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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On sale for 99 cents!!

An asthmatic unwilling to relax enough to enjoy life, two men hell-bent on putting their stamp on her, an embezzler who wants to keep what he has stolen, and the ghost of a murdered girl. Will an endless night of passion with Finn and Simeon be pure pleasure, or only make Tia’s life more complex and messy than it already is?
Tia agrees to a night of unbelievably hot sex with Finn and Simeon, and is beginning to think she may have a future with them. Especially when the ghost makes her realize that her asthma is not nearly as bad as it used to be.
But the two men are so protective they don’t want her to help the ghost. And Tia never breaks her promises. Will frequent acrobatic sex be a solution or just add to the complexity?

Chatting happily, they travelled up to the apartment on the seventeenth floor and served themselves food on the plates Simeon had laid out ready and waiting for them. Simeon had beer and soda set out, but Tia requested plain water.
For ten minutes conversation was sporadic as they enjoyed the excellent food, and then Tia sat back in her chair and rested her hands on her stomach.
“Oh my, I think I ate too much. But it was very good.”
The men’s eyes focused on her hands. Suddenly the atmosphere was very hot as lust burned in their eyes.
“Can I rub your tummy for you?” Finn’s voice was husky with desire.
“I want to help, too.” Simeon was out of his chair and approached her like a leopard on the prowl for its dinner.
Finn pulled her to her feet and turned her to face Simeon so he could unzip the back of the bronze dress.
Simeon ran his fingers through her hair and undid the clasp holding the twist on her head. He laid it on the table, then gently threaded his hands through the long golden strands, massaging her scalp and untangling the knots that had worked their way into her hair.
Tia shivered with lust. The looks on their faces, the heat in their eyes, the touch of their fingers on her, it was all combining to drive the tension in her belly higher

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