelves. That had to be good news for the company.
It was late when he finished, with all the displays neatly tidied and fully restocked. But he was thrilled about how the store looked and all the sales they’d made.
Basil met him in the locker room. “Well done, Edward. You did great!”
Unlike the other three owners, Basil was wearing a uniform as well. It looked even better on him than it did on anyone else, especially with his bright red boots and green and purple hair. Ed had first noticed his voice, a light tenor that tingled up Ed’s spine and sent sexy shivers running through his body. Now he noticed the frank look of sexual appreciation in his gaze as well.
Ed gulped. Surely this owner couldn’t be interested in him. Obviously they were both gay, but still…
“Thank you, sir.”
“Now the store is officially opened I won’t be around as much anymore. We’ll be in and out for the next few days, but after that you people will be managing it from day to day yourselves. Then I won’t be your boss as such any more. So, next week, will you come out for a drink with me?”
“A drink?”
Basil’s mouth said a drink but Ed could read much more in his gaze. His dick hardened at the thought. Basil intrigued him. The man was everything he wasn’t. Cool, confident, successful. But he was interested in him. How could that have happened? Ed wasn’t sure whether what he felt was hero worship or not, but there was lust bound up in it, just as there was lust in Basil’s eyes.
“Yes, I’d like that very much.”
“Why don’t we meet at noon on Sunday in Pinky’s?”
Ed smiled. Pinky’s was a gay bar. “I’ll see you there.”
Wow! A date. He had a date. Ed was filled with happiness. His life had taken the most incredible turn and he could hardly wait for Sunday.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/sunshine-yellow-days


Monday, July 14, 2014

John’s Story is here at last

Rainbow of Happiness MM
Gemstone Romances, book 3

Twenty years have passed and John is now an adult. Memories of happy childhood summer vacations at Rocky Point Beach with his extended family take him there once again as he tries to decide what to do in the future.
Coll is hiding a secret. His heart wants John, but his mind warns him that getting close to the delicious blond could ruin both their lives.
Will love conquer all or will the past steal their chances at happiness?

Buy Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/rainbow-of-happiness-by-berengaria-brown/

WARNING MM PG13 Excerpt:
John wrapped his arms around the shorter man, then angled his head for a better, deeper kiss. Coll’s lips opened and John slid his tongue inside, wanting to experience all of Coll. Oh god, it was heaven being wrapped up like this with Coll’s arms around him and their bodies pressed so tightly together. John tried to go slowly, but every part of Coll’s mouth that he explored made him want more. John could taste the beer they’d both drunk and the spiciness of the bolognaise sauce. But more than that was the pure flavor and smell that was Coll.
Coll had always had the ability to send him into a fever pitch of erotic desire, and holding him now was even better than he’d ever imagined. Very deliberately, John rubbed his cock over the front of Coll’s jeans. Of course, there was way too much clothing between them, but it still felt good. John thrust his tongue deeper into Coll’s mouth, licking along the roof of it and around behind the teeth until Coll’s tongue tangled with his in a mad frenzy that left them both breathless.
John pulled back and looked into Coll’s face. Coll’s eyes were glazed with lust now, and when his tongue flicked out over his kiss-swollen lips, John knew that was a resounding “Yes!” to the thoughts running wild in his own mind. He took Coll’s hand and tugged gently. “This way.”
He’d taken the same bedroom he’d always used. The two bedrooms were basically identical anyway. Each had a queen bed, a nightstand, and a small built-in closet. But somehow to him, this room was his, even though he’d only stayed in it intermittently over the years.
As a child he remembered running into the cottage as soon as they’d arrived to see what, if anything, had changed. The year the microwave had appeared had been exciting. Suddenly he and his mom could buy food at the take-out places on the way home from the beach and heat it up to eat whenever they liked.
But now he was about to change his bedroom from a childhood haven into an adult one. From tonight onward, his memories here would be of him and Coll. Well, it was about time. He was twenty-one and Coll a year or two older.
He pulled Coll’s bright pink T-shirt off over his head and licked a line across his taut abs. Coll had a more solid build than him. Not fat in any way, but stockier and sturdier. His chest was hard and his belly flat. John licked upward, slowly, slowly, not stopping until he reached a tiny nipple. John sucked hard until the bud responded by standing up straight, and then he turned his attention to the other one. Coll’s nipples were a dark brown and his skin very lightly tanned. Such a contrast to John’s own pale skin.
Now John began to lick a line down Coll’s sternum, stopping to puff warm air on the wet places as he slid lower and lower. He kneeled at Coll’s feet and rested his head on Coll’s toned abdomen as he unbuckled Coll’s belt, unsnapped the top button, and eased the zipper down over Coll’s straining cock. Coll’s bright orange briefs were tented with an impressive erection, but much as he wanted to hold Coll’s dick in his hand, John forced himself to wait.
First, he dipped his tongue into Coll’s bellybutton, and then he bit lightly around the rim. Next, he licked a line just above the line of his hipster briefs. John had to work hard not to grin at the way Coll’s abdomen quivered under his touch. Coll’s hands were fisted in his hair, gripping tightly, so he could tell he had the man’s complete attention.
He tugged Coll’s jeans all the way down and pressed his nose against Coll’s inner thigh, inhaling the scent deep into his lungs. There was a hint of musk, a slight overlay of sweat, and something else that was distinctly Coll. Coll groaned at his touch and thrust his hips into John’s face, but John had waited months for this day and wasn’t going to rush.
Finally he unwrapped his present: Coll’s cock, all neatly packaged in bright orange cotton. When John peeled away the colorful fabric, Coll’s dick was everything he could ever have wanted. The man was hung like a horse, with a long, thick dick and large balls. The head of Coll’s cock was already red, so John dipped his tongue into the tiny eye, digging for precum. Ah, there it was. It had the same slightly salty, slightly musky flavor as the man’s skin. Delicious.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/rainbow-of-happiness-by-berengaria-brown/


Saturday, July 12, 2014

WINNERS Equal Rights Blog Hop

MY WINNERS are parisfan and leetee. They each win their choice of an ebook from my backlist. All the other winners are announced over at http://queertownabbey.com/the-equal-rights-blog-hop-july-4th-through-11th/

Thank you everyone for dropping by.