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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Commitment! A short Lesbian Holiday romance

Blurb: "Happy Commitment"
Damaris has loved Larnie for a long time. Larnie welcomes Damaris’ advances, but is unwilling to commit to a true relationship. After a night of excellent sex Larnie explains why she is acting this way. Can this holiday season bring a change in Larnie’s attitudes?


Damaris lay in bed, holding Larnie's luscious body hard against hers. She loved Larnie with every ounce of her being, but their relationship -- if it could even be called a relationship! -- was going nowhere.
It wasn't exactly that Larnie was commitment-shy, more that Larnie didn't even see the need for commitment. Oh, Damaris was certain Larnie wasn't sleeping with anyone else -- and nor was she -- but while Damaris' idea of heaven was Larnie in her arms, just like this, every night for the rest of their lives, Larnie wanted… What did Larnie want? Hell if she knew! Not some kind of formal commitment anyway.
Damaris let her hand slide over Larnie's skin. It was so soft and sweet. She buried her nose in Larnie's hair, inhaling its tangy apple scent. Whenever she smelled apples it always reminded her of Larnie.
Larnie was relaxed in her arms, but Damaris was almost certain the woman she loved wasn't asleep. So Damaris moved her hand slowly over Larnie's ribs, up higher to cup a warm breast. Larnie's breasts were just the perfect size to hold and suck. For a moment Damaris wished they were facing each other so she could pull a berry-brown nipple into her mouth and suck on it. Instead, she rolled it between her fingers, feeling it grow longer and harder under her attentions.
Damaris pressed her cunt, already creaming with desire, against Larnie's rounded ass, rubbing gently. She wanted Larnie again. Wanted to push her fingers deep into Larnie's hot little cunt, to twirl them up until she pressed on that slightly rougher bit of skin filled with nerve endings, and drive Larnie wild by holding her on the edge of climax until they were both exploding with need.
Right now Damaris concentrated on Larnie's breasts. Larnie had such hot, highly sensitive nipples, it was sometimes possible to give her a climax just by stimulating them. Oh, not always, but if she could tease Larnie, just right...

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