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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky suggestions for Halloween

After two hundred years as a werewolf, Dwyer is sure of one thing: gay were don't have mates. That bond is for male-female pairs alone. So when the scent of Nelson starts to drive Dwyer crazy, he's sure that the whisper of "mate" in his mind is just an unfortunate side effect cause by Halloween and the full moon. Besides, Nelson is all too human.

Nevertheless, Halloween night finds them taking a romantic stroll together. When an impulsive moment reveals Dwyer's true nature to Nelson, will their fledgling bond be snapped?

Nurzhan and Spyridion are ghosts. The only night they can become corporeal is All Hallow’s Eve, when they should be busy haunting. Hopefully, there will be some time for fun, as well. They’re determined to get to know each other much better on this one special night. But how can they live a whole year without touching each other again?

Septimus travels as an envoy across the land, seeking answers as to why his pack has had almost no female births in thirty years. The long, frustrating search pays off in a totally unexpected way when Septimus walks into a meeting with another pack and smells his mate.

Dai has given up on finding another gay shifter to be his life partner. The fierce lust and unexpected joy are intoxicating, but there's still a mystery to solve. What does old Richenda know? Could a wizard be involved? And even though duty calls, can a Samhain mating ritual somehow fit into the timetable? 

Mermae joined Kade and Iain four months ago. Halloween is almost here and Iain, a werewolf, is desperate for them to commit to each other. But how can they keep their secrets in a city? And if they move how will they earn money and live?
Seeking help from mated werewolves Dwyer and Nelson, Iain secures permission to run on Halloween at their secure farm and use their hidden cabin. The mating is wonderful, but all their other problems remain unresolved. Is there a solution for them?

Werewolves, ghosts, magic. Whatever your taste for Halloween, I can give you the right book to read.  ☺☺

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