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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Beach Boys are here at last!

At Two Waters Beach love is in the air all year round. Craig and Seth's story takes place in Summer.

"The Beach Boys: Summer" (MM)

Craig Darnell and Seth Tyler are both on holidays at Two Waters beach. The moment they meet, the lust between them is instant and fiercely hot. Sex at the beach, in the woods, in the sauna…When they take a break from having sex they discover they have many interests in common and begin to build a relationship outside the bedroom.
Just when they are beginning to evolve from sex partners into a genuine relationship, their romance is interrupted when Seth is called back to the school where he teaches, for a staff meeting about an unexpected school consolidation. Seth is shattered when he and most of his colleagues find themselves suddenly unemployed. His well-ordered life has come to a crashing halt, along with his vacation—and perhaps his romance. Is this the end for both of them? Was it nothing but a vacation fling after all?

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-summer


Seth’s mind wasn’t on the glorious weather or the golfers. He had something else that was tugging at his mind. “When did you get your Prince Albert and what made you decide to do it?” he asked.

Craig had a moment of uncertainty, wondering if Seth didn’t like it. But that was ridiculous. Seth had made it very clear in bed that he did like it. However, they hadn’t been together very long yet, and he had to ask.
“It doesn’t bother you, does it?”
Seth patted his shoulder. “Hell no. I like it. It’s just that since we’re going to be here for a while unless those people up ahead develop genuine golfing skills really fast, I thought I’d ask. I expect there’s a story behind it.”
“There’s not a story, really. I suppose it’s more a sign of me accepting myself.” Once again he stopped. Craig hadn’t really explained it to himself before, far less to another person, and he wanted to do it properly. Seth was becoming increasingly important to him, and he wanted to be sure he was always honest and truthful with his lover, even when he had to decide what the answer really was for himself first.
“There’s no rush. Take your time.”
Craig grinned at Seth. That was another thing he loved about the man. Seth always seemed to understand him. He was caring and patient, never pressuring Craig. Well, except in bed. They both always seemed to be in a hurry to fuck.
“I need to go back a long way, more than ten years. I always knew I was more interested in men than women, but I hadn’t really categorized myself as gay yet. I suppose I thought it might be a passing stage, or that maybe I was going to be bisexual.”
Seth was watching him, smiling and nodding, accepting him as a person. Craig had the distinct impression that Seth always would accept him, no matter what he said.
“One evening a group of my friends and I all went to a gay bar. For most of them, I think it was kind of curiosity. They wanted to look at the people there and…I don’t know. Not understand them, precisely, but maybe something along those lines. See where they were coming from, perhaps?”
“I do understand what you mean. I was like that the first time I went to a gay bar myself. It was more than mere curiosity. It was almost as if I wanted to see if I belonged there,” said Seth.
Craig smiled at Seth and wished he could hug him. Likely no one would complain, but they were out on an open golf course and there were kids around so likely it wouldn’t be a good idea.
“That’s it exactly. I did feel at home there, although not at first. I was surprised by the rampant sexuality. Men were blatantly kissing and hugging, even touching each other, and it opened my mind and my eyes. Of course it only took me about five minutes to realize that men kissed and hugged and touched women all the time in every other bar I’d ever been to. But it was just the difference of seeing two men doing it.”
“And then you realized you wanted to do some kissing and hugging and touching yourself?” asked Seth.
“Hell yes. I’d like to do some right now.” Craig stopped and took a deep breath. Getting arrested wasn’t part of his plan for this vacation.
“But how did that lead to the piercing?”
“Don’t rush me. I’m getting there.”
Seth laughed and stood up. The four men ahead of them had finally finished playing the hole and moved on.
As they walked across the grassy slope, Craig said, “I looked around at tattoos and piercings, but I teach high school, as you know. I really wanted something that was my secret. Something that was truly mine. Oh, sure, lovers would know about it. Even other men in the school bathroom maybe. But I didn’t want something like an arm tattoo that everyone in the street would know about. I thought for a long time before I made my decision and I’m still very happy with it.”
“Hell yes. I’m very happy with it as well.”
This time Craig did give Seth a quick hug. Damn, he loved that man so much already. They were incredibly well suited to each other. It was amazing how perfectly their thoughts, hopes, plans, and ideas meshed, even after such a short time together. Craig was really looking forward to getting to know Seth better and better as time passed.
“What about you? Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo or a piercing?”
Seth put his ball on the tee, ready to take his shot. “Like you, I don’t really want something everyone can see. I like to wear short-sleeved shirts for work in summer. As you would know from my tan, I don’t wear much clothing in the hottest weather at all. So no matter where I got the tattoo, people would be able to see it. I’m not really into jewelry, so an ear piercing, or an eyebrow ring, or a nose stud, isn’t really me either.”
Seth’s shot was good, bouncing and landing on the green near the next hole.
Craig concentrated on doing his best, but he must have been distracted by thinking about Seth, because his ball landed right on the very edge of the green. “Damn.”
“You’ll just have to admit I’m a better golfer than you,” Seth teased him.
“That’s not hard.” As soon as he said it, Craig cock stretched and grew. Damn. He couldn’t even play golf without wanting to fuck Seth.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-summer


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