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Friday, January 31, 2014

Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love: blurb
Beverley is hopelessly in love with Hyacinthe. Hyacinthe loves Bev, but she also loves their hot-bodied coworker Inigo. Which doesn’t help Bev’s already low self-esteem. The only saving grace is that Inigo seems a pretty decent guy.
Ménage sex gradually brings the triad together—until Cinthe’s fairy wings sprout. Inigo and Bev don’t cope well with this change—because everyone knows there’s no such thing as a fairy. Bev’s obsession with her physical inadequacies takes a backseat to her concern over the wings sticking out of her lover’s back.
While Beverley struggles to come to terms with having a fairy for a girlfriend, she also has to deal with someone stealing rare plants from the botanical gardens where they all work.
Inside Scoop: Female/female/male sex is what every fairy needs to make her wings sprout.

Nothing happened for long seconds, then Hyacinthe felt the air move by the nightstand drawer. Ah, Inigo would be lifting toys out, likely showing them to Beverley or maybe just choosing some himself. Yes, they were moving again, Beverley would be choosing some toys, or accepting the ones Inigo offered her.
Careful to keep her face expressionless, Hyacinthe grinned hugely in her mind. Over the years she'd collected an impressive array of toys. Although she seldom used them when having sex with a partner, she enjoyed experimenting when alone, and had nipple clamps and clips, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and scented oils. She could hardly wait to find out which ones they'd use on her.
There was the soft sound of fabric being removed, the slide of a zipper, the pop of a snap fastener, then Inigo's heavy weight was beside her on the bed and his big hands ran lightly from her toes, over her sensitive arches, and around her heels.
Delicious! Cinthe shivered with delight.
A soft plop was followed by the weight of a body sitting on the other side of the bed.
Bev has taken her shoes off and joined us, deduced Hyacinthe.
Beverley's hands were slightly rough from all the outdoor work they did, but she used them gently to trail along Hyacinthe's rib cage and tenderly cup a breast.
Unconsciously, Hyacinthe thrust her breast up into Beverley's warm palm, feeling her nipple peak instantly at the slight touch of Bev's finger. Meanwhile, Inigo's hands were gradually moving higher up Hyacinthe's leg, teasing behind her knee and over her lower thigh.
A hot tongue licked warm, wet patterns on her lower thigh, circles and spirals and pictures, then a mouth puffed warm air on the wet spots, making Hyacinthe shiver once again.
At that very moment another mouth descended on her breast, sucking nipple and areola deep into a warm cavern. A tongue pressed Hyacinthe's nipple to the roof of a mouth then rolled it and played with it. Hyacinthe groaned. Oh yes! Beverley had a very talented mouth. And the moves Inigo made on her thigh were not so shabby either. His tongue was reaching higher and higher up her leg, causing a spiral of need to build deep in her core.
Hyacinthe groaned again as Bev released her nipple then blew on the wet peak. Bev's hands disappeared for a moment then a nipple clamp bit into her flesh with just the right amount of tension to ride the perfect line between pleasure and pain.
The bed creaked as Inigo moved between Hyacinthe's spread legs, his wide shoulders pushing them even farther apart, and Beverley got off the bed and moved around to the other side. Aha! Hyacinthe thought. They have divided me as above and below the waist, not right and left sides!

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