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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two more new books

Look what I have for you! Two short reads I've self-published. (They were previously released elsewhere).

Jaid hates the annual family Christmas party, a huge event with people she doesn’t recognize or like. She's hot and horny and looking for action on the holidays.
But this year things look brighter. Her second cousin, Greg, and his partner, Steve, invite her to spend time with them. Two sexy Santas for Jaid? Oh yes!

PG Excerpt
Jaid ran a finger along her lips, checking she wasn’t drooling. Cousin Greg was a fraction over six feet tall, with thick, collar-length blond hair that had her aching to run her fingers through it. She just bet it was as soft and silky as it looked. His eyes were deep blue, and any time she looked into them, her panties creamed, and she almost drowned with desire to get up close and personal with him. She wanted to lick her way across his muscular chest, feel him wrap those strong arms around her, and drive his cock up hard and high inside her.
Steve’s slightly rough image was the perfect foil for Greg’s fair good looks. Steve had black hair and eyes so dark they might be black too. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt that showed off the heavy muscles in his tanned arms. He made her think about doing dirty, naughty things with a bad, bad, biker boy. His features were not quite symmetrical but in a very sexy way, enhancing the bad-boy aura, and she was almost certain it was the edge of a tattoo she could see just at the sleeve of his t-shirt.
Greg and Steve in her bed would be the perfect Christmas gift. Hell, even up against a wall would do!

BUY LINK: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-jaid039stwosexysantas-1039689-146.html

Lloyd is a loner. He doesn’t believe he’ll ever find a partner he can love. So he spends his evenings drinking in gay bars, either getting drunk or going off with a stranger for a fast fuck. But then he meets KC and his world changes.
KC’s not about to let Lloyd harden his heart to the possibilities between them. KC knows Lloyd’s the man for him and he’ll use whatever hot, dirty and sexy persuading he has to in order win his man over.

PG Excerpt
Lloyd met the other man’s gaze and gave the tiniest nod in response to the man’s raised eyebrow. The man was truly sex-on-a-stick. It was too much to hope he’d also be caring. Lloyd had years of experience that told him the good looking ones were always the least interested in pleasuring a partner. They knew they didn’t have to please anyone, because there’d always be people who wanted to please them.
Well, tonight he wanted more than just a quick fuck against a wall in the alley. Tonight he wanted an hour in a bed, at the very least. He might never be worthy of a man’s love, but he would demand a modicum of consideration. Lloyd straightened his shoulders and gave the man a challenging look.
To his surprise the man grinned, then stood up, very obviously rearranging his cock as he did so. The man’s ultra-tight black jeans left nothing to the imagination. His cock was a long, thick ridge stretching the fabric to the limit.

Buy link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-cocksure-1039688-145.html


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