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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aspen Mountain Press Anniversary: Win a Kindle! (and lots of books!)


1) TOUR STARTS: Monday, August 1st 2011, at Midnight (EST)
THIS TOUR ENDS: August 7th, at Midnight (PST)
Final Celebration August 7th 6pm -11pm (EST) at the Amp Community Loop http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AMP_Community/

Kindle, (Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology) Drawing will take place and be announced on August 7th on the Aspen Mountain Press Community Loop at 11 pm EST. Only comments posted before 10 pm on the 7th EST are eligible to win the Kindle. Winner will be notified by email on August 8th if they are not present on the Loop for the announcement.
***Individual Winners from Authors contests will be drawn and posted August 8th on their individual sites***
2) Participation at every Blog on the tour is not required but the more Blogs a person comments on the more chances they have to win. If a person comments on one blog they are entered into the Grand prize drawing once. If they comment on ten different Blogs they will be entered into the Kindle drawing ten times. Only one comment per blog per person will be entered to win the kindle
3) (1) Grand prize Kindle Winner must be residents of the United States with a US Mailing address. Non US winners will be eligible for 50 U.S. dollars in Aspen Mountain Press Books from our website www.aspenmountainpress.com

4) Prizes at individual Blogs are completely at the discretion of the individual authors and are not in association with Aspen Mountain Press and its prize system. To enter the Contest on any given blog you must follow their contest rules and objectives.
5) By commenting on any blog on the tour the participant is agreeing to these rules and policies.
6) All prize winners will be chosen randomly using Random Line Picker.

The site before me on this blog tour is: A.E.H. Veenman: http://www.aehveenman.wordpress.com

The site after me is: Cindi Myers: http://www.cindimyersmarketnews.wordpress.com

Be sure to leave a comment on my blog here to win the kindle.

As well, I'll enter you in the draw to win an ebook of your choice from my backlist if you send me a message on Facebook or Twitter telling me which book you'd like to win.

And now, here's a taste of "Changing Cherry".

Blurb “Changing Cherry”
Cherry gives up her life in America to live with Harry and Lee in China. Will she regret her decision or find happiness as well as great orgasms?
Cherry McNair has been invited to come and live in Beijing with Song Hao (Harry) and Li Chang (Lee), two of the one hundred million young men for whom there are no brides available in China.
The men are kind and caring, and at first Cherry is happy, learning to cook for them and settling into her new life. And the sex is fantastic, innovative, fulfilling.
But one day she realizes she has no job, no hobbies, no friends. She knows only a few words of Mandarin and the traffic frightens her. Should she return home or stay?

PG Excerpt
Cherry McNair shook her shoulder-length dark brown hair off her face and pushed her luggage trolley out of the customs area and into the arrivals hall at the Beijing Capital International Airport, ready to start her new life. Well sort of ready.
I’m almost thirty years old. All my remaining possessions are in two suitcases. I’ve quit my job, left my country and my friends, and am about to start a whole new life in a new land where I don’t even speak the language, and be the “wife” of two men. Well, it’s what women have been doing for centuries after all. Although they probably didn’t have two husbands!
Lee and Harry had promised to meet her, and they’d all exchanged plenty of photographs in their emails, but she was still feeling rather dazed after the long flight and the huge size of the airport and worried about recognizing them in such a large crowd. They’re part-American, part-Chinese, but to me they look quite Chinese. Will they look like their photos?Lee’s hair sort of shaggy and a little bit longer, Harry’s skin a slightly darker brown?
Sheesh. I thought LAX was big, but having to catch a train to get to your luggage— Sheesh.
Nevertheless the crowd was very well behaved. People were talking and laughing, but they were standing in neat lines, waiting politely for others to pass. There was no pushing or shoving or screaming as there had been back at LAX. I’ve never travelled so far before, through so many time zones. It’s all so very big. But I like it. It’s friendly and welcoming and totally fascinating.
Lots of people were holding up signs with names on them.
And there they were, Lee and Harry, Lee holding a sign saying “Cherry” and Harry holding a bunch of bright yellow sunflowers.
Cherry pushed her trolley down the aisle then into the arrivals hall proper and stood to the side as Li Chang and Song Hao made their way through the crowds to meet her.
Both men bowed slightly then broke into smiles.
“Welcome to Beijing, Cherry,” said Harry.
“I hope your journey was not too tiring,” added Lee.
“The flight was smooth. I made all my connections without any worries. Everything went well. Thank you for coming to meet me,” replied Cherry rather disjointedly.
Harry handed her the flowers, bowing slightly again, as Lee took charge of her trolley.
“Come this way. I’ll go and get the car while Harry waits with you and the luggage.”
Cherry nodded, trying to pull herself out of her daze as her blue-gray eyes looked around at the spectacular building, filled with light from its high glass walls, with lots of interesting metal shapes in the structure and huge artworks dotted around the floor space. And flowers. Lots of flowers and plants in planter boxes.

