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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Winter at the Beach but Love is still in the air

The Beach Boys are back! The Beach Boys: Winter (MM)

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 4th
Outrageously gay Hudson Smith owns Hudson’s Clothing Store at Two Waters Beach. He loves his job but he wishes he had a partner to love. Elliott Greene is shy and unassertive. He’s here at the beach for a week’s vacation in mid-winter because everyone else at work wanted the warm weather for their vacation time. Elliott is cold and Hudson invites him into the store to warm up. They drink tea and talk, getting to know each other. Elliott ends up remaining in the store with Hudson all day long as they begin to get to know each other and share their stories.
Hudson is very attracted to his shy, blushing guest, and is proud when Elliott proves there’s a smart brain and a gentle humor hidden behind the bland fa├žade. Meanwhile Elliott determines to follow his grandpop’s advice and stop being too nice to everyone and instead to ask for what he wants.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-winter


The family left and Hudson returned to rearranging his window. He ended up following a sort of rainbow theme, with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple items flowing across the display space.

He piled the stock which had been on display on the sales counter, and went outside to look at his window.

A man was staring at it, his shoulders hunched in a hooded sweatshirt and his hands tucked under his armpits.

“Are you cold, dahling? Come inside where it’s warmer,” said Hudson.

The man was probably waiting for his wife or kids, but he might as well warm up a little while he did so.

“Oh. I…um…thank you.”

“You’re welcome.

Hudson held the door open for him, grabbed the ladder and hurried out to the stockroom, flipping the switch on his tea kettle as he did.

Of course almost everyone preferred coffee to tea, but he was a tea drinker, particularly Earl Grey He really liked the light citrusy flavor and the uplifting feeling the tea gave him.

His guest had drifted to the men’s racks, looking at some sweatshirts, although not in the bright colors Hudson had put in the window. He was holding a black one right now. Oh well, Hudson hadn’t expected to sell him anything, just to offer him a few minutes inside in the warmth until his family had finished whatever they were doing.

He picked the little pink baseball cap up off the floor and put it back on the rack, and then took an armload of T-shirts that had been in the old window display and began hanging them where they belonged.

The man came over to him diffidently. “These sweatshirts are so thick and fleecy. They’re much nicer than the one I’m wearing. Is it okay if I try it on, please?”

“Sure. There’s a change room at the very back of the store, or you could just stand here in front of the mirror and try it.

The man blushed adorably. “I wasn’t planning to get undressed. I just didn’t want you to think I was stealing it when you’ve been so kind to me.”

“Not a problem, dahling. Let’s see if it’s a good fit for you.”

When he wasn’t hunched up with cold, he was rather good looking, Hudson thought. Two or even three inches taller than him and quite muscular as well. Not like a body-builder, but with strength and definition in his arms and chest. Hudson wished it was summer and he could see the man’s naked chest. He was sure it’d be worth giving a second look over or even a third. Hmm, oh yes, and touching him. That might be even more fun to do.

Hudson had an excellent gaydar and he was beginning to believe the man was gay. Which didn’t mean he was unattached, but hell, a man could dream.

Hudson walked behind his guest and smoothed the sweater across his back, tugging it down over his ass, and lightly brushing his hand over the man’s butt as he did so.

Hudson kept his gaze on the man’s face in the mirror, and although the blush deepened a shade, he didn’t flinch or move away. Breathing a little more heavily Hudson stepped closer behind him and smoothed his hands down the sleeves of the sweater.

“That looks very good on you. It’ll keep you nice and warm, dahling. My name’s Hudson. What’s yours?”

“Elliott. You’ve been very kind to me.”

“Are you on a schedule? If you could stay around for a while we could maybe have a cup of tea together. Or I could send out for a coffee for you if you don’t drink tea.”

“I usually drink coffee, but I’d like to have a cup of tea with you. But what about the store? Or did you mean after you shut?”

“Unfortunately it’s just me here in the winter, but we can still sit in the back room and talk. Maybe get to know each other a little.”

The man nodded firmly and patted the front of the sweater. “Let me just pay for this first. I want to leave it on. It fits well and it’s very warm.”

Hudson had visions of other ways of warming the man up, but he’d said he’d stay for a while to talk and that was an awesome starting point.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-winter

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