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Friday, April 22, 2011

Want a free Desiree Holt book?

This month Desiree Holt celebrates her 100th release with Downstroke from Ellora’s Cave. Downstroke is the story of lovers reunited after twenty years trying to bridge a gulf of bitterness while outwitting a killer.

To help her celebrate I’m giving you a taste of one of her other books, Dancing With Danger. As part of the celebration, Desiree is giving away a prize every day of one copy of one of her novels of the reader's choice from her backlist. Names will be drawn from those who post comments. So be sure to leave a comment here on my blog! At the end of the month, one lucky person will win a grand prize of a refurbished Netbook with digital DVD drive. After you post here, go to Desiree's website at www.desireeholt.com and enter to win the grand prize of the netbook at the end of the month.


It’s been twenty years since security specialist Charley Roper and country star Dallas Creed had their bitter parting. Now a killer has brought them together again, but neither is ready for a reunion—despite signs that their explosive chemistry hasn’t waned with time. She can’t forget the feel of his hands on her body. He can’t forget the hot touch of her mouth. When they finally tumble into bed, the sex is just as good as they remember, hot enough to singe the sheets. But is it enough?

Thrown together during an exhausting, frenzied concert tour, with a killer nipping at their heels, Dallas and Charley find themselves on a hot, suspenseful, erotic roller coaster ride. Can he convince her to trust her heart to him one more time, to reach out for a richer, deeper, more mature love?

More importantly—can Charley keep Dallas alive long enough for either of them to enjoy a second chance?

“Dancing With Danger”
Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal. He blew into her life without notice, here today then always gone on a puff of wind. But each time he appears, he does things to her body that even her fantasies haven’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shake her like a raging storm. His mouth knows every inch of her body. The imprint of his intimate kisses linger long after he disappears.

Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line. But even in the danger zone his sexual demands are more scorching than ever and this time, Rachel is determined not to lose him—or the erotic lifestyle that binds them.

Excerpt: "Dancing With Danger"

The party had been going on far too long. It was a weeknight so dinner had been scheduled for six o’clock. The hosts had spoken and made their plea, things should be wrapping up now. The room should have been at least half empty. But it seemed no one was the least bit interested in leaving. The din of conversation competed with the sound of the orchestra, which segued from one rhythmic tune to another and people continued to jam the dance floor as well as both bars.
Standing quietly in one corner, Rachel Winters looked glanced over the room. She couldn’t quite conceal a smile of satisfaction. Another successful fundraiser for The Harris Foundation. Despite tough economic times, the people who had the money couldn’t seem to give it fast enough to Sam and Loraine Harris, people with old money and a very old social position. People everyone wanted to curry favor with.
Now the Harrises were mingling with their guests, discreetly collecting checks, their bodyguards in tuxedos and guns never more than inches away. Two years ago Sam had been kidnapped by a terrorist cell who wanted an enormous ransom to fund an arms purchase. Rachel remembered that time vividly. A very black ops agency contacted by one of Sam’s close friends had taken over, faceless men moving soundlessly around the offices, interrogating everyone while a hand-picked team went in to retrieve Sam. Now the same agency provided security 24/7. It had been a difficult time for all of them and Rachel still worried about their vulnerability.
Rachel smoothed a hand down the silken fabric of her signature black cocktail dress. She always wore black, convinced it minimized the flaws in her figure. She saw her hips as too wide, her thighs as too chunky, her tummy as too rounded, especially for someone as short as she was. Now she wished she could kick off the four-inch heels she used to boost her five-foot-two-inch height. Her thick honey-colored hair was pulled up in a sophisticated arrangement that added yet another inch or two. Anything to make her feel less like a chunky miniature lost at an adult function.
Casually she stole a look at her watch. Eight thirty. Should she find some way to signal people the party was over? Sam and Loraine weren’t so young anymore and these functions were always grueling for them. She loved her job and the Harrises treated her like family, which made her take a more personal interest in their welfare. Serving as director of The Harris Foundation filled her days and nights.
Too bad it couldn’t take care of her heart, which she was sure destined to remain unfulfilled. Why did she have to go and fall for a mystery man anyway? One who appeared without warning and then was gone like a wisp of smoke. No matter how sexy he was, how good in bed, how he drove her to the highest plains of pleasure, he never stayed. Never gave her more of himself than one night at a time and those were few and far between.
She didn’t even know what he did. They’d met at a barbecue given by mutual friends and fallen into bed within hours of “hello”. But even those friends couldn’t—or wouldn’t—give her any information about him.
She knew his name. Gabriel Peralta. That was it—if that was even his real name. She also knew he was six foot four of lean hard muscle with thick silken black hair she loved to run her fingers through, a hawk nose and eyes like onyx. Hands that could make a woman’s body writhe in pleasure and a magnificent cock that stretched her to capacity and made her explode with its friction.
And scars whose origin he refused to discuss.

Oh yummy!


  1. Wow, just wow! Congrats Desiree on the release and I look forward to more.


  2. Hay Harlie! Great to see you here. And huge thanks to the lovely Berengaria for hosting me today.

  3. I know, there are just so many great stories, you amaze us Desiree. I loved how you wrote Gabriel in Dancing with Danger, he is pretty memorable, and this was a great romantic suspense story.

    Wishing you a great day.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. Hey Ladies,

    Ms. Holt I love your books and just so another one to add to my wish list. "Dancing with Danger" looks yummy.


  5. So many great stories already to keep us entertained, this newest one looks like another delicious read.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. Hi guys. Thanks for stopping by. Downstroke actually draws on the years I spent in the music business and experiences I had. It was great writing it. I'm working on another one right now that also uses the music business as its background. Plus, today is the release of my first Rawhide novella, Crack the Whip

  7. Thanks for the info...enjoyed reading the blog today.

  8. Would love to win one of Desiree's books...count me in. Nice blog today.

  9. Hi Harlie, Cathy, Terra, Jean, Jackie, Joye and Desiree,
    It's an honor to host you today, Desiree. Thank you all for dropping by.

  10. Thanks, Berengaria. and thanks to all the great visitors. Another hour and I'm pulling the winner so everyone check back.

  11. And today's winner is...Joye! Please email me at desireeholt@desireeholt.com and put winner in the subject line. And thanks again to Berenegria for a great day.

  12. I like it! I want to buy it for my cocktail dresses 2011.

  13. Congratulations, Joye!
    Thank you everyone for dropping by. Don't forget to go to Desiree's website and enter for a chance to win the netbook.