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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OUT TODAY Possessive Passions book 3 Ultimate Possession

“Ultimate Possession” blurb:
Kiri is abducted by two men who tie her up and demand she have sex with them. If she satisfies them they’ll marry her. Kiri is terrified, but angry. When one of them orders her to suck him she threatens to bite his cock off.
The men reveal themselves as George and Wang, brothers she has loved for years. They were testing her love for them. She’s still angry, but understands they had to be certain of her feelings, while not approving of their methods. What follows is a night of intensely passionate sex, as the men claim her over and over again.
Kiri soon settles into her new life, but now Anh is very lonely. Kiri wants her to have days of romance and fun, and nights filled with never-ending orgasms, too.

STORY excerpt

Kiri woke to a pounding headache, a mouth that tasted of old socks, and the knowledge that she was still blindfolded, bound, and gagged. Tentatively, she pulled on her arms, then her legs, but they were tied tightly, and she had no wiggle room. She had no room to kick either, although her legs were together, not spread-eagle, so there was the potential for kicking in her future if they untied her.
Her heart pounded in time with her head as she tried to use her few remaining senses to work out where she was. And why. Kiri held her breath and listened. Her head was still throbbing, but she was pretty sure there was not much noise around her. No music or talking, so no TV or radio playing. She had no feeling of being watched, so presumably her captors were not in this room with her. Also, she noted with satisfaction, there was a faint grayness visible through her blindfold, so either there were lights on in the room or else she’d been out cold all night and it was now morning.
If it truly was morning, people would be looking for her. Her mother and three fathers, her two brothers, her best friend Anh—all of them would miss her. Also, Grandfather Lim who expected her to bring him his library books to read after dinner. Shiloah and Orna had asked her to collect a parcel of rose hips for special delivery first thing in the morning, so they would miss her, too. Which meant a huge posse of people from New Thimphu would be scouring the countryside for her if it was the next morning. If it was still evening, not so much. Her family would assume she was with her friends, and Grandfather Lim would think she was with her family and had forgotten about him.
Kiri pressed her body down against the surface she was lying on. It was soft and comfortable. She was wearing jeans and a sweater, so she couldn’t feel textures against her skin, but it felt as if it were a bed. She twisted her head from side to side. I reckon that’s a pillow. By pushing her body up, she could feel the edge of it against her shoulders. Yep a pillow. So I’m on a bed.
Kiri wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t very sexually experienced either. Her culture was not quite as free as in the outside world, but even in New Thimphu, it was rare for a woman to be a virgin at twenty-five. Men always had to ask a woman’s permission before taking her, but most girls were keen to experiment at least a little. Every drug store sold condoms even though children were desired and cherished.
Why am I tied up? Is it because I’ve made no secret of the fact I care for George and Wang? So why not simply ask me for a date or find an unattached woman? There are plenty of single girls around.
Kiri’s head pounded harder as she tried to make sense of being held here. I’d kill for an ice-cold soda right now.
Kiri felt air moving then heard several pairs of feet, and that rough, foreign voice said, “Aha, you’re awake. Would you like me to take off the gag? No one will hear if you scream, but we don’t need you giving us an earache.”
Kiri nodded. Her throat was so dry she needed a cold drink, and maybe she’d give screaming a go even though they said no one could hear. But definitely a drink first.
There was a faint noise of whispering then feet and hands moved around her. Were there three men or two? She wasn’t sure.
As soon as the gag was removed, she asked hoarsely, “Water, please.”
A straw was pushed into her mouth, and she sucked down some tepid water. She gulped too fast and started to cough. The straw was withdrawn until she stopped coughing then placed in her mouth again, and she drank more slowly.
“Who are you? Where am I? Why have you kidnapped me?”
“You haven’t been kidnapped, you’ve been abducted. Our people always abduct their brides for a night of hot sex before they marry. You know this, as well as we do.”
“But I don’t want to marry you! Everyone knows I want to marry George and Wang.”



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