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Monday, August 30, 2010

Calling Aspiring Authors and fans of male/male romance

Eve Cassidy is offering a free copy of my MMM erotic romance, “Carnal Connections” on her blog:
http://evecassidy.wordpress.com/blog/and we are talking about how to get published.
Aspiring authors and fans of male/male romance please drop by and comment.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sex from the male POV and dinner

To celebrate the release today of “Carnal Connections” I’m visiting Janie Franz at “Desire and Craving”. We’re talking about sex (of course!) from the male POV. And there is a yummy cover to look at and a red-hot excerpt to read. Please join us.

I am also visiting Shiela Stewart at Dark Cravings, http://darkcravings.blogspot.com/
where we are talking about dinner parties and the things that can happen during and after them. Both my books, “Dinner Delights” and “Carnal Connections” begin at a dinner party. Please drop in say hi.

"Carnal Connections" is out now!

Passionate Wedding Nights Aren’t Just for The Bride and Groom

In Carnal Connections by Berengaria Brown a night of hot passion follows a wedding and not just for the bride and groom. This m/m/m contemporary erotic story is out now at Breathless Press.
Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding, and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?
Jason is darkly handsome and delicious. Toby is quicksilver lightness and fun—and Ithiel wants them both. But can three men form an ongoing relationship, or is one night all they will ever have?
Half an hour later, they stepped out of the elevator, walked a little way down the hall, and Ithiel unlocked his room door, welcoming Jason and Toby inside. He was excited but a little unsettled. On the one hand, he craved these two men, desperately wanted to make love with them, get to know them better, and fuck them thoroughly. On the other hand, he wasn’t the kind of man who carried condoms in his wallet or had frequent one-night stands.
Shit! I hope that box of condoms is still in my Dopp kit, or I’m really gonna be fucked!
"So," he started in a husky and half strangled voice, "do you want coffee or what?"
"Oh, I think the what." Toby grinned.
"Definitely the what." Jason kicked the door shut, emphasizing his words, then strode into the room. He drew them both into his arms, uniting them in his strong grasp.
Jason touched his lips first to Toby’s, then to Ithiel’s. Suddenly, the three were in a fierce, messy, sloppy, three-way kiss with tongues and lips—tangling, sucking, licking, and hearts pounding.
Ithiel pressed his cock into Toby’s butt and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, pulling Jason against them both.
Jason swiveled his hips, scraping his cock across Toby’s and against Ithiel’s thigh. Toby pushed his ass back into Ithiel’s cock, rubbing hard, then thrust sideways to increase the pressure on Jason’s.
Three long, hard erections. So much heat.
Jason gasped, tightening his hug and gyrating his pelvis harder.
"This would be a really good time to get nekkid," said Toby, breaking free from their embrace and shrugging out of his jacket.
"God, yes." Jason wrenched at his tie and kicked off his loafers, matching Toby’s eagerness.
Ithiel was hit with a momentary pang at the loss of their hard bodies pressed together, but knew he needed something.
"Condoms," Ithiel panted, and headed into the bathroom. With a quick rummage in his Dopp kit, he had the box and tube of lube in his hand. Thank you, God. He ran back to the bedroom and dropped them onto the nightstand.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I am also visiting Kate Hill today and we are talking about my MMF ménage set in a resort, “Double Satisfaction”.
Please come and visit

Urban Fantasy and out to dinner

I'm visiting with urban fantasy author Ambrielle Kirk today.
She is a fellow Breathless Press author and we're talking about (among other things) my male/female story "Dinner Delights".
Please drop by and say hi.

And my second Breathless Press book, "Carnal Connections" will be out on Friday. I'm excited about that. "Carnal Connections" is an MMM erotic story. That also starts out over a meal!

Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding, and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?
Jason is darkly handsome and delicious. Toby is quicksilver lightness and fun—and Ithiel wants them both. But can three men form an ongoing relationship, or is one night all they will ever have?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy endings, menage sex, ghosts and edits!

Today I am visiting Kayden. We’re chatting about happy endings, ménage sex, and ghosts.
Please visit to find out about my books at Silver Publishing, “Chinese Love Triad”, and “Rowena’s Ghostly Ménage”. There are pretty covers to look at and a hot excerpt to read.

I am also busy doing final edits for "Complexity", an MMF menage with a ghost which will be releasing from Siren BookStrand 1 September.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A ghost interviewed

John Smith, the ghost in “Intensity” is telling his story over at Naughty Little Vamp today. He also lets slip some news about coming soon books.
Have you seen the book trailer for “Intensity” yet?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ohhhhh shiny!

I have a pretty new cover.
"Complexity" will be out in September fomr Siren BookStrand!
Here's the blurb:
An asthmatic unwilling to relax enough to enjoy life, two men hell-bent on putting their stamp on her, an embezzler who wants to keep what he has stolen, and the ghost of a murdered girl. Will an endless night of passion with Finn and Simeon be pure pleasure, or only make Tia’s life more complex and messy than it already is?
Tia agrees to a night of unbelievably hot sex with Finn and Simeon, and is beginning to think she may have a future with them. Especially when the ghost makes her realize that her asthma is not nearly as bad as it used to be.
But the two men are so protective they don’t want her to help the ghost. And Tia never breaks her promises. Will frequent acrobatic sex be a solution or just add to the complexity?

Berengaria at Siren BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/berengaria-brown

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet me LIVE tonight!

I’m live tonight at The Romance Room http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theromanceroom/
7-8pm EST
I’m being interviewed about my erotic paranormal MMF ménage, “Intensity” answering questions and giving away a book. And more.
Please drop in and say hi.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm answering questions

and sharing a cover, blurb and excerpt from "Dinner Delights", over at Fiona's blog as well.
Come and play.
And I am talking about sex with the extremely naughty Amarinda Jones here
If you are over 18, please join us.

