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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas starts today!!

Berengaria Brown says, “The best part of the holidays is watching little children’s faces light up with joy as they see their gifts.”

EVERY DAY until Christmas a different author will be visiting my blog and telling you what Chrismas/the holidays means to them.
Every day there will be a new cover, blurb and excerpt for your reading enjoyment.
The books will be across all genres, so whatever your reading tastes, you're certain to find something you like. Maybe 25 somethings you like!

Today I am leading off with "Vivienne's Vacation" which is released TODAY!!

"Vivienne’s Vacation": blurb

Vivienne is a divorced 40-year-old social worker who wants to taste some of the more extreme sexual experiences the young women she works with have enjoyed. But she wants to do it in a safe way with men who can guarantee her excellent orgasms. So she signs a contract with Superior Vacations for some two men/one woman ménages, some light BDSM, and to watch some male/male sex. At the end of her vacation Vivi has made some important decisions about what she wants to do with the rest of her life.
After she goes back home Vivi is determined to find a fulfilling sexual relationship. She meets two much younger men, Boyd and Ryan, who have set up a farm for homeless and disenchanted young adults. There the young people find support and learn life skills, but will there be a happy ending for Vivi?


As a youth social worker, Vivienne had helped many homeless teenage girls to gain life skills and job skills. But part of listening to them and mentoring them involved hearing their stories. And although not one of the girls she worked with was legally old enough to have sex, their experience astounded her. In fact, it was harder and harder for her to offer relevant advice as she could scarcely even imagine some of the situations these young girls put themselves in.
I’m turning into a staid old prude. Just because I’m divorced doesn’t mean I can’t have sex anymore.
But I don’t want a one-night stand with a guy I meet at a party or something like these kids do.
I want safety, boundaries, to experience what I’ve missed out on—not boring, average sex.
A week of evenings spent trolling the internet gave Vivi a list of things she wanted to do and the names of several companies who provided such services—for a fee.
So here she was in a four-star hotel in a different state on a two-week vacation. She had four specific sexual experiences planned with a day off between each to recover and an intimate piercing booked on day nine, leaving her with a few days to heal from it before going home.
“And yum, the first taste of two men was very, very successful,” she said, toasting Adam and Ben with her coffee cup. “Those guys were truly delicious. Hunky but caring. And very, very good at their job. And my first real-life look at and taste of an uncircumcised cock was interesting, too.”
Vivi shivered and sank down deeper in the tub with the thought of tomorrow.
Two men simultaneously. Anal and vaginal. Caleb and David.
“Adam, Ben, Caleb, David. Then Eli, Frank, and George. Strictly alphabetical, so I can’t forget who’s next. I wonder if they have trouble remembering who they are.” She laughed.
Well, Adam and Ben had been worth every cent of their fee.
Vivi’s marriage had been fine, nothing outstanding but good enough. She and her college boyfriend had married right after graduation. The sex had been okay, not earth-shattering, but mostly she’d gotten orgasms out of it. Then they had both concentrated on their careers. And one day, they’d realized they had nothing in common anymore, nothing even to talk about.
After the divorce, Vivi had continued to focus on her career, loving her work with teens, teaching them to cook and to budget, to drive a car, helping improve their literacy and numeracy skills, and providing them with techniques on how to succeed in an interview for a job.
She’d even had a couple of boyfriends, but her hours were crazy, and it seemed like she always had to be in hospital or in court with one of the girls whenever a big date night was scheduled.
This system was much better. This way she got hot sex guaranteed with the experiences she wanted and no danger.
Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/viviennes-vacation
Berengaria Brown


  1. Sounds like my kind of book...the woman is in control of her own sexuality, and knows how to ask for what she wants. Of course in reality-land, having no money, I'd have to probably bake for the guys or something!