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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A broken leg leads to love


Rose’s Renaissance, is the story of Rose, who broke her leg and met a very handsome man at Rehab. Only problem was the man, Oliver, was partnered with Kieran—an equally yummy hunk.
The attraction is mutual and the three move from lust to scorching hot ménage sex in a nanosecond. But Rose’s leg is not healing properly so where does she go from here?

PG STORY Excerpt

“I bet that bloody physiotherapist spends all day just thinking up new ways to torture me!” thought Rose as she stomped up and down in the shallow end of the local swimming pool, dodging kids dive bombing into the water while still keeping count of how many steps she had taken.
“Two thousand steps back and forward, one thousand sideways and then star jumps. Jumps? Me? The man’s insane as well as evil,” she huffed, wincing a little as she made the turn to start back again, adding under her breath, “Two hundred and twenty. Only one thousand eight hundred to go. As if.”
A small boy in bright green board shorts sailed through the air, landing with a huge splash right in front of her. “Bloody hell!” Rose swore loudly, then added mentally, “And if that bloody kid does that again I’ll murder him. Right after I murder that sadistic bastard of a physio.”
She swiped helplessly at her glasses, trying to clear the spray from the kid’s jump and took a deep breath. “No need to be a bitch, Rose. Jeez you’re in a shitty mood. Get a grip, woman.
“Of course I’m in a shitty mood. My bloody leg HURTS! But I guess that’s not the kid’s fault. Or even the physio’s. But—
“Oh my god, look over there. Is that the hunk I saw at the Rehab class? I’m sure it is. I’ve never seen such a nice chest and his back ain’t bad either. Such a shame he’s gay. The yummiest ones always are,” she sighed.
Rose managed to keep an eye on the hunky man in very brief deep blue swimwear as she resumed her tramp up and down the pool. He turned around, seeming to be looking behind himself and she noticed his partner—another very nice piece of eyecandy—carrying a pile of towels and clothing. The partner was also wearing brief bathers, his in a stunning deep purple shade. His abdominal muscles were defined, a truly delicious six-pack, as were his pecs.
“Oh man he looks good enough to lick,” sighed Rose. “Just as well I didn’t see him half naked at Rehab or I may have jumped them both.
Rose’s belly clenched with need and her heart beat faster as the two men approached the shallow end of the pool. “What wouldn’t I do to have one of them in my bed. Or better yet, both of them!”
Her Rehab buddy waved at her and smiled, then came over while his partner left their clothing on a bench.

Oh. My. God. He looks gooood!
“Hey, you’re Rose right? We met at Rehab. The Ghoul got you working out here too, eh?”
Rose smiled at the nickname. “The physio? What a sadistic bastard he is!” she laughed.
“Oliver,” he said, “or you may know me better as Fractured Right Femur.”
“Mine was the left,” Rose replied. “Car accident?”
“Nah, soccer. Made the mistake of tackling a guy much bigger and faster than me.”
“Kieran,” a very deep, sexy voice joined the conversation. “And he won’t be playing soccer again this season. Or next, if I have any say in it.”
Rose struggled not to giggle then moved hastily as a small body landed almost on top of her causing a giant tidal wave. Oliver grabbed her arm in one hand and Kieran’s in the other and pulled them all deeper into the swimming pool.
Talking happily they began to pace up and down and Rose didn’t even notice as two thousand steps became three thousand.
“Okay that’s enough for today,” said Kieran, gently putting his arm around Oliver’s shoulder. I think we should put you and Rose in the hot tub for a while to make sure your muscles don’t stiffen. That okay with you, Rose?”
“Yeah, sure, sounds like a plan,” she replied, grateful that Oliver’s rehab program didn’t seem to involve star jumps.
They all walked to the shallow end of the pool again to exit via the steps and handrail, as neither Rose nor Oliver was keen to climb the ladder, then they grabbed their towels and moved to the hot tub.
Rose carefully ignored the sign saying clients should not stay in the hot tub longer than fifteen minutes when Kieran hopped out to restart the bubbles. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d enjoyed talking to two men as much as she had today. And besides, her leg was hardly aching at all now, thanks to the warm bubbling water.

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