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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What’s the big deal about Ménage Romance?

In an earlier blog about Lesbian Romance: Making HIStory HERstory as well, I talked about how women had no rights at all a few hundred years ago. I also said I’ve been endlessly fascinated about how women had nonetheless managed to find a way around the restrictions and rules under which they were obliged to live, and found happiness.
And then, as writers tend to do, I asked myself, “What If?”
What if women were treasured? What if women were considered special, and loved? What if the society’s culture taught men that a woman was a treasured possession, a person to be cherished, loved, and protected? I began researching other cultures and found out about several countries where all the brothers share a wife. Each of them is trained to be by her side to support and help her always.
I created a world where people following this ancient tradition had been forced into hiding. Where they built their homes underground, living apart from the mainstream world to avoid persecution for their cultural beliefs.
The “Possessive Passions” series takes some of these ancient cultural traditions from countries that practice (or practiced in the past) polyandry.
Reading erotic romance is a woman’s fantasy. And what better fantasy than to read about a world where women no longer have to struggle to be everything to everyone? Today’s women are expected to work a paid job, rear the kids, keep the apartment clean and tidy, exercise and stay fit and slim, help and support their aging parents, and still have enough energy left at the end of the day to cook a scrumptious meal, and romance the man in their life. Many women exhaust themselves trying to fulfill these kinds of unrealistic expectations. What better way to relax than to immerse oneself in a world where two (or even three) men worship their woman, offering endless love and support in a community designed for this lifestyle?
I loved building this world and meeting the people in it. I was sad when I finished writing the series. I’d like to live there myself!

“Shared Possession” Book 1 of “Possessive Passions” Blurb:
Chevaunne is abducted by three brothers who take her to a new world where brothers share one wife, who is their treasured possession. Jim, Sam, and Paul have waited years to find the perfect woman, and when they see Chevaunne, they know immediately she is the one for them.
After a mind-blowing night with the three men, Chevaunne marries them the next day in front of the entire community. Now she has to learn a totally new life—a new culture, new ways of doing everything. But the sex is amazing, her men are considerate and loving, and Chevaunne is making friends and settling in.
Soon, though, she begins to wonder if she’s losing her mind. No matter how happy she is, she was kidnapped, after all! What was she thinking when she agreed to stay?

“Shared Possession” story excerpt

Chevaunne became aware she was aching deliciously in all sorts of places that had been neglected for far too long. Both her previous boyfriends had been fellow workers at the hospital, one a doctor, the other an admin assistant. The relationship with the doctor had gradually fizzled out when their schedules never seemed to have them off work at the same time, and she’d decided she wanted a lot more than the occasional fuck against the supply room wall. The other relationship had ended in a blaze of anger when she’d discovered he was only dating her “because nurses know how to give good head.”
So why was she feeling so well-used and relaxed when she had no current boyfriend?
Chevaunne wriggled down a little deeper under the covers and felt the hard bodies lying on either side of her. Suddenly, she was wide-awake. Oh, shit! That hadn’t been a dream. I really was kidnapped by three brothers and agreed to marry them, then had my brains fucked out over and over again.
Her eyes flew open, and she sat up in the bed. Yep, three men. Jim, Sam, and Paul. And she’d agreed to marry them. She needed to see a psychiatrist right now and get her head examined!
Two gentle hands pulled her over onto a hard body. “Morning, beautiful lady.”
That was Paul. He’d called her that last night.
All three of them kissed her, and hands slid over her body, teasing her breasts, cupping her mound, touching her gently along her ribs and down her side. Lust exploded in her and cream dripped onto her inner thighs. I can’t possibly have sex again. I’ve never had so many orgasms in one night in my life before! There’s no way I could do it again so soon. Or is there?
Regret sounded strongly in his voice as Jim said, “We would enjoy making love to you again, but we don’t want you to be too sore. This morning we must say our vows to the Justice of the Peace and our monk, Father Yeshe. Come and shower now, then we need to have breakfast and get dressed.”
Jim took her to the bathroom and showed her where the shampoo and soaps were kept and pointed out the pile of towels to her, and then he left her alone.
Chevaunne shut the door and sank onto the commode. Actually, one of the two commodes. There were two sinks as well, plus the biggest tub she’d ever seen. Dazedly, Chevaunne shook her head. Her brain was still trying to grasp what she’d done. Had she really agreed to marry three men? How did that work? I’m pretty sure that’s not legal, but then neither is kidnapping. So who is this JP we’re seeing? Why see a JP when one woman marrying three men isn’t legal?
It was all too much to think about, and her tummy was rumbling. She hadn’t eaten supper, and she’d burned off a lot of calories last night. She grinned as she remembered the fantastic sex and stepped into the shower.

