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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hazel gets her three men today!

Blurb: Raw Need

Hazel must choose who she’ll live with. On the one hand, she likes Peyton, the leader of the group she was with. On the other, Kenan and Reuben, two of the men who rescued her, want her to join them. The Captain has a simple solution—live with all three. There follows a night of the most intense four-way claiming ever.
Soon, Reuben and Kenan leave on a trip to search for survivors. They don’t find any people but find evidence a community may be hiding in desert caves. Hazel understands that two of her men need the adrenaline rush of using their skills in a dangerous situation, while one stays behind to protect her and her son. They’re all different people with different interests and skills, but can they ever become a real family?

STORY Excerpt

“Hazel Young, you will recall at your original interview you were told that you needed to make a decision about which man or men you would live with here at Lilyward One. Three months was suggested as an appropriate time for you to look around and make your first choice. If, after three months of cohabitation, you are not compatible, you may part and take a different man. Your first three months is up, yet you haven’t formed a relationship with anyone. May I know why?”
Hazel was scared stiff. There was no way on earth she could care for and support eight-year-old Tyler out in the world with radioactive dust still around, soil and water most likely poisoned, and no social structure or functional government. Being sent away from Lilyward One would be signing the death warrant for herself and her child.
She drew herself to her full five-foot-three-inch height, shook her blonde curls back onto her shoulders, then stared the all-powerful Captain Henry Blackmore in the eye. She may be scared enough to almost wet her pants, but she had a child to protect and her own life to fight for, so she would do her damndest to win her way through.
“Yes, Sir. I’m perfectly prepared to obey the rules here. I’m well aware that Tyler and I wouldn’t have survived the past three months had you not permitted us to stay at Lilyward One. My team supervisor has often said he’s happy with my work on the QB team. But moving in with a man or men is—difficult. It’s just been Tyler and me all his life. His dad took off before he was born, and I never applied for a divorce. I never wanted to remarry. The only good thing that came out of my year of marriage was Tyler.”
She stopped to tighten her wobbly knees, drag in a big breath, and flick her eyes to the Captain’s 2IC, George Samine. His face was as blank as the Captain’s. Feeling even more desperate to convince them to let her stay, she continued.
“Kenan and Reuben, part of Team K who brought the Broadford people here, have said many times they want me to partner with them. I’m not the kind of person who can just jump into bed with anyone, but I feel as though I know them now, and I like them, so I’m willing to try. But…”
“But?” The Captain’s deep blue eyes behind his metal-rimmed glasses seemed to peer right into her soul.
“There’s also Peyton. I really like Peyton. If the world hadn’t changed, he’s the kind of man I may eventually have invited into my life. Besides, what will happen to Tyler? If I move in with Reuben and Kenan, or with Peyton, will Tyler come, too? We’ve never been apart, and he’s still only a little boy.”
“Peyton was the leader of the Broadford District group you arrived with? The one who guided the dozen of you when the world changed?” asked the 2IC.
“Yes, Sir.”
“He seems to be a fine man. He’s provided some excellent input to the mechanics team. Had some very innovative ideas,” said the Captain. “In a nutshell, the problem is, you can’t decide between Kenan and Reuben on the one hand and Peyton on the other. The boy will stay with you whoever you choose. He’s not a problem. The men will accept him. I don’t see what you’ve said as an insurmountable difficulty. Why not move in with all three of them? See if you can all make it work.”
“Three men?” Hazel’s mind was whirring, and her heart beating way too fast for her to breathe properly.
“Why not? That’s a good solution. The world has changed, Hazel. It will never be as it once was, even if the various governments pull their heads out of their asses long enough to clean the earth up and show some serious leadership skills again,” added the 2IC.
Hazel dropped into a hard, wooden chair a little to the side of where she’d been standing. No amount of will-power could keep her upright any longer. Could she? Could she live with three men? The thought of living with two men had been hard enough to get her head around, but three? Holy Hannah!

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