Breathless Press birthday and prizes to win

It's Breathless Press's first birthday and there are books and other prizes to be won!
Please welcome awesome Breathless Press author, Janie Franz, as she talks about her book, "The Wayfarer’s Road".
The Bowdancer Saga continues in The Wayfarer’s Road. Healer Jan-nell, now a woman traveling alone with her precocious young daughter on the Wayfarer’s Road, meets a handsome wandering bard. But he is carrying his own secrets along with the priceless chance at hope for her and her child to belong.

Buy Link: http://www.breathlesspress.com/erotic/the-wayfarer-s-road-bowdancer-book-2.html

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/user/bryangrob#p/a/u/0/m8CnuIkCPfE

Photos by Janie Franz, Music by Chris O'Brien of Enchanted Ape and Matthew Probst of Gypsy Lumberjacks, Minneapolis MN

Jan-nell strained her ears to hear in the darkened barn. The rain had stopped sometime during their late-night meal so all she heard was the dripping from the trees. The horses snorted and stamped their hooves but did not seem to sense anything amiss. Yet, there was something moving outside, a shuffling in the wetness, and then—there—muffled voices and some shushing like Jan-nell had seen village children do before attempting some innocent prank. If indeed this were such a prank, it would definitely not be innocent.
Khrin had obviously heard the noises too, and shot Jan-nell a questioning look, tinged with something like fear. When Jan-nell bent to blow out the candle and reached for her staff, he stayed her hand, putting his finger to his lips and began to fumble with his cloak and tunic. Before she could figure out what he was doing, he had flung off his tunic, opened his linen shirt, and grabbed her right hand to place on his hairless chest. She tried to jerk her hand away, but he held it fast, whispering in her ear, "Trust me." Then he blew the candle out.
Just then, the latch on the stable door was lifted and the door swung open. A shaft of lantern light spilled over the backs of the horses.
Razlo and another man, both well into their cups, entered and came around the first horse’s tail. Their lantern light fell on Khrin who lounged with a bent knee, looking annoyed at the men, as he caressed Jan-nell’s hand on his bare chest.
"That light is frightfully bright, gentlemen," Khrin announced.
Razlo’s drunken companion squinted beady eyes at Jan-nell and Khrin.
"Ye be right, innkeeper. She be a whore." He twisted his head toward Razlo. "When be our chance?"
"I am not a whore!" Jan-nell shouted, trying to pull her hand away from Khrin, and attempting to stand.
Khrin jerked her back down. "That is true," Khrin said quietly. "She is no whore."
The beady-eyed fellow cackled. "Then she be giving it away."
"No," Khrin countered. "She has not given anything away." He held up the coin Jan-nell had given him for the meat pies. "She paid me."
This time Razlo sputtered. "Whores! The both of you! Get out of my barn!" The shout unsettled the horses and they started stamping about the stable, making Razlo and his guest step clear of the animals near the door.
Jan-nell glared at Khrin and stood. Then she addressed the two men.
"And I am sure your intentions were very pure. Were you coming to bring us an extra blanket or perhaps some scraps from your kitchen?"
She harrumphed as she woke Mira-nell. "We have to go now, sweeting."
"Be gone and take that child abomination with you!" Razlo bellowed, startling one of the animals, causing it to whinny and rear. It pulled at its rope tether, nearly pinning Razlo and his lantern against the wall. The beady-eyed guest fled outside, and Razlo escaped to stand at the open door, supervising their evacuation.

While Janie is visiting here, I am over at Gina Gordon's blog, so after you have watched Janie's trailer and checked out her books, make sure you visit

and comment or tweet for a chance to win 4 ebooks and 1 audio book of your choice from Breathless Press.

Friday, August 6, 2010

THREE awesome reviews!!!

“Dance for Three” got 4 Angels from Bella at Fallen Angels! She said, “There's something compelling about a seemingly gay male couple taking a woman as their third. This couple adds delicious romance to their seduction of Talitha with soft candlelight, music and gentle loving. It was as if she was the most beautiful treasure and they were her caretakers. I was swept away on this tide of sensuality.”
You can read the full review here
Tiger Lily, at Whipped Cream reviews, gave "Dance For Three" four cherries. She said, "Jared and Nathan were my favorite characters because they never once gave up in convincing Talitha to join them, be it for drinks, a vacation, or a romp between the sheets. Smooth operators your names are Nathan and Jared. Plus, they have some great lines that made me laugh. The scenes where they’re together and showing their affections for each other were simply divine as well. Gives me shivers thinking about it."
You can read the full review here: http://whippedcream2.blogspot.com/2010/08/dance-for-three-by-berengaria-brown.html?zx=222a693f1c03bd08

And Dawn liked “Rowena’s Ghostly Menage”. She said, “Sexy, wild and a little bit naughty, this author delivers a story that will leave you longing for your significant other or a cold shower. … Ms. Brown’s writing was tight, the story was fast paced and the sex was explosive. I was squirming in my seat by the time the book was done.”

So I'm pretty excited!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

comment about vacations and win a free book!

I'm visiting Shelley Munro today


and we're talking about vacations and the inspiration for the setting of "Double Satisfaction". Drop by and comment to enter to win a free book.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The real Berengaria Brown revealed!

Do you want to learn all the innermost secrets of erotic romance author Berengaria Brown?
Award winning novelist Tracy Cooper-Posey has interviewed me at
and one commenter will win their choice of my back list, so please come and visit.