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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Naked Statues is out today

“Naked Statues”: Blurb

A series of naked, well-endowed statues in the Botanical Gardens encourages lovers Fleur, Ricky and Heath to indulge in some hot, naughty public sex. But there’s more to these statues than rock-hard abs…

Lily and Flynn have been trapped inside a statue since last Halloween. When a mischievous god with a love of all things sexual swaps them for the trio of lovers, can the strength of their love set them all free?


Excerpt PG13


“Oh my goodness! Now this one I like,” laughed Fleur, climbing up the steps onto a statue in the Botanical Gardens. She slid between the legs of the man of stone and rested her mouth over its extra large penis.

“This one’s so much better endowed than the angel with the long, curly hair we saw over there a ways.”

Ulric snapped a photo of her on his phone, saying, “Sweetie, that was no angel. That was Eros, and trust me, his behavior is said to be anything but angelic!”

“I wouldn’t expect anything else from the God of Love and Sex!” She jumped down from the statue to look at the photo with him. Meanwhile Heath had kept walking, his gaze on a statue down a short pathway on their right.

“Hey, Ricky, you’ll like this one better, I promise,” called Heath.

Fleur ran to see what Heath was looking at and Ulric ambled along behind his two partners. He loved them both equally, and as a triad they had some spectacular sex, but he didn’t always understand their thought patterns. Especially Fleur’s. He grinned, remembering when he first met them. He’d hated having to go to that charity dinner. Then the three had all been left sitting at the table when their tablemates got up to dance. They’d started talking, and the relationship had exploded from there.

While the idea of spending a sunny Saturday afternoon walking around the Botanical Gardens was totally not his scene, Fleur had wanted to come, Heath was agreeable, and as Ricky hadn’t had any better ideas of things to do, here they were. Besides, he was amused at Fleur’s enthusiastic explanation that the trip to the gardens was all about their names. She’d said Fleur was French for flower, and Heath was a kind of plant, and gardens always had flowers and plants. Also, Ulric means wolf and she’d heard a statue of a wolf was to be found in the gardens. Maybe next weekend we’d better go to the zoo. Ricky grinned to himself and caught up to the others. Heath was staring up at a statue of a woman wearing nothing much, with one huge breast exposed.

“Climb up and kiss it, Heath, and I’ll take your photo,” called Fleur.

Heath shrugged the backpack off his shoulders and took a run up to the statue, catching hold of her elbows and kissing the breast, before dropping back to the ground.

The three laughed over the rather blurry photo on Fleur’s phone, then Heath picked up his backpack and they continued walking along the little path, which took another turn.

“We seem to be walking around this neverending hedge-thing. I wonder what it is,” commented Fleur.

Still another turn took them to the opening in the hedge and a sign.

“It’s a maze! Oh, awesome. Come on,” called Fleur, running inside. “Right or left?”

Ricky scanned the sign, but there was no key to the maze there. “Likely we’ll be stuck here for a hundred years, slowly starving and turning into skeletons,” he wailed in as mournful a voice as he could manage.

“Our bones will be found by archeologists on a dig in the year 2100,” added Heath in a sepulchral tone.

But Fleur just laughed, turning right and left as they meandered through the maze.


This book was previously published by Scarlet Harlot Publishing as "Rock Hard".


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