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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sex Odyssey: It's all about the Journey

“Three For the Road”, OUT TODAY at Evernight Publishing, is part of the "Sex Odyssey" series with Amarinda Jones. It’s all about the journey.

Blurb “Sex Odyssey: Three For the Road”.
When three fuckbuddies go on a two-week road trip together, will it turn into a sex odyssey or will it be the death of any hope of a relationship or romance?
Jennifer Adams agrees to a vacation with Chris and Robert. When she sees she’s expected to live in a shipping container, instead of a conventional RV, the vacation is almost over before it has begun. Jenni is lured by great sex with two yummy men. But will that be enough?

Excerpt PG

“You’re shitting me, right?” Jennifer Adams stood with her hands on her hips and stared in horror at the huge truck, complete with shipping container on the back, parked out front of her tiny, third-floor, walk-up apartment.
“You two expect me, ME, to live in that thing for two weeks?” Jenni could hear her voice rising to a shriek, but made no attempt to control it. There was no way—absolutely no fucking way—she was getting inside a metal box. Not even a humongous metal box.
“But, sweetie, we put curtains at the window and everything. Just for you.” Christopher turned huge pleading brown eyes toward her, looking like a kicked puppy dog.
Jenni took a big breath and reined in her temper. She hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings but jeez louise, what kind of morons were they to expect her to— Wait a minute. “Window? What window?”
Chris’ face broke into a happy grin. “Come over here.” He grabbed her arm and hurried her around the back of the long vehicle.
The container looked different on the other side. Its long metal wall had a decent-sized window cut in it, with curtains as promised, and a person-sized door.
With the air of a conjuror about to do his best magic trick, Robert unclipped from behind the truck cab, a thingy that looked rather like a TV remote control, and pressed a button. There was a whirring noise and a metal shelf slid out from beneath the door and started to descend.
Jenni looked at the men. Chris was beaming at her, but Robert looked a little worried. She couldn’t resist smiling back at them. “That is kinda cool. But what about inside?
“Just wait and see. You’ll love it,” Chris said enthusiastically, almost bouncing up and down and still reminding her of an overgrown puppy dog.
“It’s really comfortable in there. You should like it.” Robert was still a little worried.
“She can’t help but love it. It’s one hundred percent excellent,” added Chris confidently.
Jenni wasn’t sure. But there was a door and a window and curtains. Plus a cool way to get up to it. So maybe…
The three rode up to the door on the platform, and, dramatically, Chris bowed and handed her a door key. She slid it into the lock, then turned the door handle.
Opposite the door, was a little kitchen/living area with a table bolted to the far wall, a bench seat on either side of it, a sink with cupboards under it, and a microwave oven on a shelf above it. There was also a small upright gas oven with cook top.
The end of the shipping container was a living area with some shelves and a sofa. A TV was on a swiveling arm bolted to the wall, so it could be turned to face the sofa or the table.
“That is a nice set-up,” she said. “It reminds me of a recreation vehicle.”
“That’s where the guy got the idea from,” said Robert. “But this only cost a fraction of what one of them costs, and it’s plenty big enough for three for a few weeks.”
“Come and see the bedroom,” urged Chris, pulling on her arm.
Jenni allowed herself to be led through the living area to the truck-cab end of the container.
The bed was huge and filled most of the width of the container with some cupboards built into the wall opposite it. Beyond it was a functional shower and toilet cubicle and more storage space.
“This is awesome. I’m sorry I was rude.” Jenny hugged both men. “I can see the stove runs on gas, and I guess you plug into an electrical outlet in a camp ground, but how do you make things work the rest of the time?”
“There are batteries that automatically charge as the truck drives along. That gives enough power to cook and run the lights for a couple of hours each evening,” explained Robert.
“Whose is it? However did you find it?”
“The father of one of the guys at work is a real handyman, and he built it as a retirement project. Took him a couple of years. He was just finishing the last few details and planning his first trip in it, when he went to bed one night and never woke up the next day,” said Robert.
“Yeah shocked the socks off Will, his dad passing like that. He and his sister haven’t decided whether to keep it, or sell it, yet, but they were happy for us to borrow it for two weeks. We bought the curtains, and the bed linen, and the TV, and if there are other things you need, we’ll get them too,” added Chris.
“We want this to be a special vacation. Our first one, the three of us together,” Robert said, pulling Jenni into his arms. Chris pressed up behind her, wrapping his arms around the other two, melding them into a unit.
Jenni shivered, her panties suddenly damping. God these guys were hot. And sweet and thoughtful, if a tad irritating at times. Chris, with his open, loving ways, and Robert the more serious one, the thinker.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Three-for-the-Road-by-Berengaria-Brown.html

Sex Odyssey trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRovJUhp9vw&feature=BF&list=ULWG_Flawu5QQ&index=6


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