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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The final beach boy is out today!

The Beach Boys: Spring (MM) ADULT EXCERPT

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 18th

Langley Gairdner is an attorney for the prestigious firm, Blackmore’s, disillusioned with his work trying to help criminals. Vidal Brookes aims to be extremely rich but he has a heart attack at age thirty. They’re both stuck at Two Waters beach, and bored. Playing golf fills an hour or two but nothing eases Vidal’s bitterness about his health and his grumpiness about everything in general, including the beard Lang has decided to grow, and his very long hair.
Sheer boredom propels them into each other’s company. Lang begins to see the ascerbic wit under Vidal’s complaining exterior, and Vidal appreciates Lang’s serenity about things that can’t be changed. Except his hair and beard. Vidal’s determined Lang will visit a barber as soon as he can arrange it.
As they spend time together, the next step, into bed, is inevitable. But will there ever be real understanding and genuine friendship between them? Lang will return to work soon and Vidal’s determined to do the same.

Adult Excerpt

Lang was used to maintaining a calm and amenable fa├žade no matter what anyone said to him or did in his presence. It was part of the all-encompassing chess game that was the legal profession. However, he liked to be in control in his private life, and that meant that he was usually the top. Right now, it was clear that Vidal planned to top him. It was also very obvious that Vidal had no comprehension of “slow” or “measured.”
If this kept up, he would have a second heart attack for sure. Lang wasn’t prepared to try to stop him, but there were other ways to demonstrate how sex could be, and he’d do that as soon as he got an opportunity. Not now, though.
Vidal had him flat on his belly, his briefs ripped off, and a thick finger deep in his ass before he could say, “Slow down a bit.”
Still moving at the same breakneck speed, Vidal was sitting astride him, forcing his dick into Lang’s back door. Lang breathed out and waited as Vidal pushed his way in, and then rose onto his hands and knees, encouraging Vidal to move with him.
Vidal groaned, gripped Lang’s hips and started pumping. He slammed in and out of Lang so fast that Lang really was concerned about Vidal’s health, but he was also incredibly aroused. He wanted this fucking, and he wanted Vidal. He’d just planned to be on top and move at one tenth Vidal’s speed.
Predictably, Vidal came with a shout and then collapsed over Lang’s back. Only Vidal’s heaving breaths and thudding heart against his skin prevented Lang from worrying about him. Gently, he rolled Vidal off, took the tube of lube from the nightstand, and lay beside the sweating, heavily breathing man.
“Now I’ll teach you how good sex can be,” he whispered into Vidal’s ear.
He coated two fingers with lube, kneeled between Vidal’s legs, and pushed them over his own shoulders.
Slowly and carefully, he massaged around Vidal’s muscle ring, noticing Vidal’s shocked face and then his acceptance. Lang was sure if Vidal hadn’t just come and been out of breath there’d have been complaints and refusals, but right now, he wasn’t in a good place to object.
Nevertheless, Langley deliberately took his time, making sure Vidal was fully open and ready before he picked up one of the condoms, rolled it over his still-erect and unfulfilled dick, slathered it with lube, and pushed it at Vidal’s prepared rosette.
Vidal groaned and gripped his arms, but Lang pressed deeper, sliding inside until he was fully absorbed into the heat that was Vidal’s rear channel. “Ah, that feels so good. Hot and tight, just the way I like it.”
He rotated his hips, letting the head of his cock search for Vidal’s prostate and slide over it once, and then again. Lang watched as Vidal’s dick, which had been completely limp, twitched and hardened a little.
“That’s just a hint. It’ll get even better soon.”
He withdrew until only the head of his cock was still inside Vidal, and even though he longed to do exactly as Vidal had done, slamming in and out and coming fast and furiously, he purposely moved slowly, thoughtfully, varying his strokes and his pacing, never being predictable, and gradually cranking up the tension between them. Lang’s own dick was so hard it ached to come. His balls were drawn up tight against his body, but he wasn’t ready to explode just yet. Vidal needed to learn that slow could be much better than fast.
He scraped his fingernails over Vidal’s inner thighs and pinched his nipples. Only then did he lean forward and kiss Vidal, making sure the bristles of his beginning beard scraped across the other man’s cheeks. As he’d expected Vidal’s black eyebrows rose almost to his hairline and his eyes opened wide.
Very deliberately he rotated his hips again, pinging Vidal’s prostrate once more, before stroking in and out of Vidal’s ass slightly faster and harder this time. Already, Vidal’s cock was hard again, and Lang smiled gently at him. “Are you starting to gain an appreciation for slow sex now?”
Vidal just grunted, but Lang was content with that. The man might not acknowledge it, but his cock was answering for him. And speaking of cocks, Lang’s was about to burst. He’d gone slowly for about as long as he could. Lang’s control was excellent. Years in the court room had taught him to maintain rigid discipline of every part of his body, not just his mouth. Getting a hard-on for one of the witnesses was just as likely to result in him being thrown out of court as being rude to the judge.
But still, it was time to increase the speed here. Lang gripped Vidal’s hips and pumped in and out faster now, but still made sure his dick penetrated right to the balls on every stroke. Every once in a while he swiveled his hips, knowing exactly where Vidal’s prostate was and determined to send the man screaming into a second release.
Just when Langley knew he couldn’t last a moment longer, Vidal reached down to tug his own cock, and it erupted everywhere. Lang sighed and let his own dick explode into the condom, slamming in and out twice more as his cum spurted hard. Only then did he lean heavily over Vidal’s body and kiss him.
Vidal grabbed his face, held him still, and thrust his tongue in and out of Lang’s mouth. Lang copied him, tangling their tongues together, and rolling their bodies onto their sides, not wanting to lean his weight on the other man for too long.
When they broke apart, he said, “See how much better the second time was?”
“Only because the first time had taken the edge off,” replied Vidal.
Lang grinned at him and Vidal grinned back.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-spring


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