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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scarlet Lovers: Sex and Sin


It’s about sex and sin and being who you want to be.

Awesome erotic romance author Amarinda Jones and I have written six hot little stories for you in the Scarlet Lovers anthology out NOW!

“Hot”: Gwyn’s moved down to the beach to live. She, Zac, and Parker had a hot thing going all those summers and once again the sex is awesome. But then she gets a series of legal letters about her house, her garden, and her lifestyle. Clearly, someone doesn’t want her here.
“Wet”: Some expensive equipment goes missing from the golf course where Zac’s a groundsman and he’s stood down from his job. Parker and Gwyn try to soothe him with mind-boggling sex, and help him search for the missing equipment. Their love sustains him, but who hates him?
“Wild”: Parker hopes the three of them can move in together and be a real family, so he and Zac buy the house next to Gwyn, to join the properties. Meanwhile, someone tried to poison Julie’s dog. Who is behind the harassment? Will they ever all be together for more than the occasional wild night?

Buy Link: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-scarletlovers-593387-144.html


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