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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Werewolf for Halloween

“Werewolves Can’t Fly” continues the story from "Flight To Joy" but may be read as a stand-alone story.
"Flight to Joy": 

"Werewolves Can't Fly" blurb: 

Mermae joined Kade and Iain four months ago. Halloween is almost here and Iain, a werewolf, is desperate for them to commit to each other.
But how can they keep their secrets in a city? And if they move out of the city how will they earn money and live?
Iain asked werewolves Dwyer and Nelson, who live on a secure farm, if his family can bond there and run on Halloween. Dwyer and Nelson are thrilled Iain has found his third person and welcome them to a little hidden cabin.
The mating is wonderful, but all their other problems remain unresolved. Is there a solution to them?



They lay on their sides in bed, sweaty and relaxed, satiated, yet Iain wanted more. With Halloween so close now, he wanted to convince-- no, that's wasn't fair. All decisions had to be made freely. He wanted Mermae and Kade to understand how badly he needed them to mate, to commit to each other, so his wolf side would be fulfilled.
Hoping he could explain himself properly, Iain said, "Halloween is special to a werewolf."
"What, you're going to howl at the moon?" teased Mermae.
He tugged her closer to him. "You never know, I might. But I really will need to run properly that night, and I want you both to be beside me. Traditionally, we fuck, then run, then fuck again on Halloween."
Mermae slid up on an elbow so she could look into his face. "There's more than that, though, isn't there?"
"You're a very perceptive woman. Yes, there is. We usually fuck the first time as humans and the second time as wolves, but that can't happen in our triad. But the ritual, yeah I need to complete the ritual. I..." Iain broke off. He didn't want to pressure her, or Kade, although Kade knew a bit more about how important this all was to him.
"You want us to commit." Mermae spoke slowly yet firmly.
Iain rolled over and lay flat on his back staring at her face, trying to read the expression behind her eyes. He nodded. What if she turns me down? What if she isn't ready yet to take this step?
"Okay. Let's just go through this all again. You can bite me without turning me into a werewolf. You've bitten Kade and nothing's ever happened to him. Right?"
"Yes." Kade spoke at the same time as him. Iain was going to add more, but it was obvious Mermae was still thinking, so he waited for her to finish.
"The commitment is binding. Once we commit it's for life. Except that you're going to live a hell of a lot longer than Kade and me. Does this mean even after we die you can never commit to another two people?"
"Yes, it does. But I've been told in committed triads that include non-wolves, the humans tend to live quite a lot longer than regular humans. As you know, I've never lived in a pack. We were lone wolves. My three parents and twin brother were killed by hunters when I was a teenager and when I looked for a pack, they were all one male/one female packs, and much bigger than me and..." Once again he couldn't finish what he wanted to say. This was not the time to pull the pity card. Mermae had to decide for herself, not because of anything he said, but because she wanted to commit to him and Kade. 

 Perfect Halloween reading!

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