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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Emeralds anyone? Oh, and a psychic.

“Emerald: Protecting You”: Blurb AJ has psychic abilities and knows that Drew is her soul mate. But bisexual Drew flits from partner to partner. At the moment he’s with Kristien, and Kristien is very much in love with Drew. AJ can’t bear the thought that the only way for her to achieve happiness is to break Kristien’s heart. She invites them both to join her and her friends at the beach for a few days, hoping to get closer to Drew. A rocky wall calls to her, and when she climbs up she explores a cave and is led to three stones: an onyx, symbolizing herself, an emerald, the stone she considers to represent Drew, and amber, which is Kristien’s stone. What does it all mean? PG EXCERPT Drew knew AJ wanted him, and he was attracted to her. But now, when he'd finally found out Kristien was okay with that plan, AJ still didn't seem to understand this was going to be a ménage. She appeared to think she had to wait until he and Kris parted. And her with the psychic powers, as Kristien had just pointed out. "Maybe her powers don't work on herself?" he suggested. "No that can't be right because she always carries that paperweight with the emerald in it, and that clearly signifies you." "Well maybe we should buy her another paperweight. One that points to you as well." "Hey that's a good idea. Edmund and Utah bought her the emerald paperweight when they were at Rocky Point Beach, so we can do it while we're there. But how will we know which paperweight signifies me? Assuming the store still sells them even. That was what, six, nine months ago now." "It's a tourist thing. It'll still be selling them. Your eyes are hazel. I don't really know what stone that would be. Peridot maybe? Or topaz? Or even amber? Edmund said the paperweight called to him, the same way the aquamarine that Mavis always wears around her neck called to him. So we'll go look at the paperweights and see what calls to us." "But if it's to make AJ understand, shouldn't it be calling to her?" asked Kristien. "Hmm. I didn't think of that. Well, we'll go look and if that doesn't work, we'll take her and all go together." "Sounds like a plan." "I have a better plan. You, me in bed." "That's not very adventurous. How about you, me and a couple of butt plugs." "Only if I can play with your butt plug as I suck you." Drew's voice caught as the image hit him full force. Both of them, their asses stuffed full with a butt plug. Both of them with their lips wrapped around a hot cock. He groaned as his cock pressed hard against his zipper, trying to force its way out of his jeans. "Let's do it. Right now," he added. Kristien took the few steps necessary to come up hard against Drew, grinding his own engorged dick against Drew's. Two layers of fabric between them was torture, though. Drew grabbed Kristien's belt and unbuckled it, then lowered Kristien's zipper carefully. "Don't want to damage anything important," he gasped. "Hell, no." Kristien was mirroring Drew's actions, unbuckling Drew's belt, unsnapping Drew's top button, then unzipping the front of Drew's jeans. Drew slid his hand over Kristien's hard belly, down over the soft brown curls, and wrapped his fist around Kristien's engorged cock. The shaft was rock-hard and warm, the head red with need, and there was a tiny pearl of pre-come in the eye. Slowly Drew tugged his fist up Kristien's shaft, then slid it all the way to the root, only to tug up again. Then he added his other hand, wringing the cock gently in alternate directions. "Oh, god, stop! Let's take this into the bedroom so I can play with you too." Buy link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=78_89&products_id=3567 The characters from “Aquamarine: Courage and Comfort” return in this book. Berengaria

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