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Friday, September 2, 2011

OUT TODAY Something very very hot!

Blurb “Turning Up the Heat”.
Tilly lost her job thanks to the Global Financial Crisis. Running out of money, she agrees to move in with Noah and Sylvester as a kind of housekeeper, for free board and lodging. Also free sex. It’s a mighty hot summer, but what happens in their air-conditioned bedroom is way hotter than the temperatures outside. Together the three explore the boundaries of ménage sex.
But Tilly still has no job, no money, and worries what will happen to her once the men get tired of playing house.

Excerpt: PG13

Tilly swallowed hard and nodded. Suddenly all the breath had disappeared from her lungs, but she wanted this. Wanted them. Wanted sex with Sylvester. Would Noah watch? Or would he fuck Sylvester while she watched. Or— ah hell she could drive herself insane trying to guess what’d happen next.
Just get naked and get in the shower!
At least naked solved the problem of her not having any really nice, pretty underwear. After thirteen months of short term, low pay work, sexy lingerie had not been on her shopping list. Naked would work. Saving money had meant walking instead of driving, and that had kept her figure more-or-less toned. Her car had been one of the first things she’d sold to pay her bills.
Less thinking, more action, she encouraged herself, dropping her clothes on her bedroom floor and grabbing a clean towel from the pile of fresh laundry on the foot of her bed.
When she stepped into the bathroom she nearly swallowed her tongue. They were both already there, both naked, and both undeniably delicious.
Noah, so very tall, fair skinned, blue eyed, his blond hair just a shade darker than the curls surrounding the longest cock she’d ever seen. His body had the lean look of a runner, with clearly defined muscles but not bulging ones. His bones were visible under the skin, but not protruding. He saw her looking at him and very deliberately he tugged on his cock. It was hard to believe, but it seemed to grow even longer as he stroked it. No tattoos or piercings, but the thick gold chain he always wore around his neck was still in place, whereas he’d taken his heavy watch off. Interesting.
Dragging air into her lungs, Tilly turned her gaze on Sylvester. His hand was also on his cock and— Oh. My. Fucking. God! He’s got a Prince Albert! Holy shit!
Tilly’s legs carried her through the bathroom and into the shower with no direction from her brain. Her mind was totally fried from one look at the thick shaft with the barbell through the head.
She dropped to her knees, lifted his hand off his cock, and gently flicked her tongue over the head and the piercing. It tasted faintly metallic, but mostly salty-sweet. Urgently, she sucked him into her mouth, one hand automatically going up to cup his balls and roll them lightly in her palm. She hardly noticed both men groaning as she sucked Sylvester again, drawing him deep inside her mouth, then rolling her tongue over the piercing, licking every inch of him.
She came out of her lust-filled fog as Noah pulled her to her feet. “This is foreplay, Tilly. The sex we’ll do in our bed in the air-conditioning.”
“A bed sounds good. Air-conditioning sounds even better. But it’s not fair to tease me with toys I can’t play with.” She managed to drag her gaze up from his groin to his face, and the glint in his eyes showed he was as ready for the next step as she was. She couldn’t help grinning in response.
“Oh, there’ll be time to play. Plenty of time to play, a little later,” Sylvester said, running a large hand over her breasts.
The two men pushed her between them, then Noah poured a dollop of shampoo on his hands and began to massage her head.
Although Tilly knew Noah, she also knew he was unreservedly gay, and she hadn’t expected him to touch her. However, it seemed Noah was prepared to play with her hair if nothing more. Still, it would be wise to be careful until she got to know them better. “So who do I get to wash?” she asked.
“No one this time. We’ll wash you,” said Sylvester, rubbing shower gel over her breasts, paying a lot of attention to her nipples.
Cream began dripping from her pussy. Or maybe it had been doing that ever since she’d come into the bathroom. Either way, she was very aware of it now, as her belly clenched with need and desire cranked up inside her.
Noah moved around her, rinsing her hair, then washing her shoulders and back. Meanwhile Sylvester continued down her front, teasing her belly, then massaging her mound. He opened her legs wider and began playing with her pussy lips.
Oh God. She wanted him. Them. Whatever. She didn’t care how this party went down, just as long as someone filled her empty pussy soon.
Two can play at this game! Tilly let her hand slide across Sylvester’s hard chest, over his washboard abs, across the sexy dip at his hip, and down to that yummy pierced cock. She wanted to feel that jewelry inside her so badly. Carefully she circled his shaft and tugged gently upward. His cock pulsed in her hand. She ran a fingertip over the head and knew the moisture there was too thick and sticky to be shower water. He was every bit as ready for action as she was.
Sylvester’s gasp was clearly audible over the sound of the splashing water, telling her that he wanted her more graphically than words ever could.
She ran her hands back up to his chest. One hand played with his flat little nipple, the other tugged on his chest hair. Not enough to hurt, just enough to give a tiny bite to his pleasure.
“Dammit, Tilly. You should come with a warning label,” he groaned.
“I told you I like her style,” Noah laughed.
“Fuck style. And fuck showering and foreplay. It’s time to move to the main event.”

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Turning-Up-The-Heat-by-Berengaria-Brown.html


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