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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Beach Boys: Fall

At Two Waters Beach it's fall now and time for another MM romance.

Saber Crouch is ready to settle down and find his soulmate. But everyone at Two Waters beach where he is vacationing is already with a partner or a family. Until he sees Moses Sandler.
Moses doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a partner. He feels old and fat. His boyfriend left him and his sister told him he was likely to have a heart attack if he didn’t lose weight. Despite all this Moses can’t help being drawn to Saber.
The attraction between them is undeniable, even though Moses can’t believe he’s worthy of the attention of such a handsome, fit man as Saber. Nevertheless they progress at the speed of light from meeting, to touching, to bed. Not that they actually reach the bed. The sand is much closer and all they need is a flat surface.
Moses is very afraid this is going to be a one-night stand. Or, at the most, a few days’ fling.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-fall

Adult Excerpt

They swam up and down beside the sandbar for a while longer, and Moses felt himself gaining confidence as they splashed and hung out together.
Saber duck-dived into the water and picked up a piece of seaweed and threw it at Moses. “Catch!”
“What the fuck? I thought you didn’t like getting water in your ears.”
“I don’t.”
“Well how about seaweed in your ears?” Moses threw the wet blob back at Saber, deliberately aiming at the side of his head.
Saber grinned widely, his blue eyes flashing in the sunlight and Moses knew it was game on.
For the next five minutes they wrestled each other in and out of the water. The seaweed drifted away, and Saber’s hat came off. Moses threw it onto the sandbar, but Saber didn’t go after it. Instead he used Moses’s distraction, to wrap his leg around Moses’s calves and flip him over.
Moses sank under the water, gulping a mouthful of ocean before getting his feet under himself again and bending down to grab Saber’s hips. Somehow he ended up with his hand hooked through the waistband of Saber’s board shorts and he brushed across a very impressive erection. Instantly his own dick went hard and he stood up straight looking into Saber’s eyes.
“Yes. I want you. And you want me, too.”
Moses nodded. His body was burning with lust even though he was chest-deep in water and hardly knew this man. But he did know he wanted him.
Saber pulled Moses hard against himself and ground his cock across Moses’s dick.
Heat and lust raced through Moses and he rubbed back, wrapping his arms around Saber just under the waterline for privacy. If there could even be such a thing as privacy on a public beach in the middle of the day. Moses couldn’t resist sliding his palm inside Saber’s board shorts and cupping the blond’s taut ass. Actually gripping the hard cock pressing into his own dick would have been even better but he liked being jammed against this semi-stranger too much to step back even to hold his cock.
And then all the air was sucked from his lungs as his board shorts were pushed off his hips and a big hand grabbed his dick and began methodically stroking it from root to tip.
“Sh. No one can tell what’s going on under the water. I’d like to kiss you as well, but people could see that. Right now, no one on the beach can see anything more than our heads, and anyone on a boat won’t be coming this close to the sandbar so we’re safe.”
“Safe?” Moses could barely gasp the word out as Saber gave a wicked little twist to his hand that almost made him come on the spot. But then he realized that two could play this game as well. He gripped the ass he was holding tighter and used both hands to massage the taut muscles there, before sliding a tentative finger into Saber’s butt crack.
Instantly Saber widened his legs, and tugged harder on Moses’s cock. Moses wanted to do more. To touch Saber more intimately, but he was going to come any moment now and he was struggling to believe that he was even doing this with a man he’d only known for half an hour and on a tourist beach where dozens of people were only a few hundred yards away from them.
He teased a finger around Saber’s back door, and slid it just inside the tight muscle ring and then groaned as cum burst out of his cock all over his belly and Saber’s hand.
Moses’s entire body jerked in release, half of his reaction delight and the other half astonishment that he was even doing this. And then he concentrated on Saber. This man, this almost stranger, had pleasured him and deserved equal treatment.
Moses took hold of Saber’s cock, running his fingernails over the head and across the ridge where the cockhead and shaft joined. At the same tome he pressed his finger deeper into Saber’s ass, and twisted his digit, feeling for the hard little ball of Saber’s prostate gland.
“Shit!” Saber exploded over his hand before he even realized he’d been successful.
Quickly he pulled Saber tighter against his body and held him as he shook.
Saber gripped his face and possessed his lips in a quick, harsh kiss, and then they moved a little apart to rise off in the water surrounding them.
“Let’s sit on the sand bar and talk. It’s time we got acquainted,” said Saber.
Moses just stared at him. “I reckon we just got acquainted, but yes.”
It was only then he remembered his overweight belly and wondered if, once Saber saw him properly, he’d regret what they’d done and not want to spend any more time with him.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-fall

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