Buy link: http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/new-releases/changing-cherry/prod_373.html

Thank you for visiting my blog. Next stop, CINDI MYERS http://www.cindimyersmarketnews.wordpress.com



  1. Love you books can't wait to read more of them :)

  2. Hey Dominique,
    Thank you for dropping by. I'm sure we'll find lots of awesome books to read during the blog hop.

  3. Changing Cherry sounds steamy and there's always been something I adore about asian men, I will be putting this one on my list!!

    Nya Rayne

  4. Thank you, Nya.
    I promise you'll love Harry and Lee as much as Cherry does.

  5. Berengaria,
    Thank you for the delight of looking at all the titles of yours here on the blog. They are wonderfully done. I have several of your books on my wishlist and I've had my eye on Three for the Road....*S*
    Thank you for the the blog tour and the contest!

    pommawolf @hotmail.com

  6. Hi Darcy,
    Awesome to see you here. Jenni does have a wonderful time with Chris and Robert ☺

  7. wow , all your books look exciting and exotic , want to read them ALL !!!Will definitely message u on facebook !!!

  8. Changing Cherry sounds very steamy, can't wait to read it. I have added a few titles of yours to my list to read.
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  9. Whoo!! Harry and Lee sound scrumptious! :-D

    I got to get on a plane to China and fast. LOL!

  10. Changing Cherry sounds like an interesting story :)

  11. Hi AEH, Dez, and Lucia,
    Thank you so much for dropping by. China is an awesome place to visit.

  12. Thank you Crystal and Jean,
    I'm thrilled you liked the excerpt

  13. Thank you for the giveaway! Heading over to your facebook page (Wendy Dee).

    books4me67 at ymail.com

  14. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for visiting, and for friending me on facebook.

  15. Your books look yummy! I want them just for the cover alone! lol Though reading the blurbs..wow! Now im dying for em! ;) Thanks for sharing. Your books are now on my wishlist! Thank you!

  16. What a great blog, and I'll definitely be checking out your books!

  17. Thank you, Shadow. I'm glad you enjoyed the blurbs. And thank you for dropping by, too, Kilca.

  18. What an intriguing plot and definitely something I could see becoming a reality, if it hasn't already begun. I love China too, so I think this would be a fun book to add to my TBR list!

  19. Have read several of your books and can't wait for more! Very hot! New one sounds yummy! ON my tbr list definitely.

  20. Changing Cherry is on my wish list! So are a number of yours! I just need to win the lottery to own all that I want! LOL!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  21. Thank you, Jill.
    Thank you, Stacy. If you spend your lottery winnings on books, I won't even mind that you won instead of me!
    All you ladies totally rock!

  22. Whoa, Berengaria! Congrats on Changing Cherry! What an incredible backlist you have, too! Thanks for adding to my TBB!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  23. Exciting site Berengaria. So many intriguing covers! Thanks for inviting me.

  24. Hi Flchen and Emma,
    Thank you for dropping by.

  25. Wow, that looks really sexy! All your stuff does! I'll definitely have to check it out!

    Kathy Teel
    Head Editor
    Aurora Regency

  26. Thank you, Kathy
    I love Regency-set romance. I'm addicted to Georgette Heyer and she gave me an enduring love for that era.


  28. Great blog. I love the background.

  29. Hi Hotcha, I hope you can go shopping soon.
    Hi Michelle, Thank you for visiting

  30. Thx for taking part in AMPs anniversary. I'm new to your books, but this book looks really interesting.
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  31. Thank you for dropping by, Mara.

  32. Great excerpt!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  33. This blog tour has introduced me to several new to me authors thanks for that.

  34. I LOVE your covers and the books sound really good~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMP


  35. Thank you, Christi.I've been really lucky with my covers