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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A tsunami of sex and love: Flash Flood is out today

"Flash Flood" blurb:

Phoebe is on her way to a business meeting when a landslide causes a tsunami of water to flood the road, sweeping her car into a river. She is pulled from the river by Connor and Patrick. A night of extremely satisfying “thank God I’m alive” sex seems a fitting end to the day.
Phoebe has a week off work to recover, and the two men invite her to accompany them on a business-and-pleasure trip. They have a great time, the sex is awesome, but Fi is unsettled by undercurrents and things she cannot quite grasp. She finds herself humming “For I am a pirate king”, possibly because of their tendency to tell pirate jokes. Or maybe not.

Story Excerpt
The car was filling with water. No matter how hard she pushed and kicked at the door it wouldn’t open. The water was creeping higher and higher. Over her waist, her breasts, up to her neck. She was moving slowly, sluggishly, she couldn’t even kick the door now. She was going to drown. Down in this piece-of-shit compact, environmentally friendly car. Drown in a carful of fucking global warming.
Fi tipped her head up to the roof of the car and screamed her rage at the universe for this rotten trick it was playing on her.
Voices were hushing her, soothing her. Hands were stroking and petting her hair, holding her arms, pulling her up and into a warm clasp.
Fi forced her eyes open. No water. Just a hotel room and the cowboy—Patrick—holding her arms, looking down into her face. Shit, that dark stubble looked sexy on him even if it would give her a beard-burn if he rubbed it on her skin. Kissing him’d be worth it though, she knew.
She leaned into Patrick’s hard chest, gasping for breath, and realized Connor was plastered to her back, warming her, soothing her, stroking her hair. Her hair that had not been brushed and braided after her shower. Oh shit! It’d likely dried into a tangled rat’s nest. And she’d just screamed their room down with a nightmare like a two-year-old. Not to mention she had no clean clothes to wear if she did the polite and socially acceptable thing after a one-night stand and left discreetly. How embarrassing! How incredibly, unbelievably embarrassing was this! Her entire body flushed red with shame and mortification. Oh God! Maybe it would have been better to have drowned. I’ll never be able to look myself in the eye again after this. They must be wishing they’d never dragged me out of the water.
“I’m sorry. I—”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about, love. You had a nasty scare today and it’s only to be expected you had a nightmare after it,” Connor’s deep, sexy voice soothed her as his hand kept massaging her scalp, stroking her hair.
Patrick pressed soft, gentle, featherlight kisses to her cheeks, eyelids, nose, jawline. “Relax. We’ll look after you. You’re safe with us.”
The heat in her face and body died down somewhat but she was still in an embarrassing position. At least it didn’t sound like they expected her to leave just yet. “What on earth will I wear to leave here in the morning?”

Buy Link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9170-flash-flood.aspx


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