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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The final Bath House Boy is here!

Touching His Man (MM) The Bath House Boys book 4

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 13th

Charles Dover upset some important people who have terminated him from his job, kicked him out of his apartment, and are making him leave town. He hides in the garden at the bath house. Abe Tillman, the bath house manager, finds him there and wants to help him. Charles isn’t sorry he requested that a video of a young child dancing naked be taken down from YouTube, but speaking up has certainly trashed his life. Abe suggests that Charles change his appearance and move into the bath house and work there behind the scenes.
Abe is worried about turning forty and being overweight. His entire life is invested in the success of his bath house, but he wants to open his heart and soul to Charles as well as his bedroom door. Is there any chance of them forming a relationship or will Charles have to hide forever?

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/touching-his-man


Charles Dover grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and used the fabric to wipe the sweat off his face. Letting the T-shirt fall back against his belly, he grunted and wiped his filthy hands on the seat of his jeans. So now his T-shirt had huge damp sweaty patches on it and grubby brown stains from his fingers. Likely the seat of his pants would be decorated with dirty marks as well.
He shook his head, flicking his damp, sweaty blond hair off his forehead, and looked around the small storage unit, now piled high with his furniture and possessions. The last thing he needed to do was return the trailer he’d hired to the storage unit company and park his car in the space he’d carefully left for it in the center of the storage unit. He could lock the unit, drive the trailer around and return it, then drive back, unlock the unit, park his car in it, and lock the unit again. Or he could leave the unit open and hope no one entered it while he was gone.
“Not in this neighborhood I can’t. Fuck it. ”
Charles unhitched the trailer from his car and then reversed his car into the gap he’d made for it. It’d been a damn tight squeeze to fit everything into this unit, but he refused to pay twice as much money for a larger one when all he’d had to do was pack this one carefully from the concrete floor to the low wooden ceiling.
He grabbed his backpack from the passenger seat, holding it over the roof of the car as he squeezed out of the storage unit and then dropping the backpack into the trailer. He locked the unit and then picked up the tow bar of the trailer, grunting as he leveled it and got it moving, pushing it back down the concrete pathway to where he needed to return it. Actually, once it started to roll, it wasn’t all that hard to push and steer. Besides, he was already coated in sweat and dirt. A little more didn’t really matter. But damn he needed a shower.
Ten minutes later the paperwork was all done and his possessions were safe and paid for. Well, they were for the next three months anyway. Hopefully by then his life would no longer be buried in shit. Charles rubbed his face on his T-shirt again, groaning at the sweaty mess all down his front. He had clean clothing in his backpack, but there was no sense in putting a fresh shirt on his sweaty body. Besides, all he owned for the next three months, unless he came back here to unpack some stuff, was inside his backpack. He couldn’t afford to change his clothing every time he felt like it anymore.
Charles left the heavy backpack on the ground by his feet and pulled his cell phone out of his jeans pocket. It was time to call a taxi to take him to the airport. But what was he going to do at the airport? Where was he going to travel to?
Suddenly Charles felt completely exhausted. He sat down on the top step outside the storage company’s offices and let the sunshine soak into his aching muscles. It wasn’t even nine o’clock yet and his body ached as much as if he’d worked for an entire day in the yard. Not that he had a yard anymore either.
Fuck! His life was a huge pile of steaming shit right now. But did he really need to run away? His employer had terminated him, his apartment’s owner had cancelled his lease, and a few powerful people were baying for his blood. Surely they’d all be satisfied as long as he kept a really low profile for a few months? He’d thought maybe he’d go down to Florida and be a beach bum for a couple months. Hell knows he needed a rest. A place to stay with no pressure, no hate, no antagonism. Somewhere he could relax. Likely he’d pick up some work down there as a barman or something.
Fuck it! This is my home. I don’t want to go to Florida! All I need is a fucking shower, some clean clothes, and a place where I can relax. The gay bath house would be fine.
Then Charles shuddered. The last time he’d been to the bath house he hadn’t even had a chance to go for a swim before a group of men were yelling at him and abusing him for his actions.
I should have spoken more politely. I should have moderated my words and been more conciliatory. But I refuse to change my mind. Posting a video of a naked five-year-old on YouTube was sheer stupidity and the parents who did it deserved to be told their actions were begging for a pedophile to come looking for their kid. I did the right thing and I’d do again even if I knew in advance the trouble it’d bring me.
Charles stared at his cell phone. The airport or the bath house? Safety, or a shower and a rest?

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/touching-his-man