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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three men. It doesn't get much better than this!

“Suck it Up” blurb

Unwillingly attending a company team bonding day, Taylor would rather be spending his time actually working. The team-building does have the advantage of letting him watch Scott and Fergus, two other gay men who work for the company. When they're told to break into small groups and tell each other something deep and meaningful, Taylor naturally gravitates to the two men.
With the suggestion of lust as a topic, and an invitation back to Fergus' place for a more in-depth (and hands-on) study, Taylor's team-bonding day is looking up! 

PG Excerpt
As he walked, he looked all around. He'd ambled through the garden at the very start of the day just to kill time. It was a pretty place, with seats under big trees, and a fountain in the center. But he wanted to be somewhere he could see the people around them. He really didn't want to be overheard if things did get beyond the surface. In particular he didn't want anyone to hear him say, "Let's fuck". Assuming he had enough courage to even ask the question. And assuming Fergus and Taylor didn't laugh themselves into hysterics if he did say it.
He kept walking to the very end of the garden. There was a low stone wall there and they could sit in the corner, more or less facing each other, yet still see anyone approaching them. Perfect.
So, how was he going to do this? How could the conversation be turned around to, "Well, we're all gay and I've never had two men at once, so let's do it?" Somehow, I don't think that line'll work.
They shuffled around almost silently, seating themselves on the wall. Scott thought Taylor looked worried. He almost wanted to reach out and touch the man, to reassure Taylor that they could fake their report and not talk about anything personal unless everyone wanted to. He was glad he hadn't spoken, when Fergus said in a conversational, although quiet, tone, "Since we're supposed to be deep and meaningful and all warm and fuzzy right now, I suggest we talk about lust. Lust is a good topic."
"Lust?" gasped Taylor. Scott felt exactly how Taylor looked. As though someone had kicked him in the balls.
"That bossy chick isn't going to ask us for chapter and verse on what we discussed. Likely once we tell her the topic she'll move right on to the next group. Besides, it's what we're all thinking, isn't it? I mean, how likely was it that the three gay men in the company would just happen to form into a group for a half hour personal conversation? I only live twenty minutes' drive from here. I'd like you both to come back to my home when we finish this workshop today." 

Berengaria Brown

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