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The other books in the “Possessive Passions” series are: “Possess Me”, “Ultimate Possession”, and “Captured Possession”. All are available at bookstrand.com


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gemstone Romances: Courage and Comfort

“Courage and Comfort”

Edmund’s sister, Mavis, was tragically widowed by a hit-and-run driver when her husband was rushing to the hospital for the birth of their son. Mavis cannot cope with the loss of her husband and care for a new, fatherless baby.
Mavis’s friend, AJ, tells Edmund he and his partner, Utah, must go and retrieve the Aquamarine. The stone will bring courage and comfort to Mavis. It will hold the spirit of her dead husband, and she will be able to rear their son and have a fulfilling life.
Only lovers can find the stone. Edmund and Utah are a little skeptical but very willing to try.

Utah gave Edmund a thumbs-up, then swam over to the sandbar and floated across it until he reached a high point where he could sit with his head out of the water. Gratefully, he sank onto his haunches, then onto his ass, letting his aching legs stretch and float in the shallow water. He looked at the sky, resting his arms behind him, filling his lungs with clean air and his face with sunlight.
This was a beautiful place. The air was so crisp and clean, with a delicious salty tang to it, that every breath was like savoring a tasty meal. The beach was a mile of pristine sand, the water was clear, and the deep blue of the sea met the brighter blue of the horizon in a line far out in the distance. Even the rock cliff at the end of the beach was a stunning sight of colorful layers—reds, ochers, browns—and interesting shapes where the cliff had been eroded by the water over millennia. If he wasn’t here on a quest for the Aquamarine, he’d be more than happy to just sit and fill his eyes with nature’s wonders for hours on end.
Of course, the most interesting shape of all was the sleek black form of Edmund, slowly swimming up and down near the edge of the sandbar. The man was beautiful too. Kind of like an aquamarine even, with his pale skin, blond hair, and light blue eyes. They’d been together for over two years now, and Utah had known the instant they’d met they were right for each other.
Utah sat a little straighter and moved one arm from behind him to his lap, sliding his hand inside his swimwear to tug on his cock under the water. He smiled to himself. Two years into the relationship, and his dick still became hard the moment he thought of Edmund. They fit together like two parts of a whole.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/courage-and-comfort-by-berengaria-brown/


Monday, May 12, 2014

Why I write erotic and alternative romance

I’m visiting Cait Reynolds today on “From Margin to Mainstream” talking about why I write alternative and erotic romance.
Let people make their own boundaries. Let explorers explore. Let readers read. And for those who don’t want to try anything new, they have the freedom to choose that, too.



Friday, May 2, 2014

Suck It Up

Previously published with Torquere Press, now re-released.

“Suck It Up” by Berengaria Brown
Taylor, Fergus, and Scott are at a company team bonding day. The only good part of the day is when they talk to each other. And afterward.


Also out today, "Suck it Up" and "Carnal Connections" together in one volume!

Suck It Up by Berengaria Brown
Taylor, Fergus, and Scott are at a company team bonding day. The only good part of the day is when they talk to each other. And afterward.
Carnal Connections by Berengaria Brown
Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?