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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays. My Holiday gift to y'all

“Tasting the Holidays”: Blurb:

Marianne is addicted to all things Christmas. She's also addicted to the totally yummy James, but he just doesn't understand the importance of the holiday. Is he teachable?

Happy Christmas, honey.”
James leaned in for a gentle kiss, then couldn’t resist deepening it, pulling her against his aching dick, and showing her just how much he wanted her.
Finally he broke the kiss just seconds before he would have passed out for lack of oxygen.
“Maybe we’d better continue this inside,” he suggested, breathing heavily.
“Good plan.” She stepped back to let him enter.
He kicked the door shut behind himself, then pulled her back into his arms. She felt so good there, so much a part of himself. His tongue dived into her mouth again, tasting her, sliding along the insides of her cheeks, behind her teeth, across the roof of her mouth. She was so damn delicious. Honey, nectar, and ambrosia all rolled together into one magnificent woman.
James gripped her hips, grinding his aching dick against her pelvis. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait a moment longer. “I want you so much.”
“I always want you,” she whispered.
And that was true. She was always ready and wet for him, so accommodating, so loving and giving. Damn he was one hell of a lucky man.
James flipped her over his shoulder, one hand holding the voluptuous curve of her ass as he jogged down the hallway to her bedroom.
It was a welcoming room, without being girly. The comforter was a deep gold, the rug bronze, and there was a painting of a field of sunflowers in full bloom on the wall opposite the bed.
But right now the only thing he wanted to see was Marianne naked. He swung her upright and dropped them both onto the bed, his lips locked to hers. Their bodies bounced a little bit on the mattress, then he slid one leg between hers, held her face in both hands and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

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Happy Holidays!


  1. hot - and fun! i enjoyed reading this. thanks for posting. readers who may be interested in learning about the sometimes dark and secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.

  2. This website is Great!!!!!

    Vincenzo Zappa

  3. Thank you, Vincenzo. I hope you enjoyed my little story.