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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's Guest is Anny Cook with Blue Paradise

Anny Cook said:

In my family, Christmas decorations and presents weren’t of major importance. For us, Christmas centered around our church and religious observations of the season. In particular, the Christmas pageant was one of the most exciting events of the season. Schools didn’t have “seasonal” presentations back then—churches did.
Over time that changed. By the time my oldest daughter was in fourth grade, her elementary school had a big Christmas pageant planned. The school had no space large enough to hold the pageant so it was held in the high school auditorium. The program was creative and joyous and enjoyed by all the parents and families.

Near the end of the evening, teachers dressed as reindeer took the stage with a rollicking skit and song. As I was enjoying it, awareness of a shuffle and hiss crept in and I realized the children were silently lining the walls around the auditorium.

And then something magical happened.

The lights went out. A deep silence filled the huge room with anticipation. One young voice soared in the darkness.
"Let there be peace on earth..." A tiny light flicked on lighting her face.
A few more voices joined in...just a few from points all around us. "And let it begin with me…"
More lights. More voices. Until we were ringed in light and earnest small voices singing about peace on earth. Every year the memory of that evening fills my heart with both joy and sorrow. Sorrow because we still wait for peace. And joy because we still dare to hope.

Blue Paradise Blurb:

When ex-soldier Poussé receives an unexpected job offer from the mysterious Waterloo Group, she doesn’t question the providential timing. Twelve hours later she wishes she had when she’s captured by two sexy blue-skinned warriors—Jonson and Mali of Mystic Valley.

Mali and Jonson make her an offer she can’t refuse—become their bond mate. Positive she can use the new relationship to escape, Poussé accepts, but she doesn’t count on the physical changes the bonding creates or her constant desire for Jonson and Mali. Their tender touches, hot kisses and even hotter sex get under her skin—which is turning blue! As they pursue other escaped team members, she learns real love and desire have no color barriers and carnal games are best indulged in with two hot bond mates.

Blue Paradise Excerpt:

"Place your hands on the ground above your head,” a deep voice murmured in her ear. A rash of goose bumps pebbled her neck when his warm breath washed over her cold skin.
Poussé mentally shuffled through several options as she muttered, “Yeah, yeah. Give me a minute here. You’re squashing me.” The man was too heavy for her to dislodge and his position, sitting squarely on the center of her spine, left her with no leverage to work with.
He knocked her snug cap to the side. With one hand twisted in her shocking blue Mohawk and the other one still pressing the knife tip to her neck, he scooted down until he was seated on her butt.
“Move. Toss the weapon away too.”
Just for a second she considered trying to turn beneath him, but decided the risk of a slit throat was more than she was willing to bargain. Pissed off at the way he had captured her, she shoved her rifle away and stretched out her arms above her head.
With swift, blurred movements, he yanked her hands down and cuffed her wrists, winding some furry material around them and knotting it. When she lifted her head up, trying to look over her shoulder at her captor, he shoved her head back down, shifting so his body was stretched over hers from head to toe.
Her cheek was ground into the dead leaves and dirt and the scent of decaying plants tickled her nose. She clenched her teeth, desperately fighting the urge to sneeze. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“Protecting you, woman.”
“Protecting me? Are you crazy? Get off me and give me back my rifle! Achoo!” The sneeze exploded with such violence her face slammed into the ground, with her nose taking the brunt.
Her eyes watered as searing pain spread across her cheeks but before she had time to complain, she was distracted by the unmistakable pressure of his hard cock pressing against her ass. “Listen, buddy. I’m not interested in that kind of action,” she protested, suddenly wriggling fiercely as she tried to throw him off.
A spicy unfamiliar scent drifted past her nose when he nipped her ear with his teeth. “Then be still or I might get the idea that you are interested. I find your ass very attractive.”
She froze, barely breathing, snuffling softly through the trickle of blood that dribbled from her nose.
He leaned forward, his cock pressing harder in the crevice between her legs as his heavy muscled chest flattened her on the ground. With a low grunt, he reached for the rifle.
Her heart stopped and stuttered before racing into a pounding gallop. The hand that touched the rifle was blue. Not tattooed. Not blue-tinged, but blue. Slowly her gaze moved up the muscular arm attached to the strange hand. Blue. Unmistakably blue. What kind of alien had captured her?
“What is this place?” She whimpered breathlessly.
A shrill whistle came from the right and he leaped to his feet, easily hauling her up by one arm to face him. “Welcome to Mystic Valley.”

This book is releasing on 17 December from Ellora's Cave.



  1. Anny, your book sounds great! Happy Holidays to both you and Berengaria!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for dropping by.
    I am so looking forward to this book, Anny. I have been waiting for it forever!

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Berengaria,
    Thank you so much for hosting me today. I apologize for showing up so late. I've been at the dentist most of the day with the hunk!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I have got to add this to my wish list.