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Friday, December 10, 2010

Nerine Petros: CONTEST Shifting Perspectives

Merry Christmas!

I'm Nerine Petros and my first series of stories is about a Waangoo, or Dingo, shifter pack that has moved to a new town in central Queensland, Australia. There has been a lot of curiosity about the location of the stories, so here's a little bit of info about an Aussie Christmas.

For some reason, although we have one of the hottest summers around, we still manage to surround ourselves with snow. Granted, it's fake, but it's still everywhere. We spray it on our windows, we adorn the inside of our homes and outdoor trees with it (those trees look pretty funny, our natives are pretty scrawny things), our Santa's at the bigger shopping centres (we don't have Malls) are expected to have their wonderlands abounding in it; but we don't get any of the real stuff anywhere at any time of the year, at least, not in Queensland. You're also more likely to find Aussie Santa sitting on the beach in flip flops, boardies and a broad-rimmed Mexican straw hat with a XXXX beer in his hand (oh, and don't forget the multi-coloured zinc he'll have smeared across his nose either). The eye-candy factor at the beach ain't bad eitherJ.

We don't have real Christmas trees either, we have fake plastic ones that bite when you put them up each year. What we do have, is a lot of food. We love our fresh foods, from salads to seafoods and fruits, every home is just bursting with food. Food is universal, so below is our simply divine recipe for a simple shortbread. Add anything you like to make it a touch unique - choc chips, candied ginger, all spice, almonds or almond meal, macadamia nuts…anything that takes your fancy. From our house to yours, wishing you a safe and joyous Christmas with friends, family, love and, most of all, heaps of laughter.

Australian Shortbread:

5 ounces butter
2 ounces icing sugar
7 ounces plain flour
Pinch salt

1. Cream butter and sugar;
2. Gradually add sifter flour and salt;
3. Knead lightly, refrigerate for half hour before rolling out; and
4. Cut into shapes and bake 150-160 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until cooked.

Nb. If using Almond meal, 1-2 ounces is what we use, and we replace 1 ounce of the flour with the meal. Mix the Almond meal in first before the flour in step 2.

Shifting Perspectives Book One: Oliver and Angus:


Oliver lives in Australia. Specifically, in a rural town owned by a shifter wolf
pack. Life is good, but lonely, with companionship at least a four day drive

Unexpectedly, five new faces move to town, shaking the very foundations Oliver
has lived with his entire life. Now, Oliver will need to decide if he is ready
to let go of loneliness forever, or if all those teeth will be just a little too
much to handle.

R rated excerpt:

Oliver was pretty sure his head was going to blow off at any moment, it felt so good,
but Angus wasn't finished with him yet. Angus moved the other hand around to the
lower curve of Oliver's bottom and gently started stroking. When Oliver had calmed,
he felt Angus move up to gently stroke the cleft between his arse cheeks. Oliver's
breathing kicked up another notch, and his hips started moving of their own accord.
Angus held him steady by moving both hands to his hips and stopping all motion.

By this stage, Oliver was incoherent. Being a virgin had no bearing now. Oliver had
done the research, he knew it would hurt the first time, but he wasn't thinking about
it right then.

"Oh, God, please don't stop, please, please," Oliver begged, "Feels so good, been so long..."

"Ah, never fear, my little boorri, you will never be left wanting again if this is what you
desire." Angus spoke directly into Oliver's ear, sending warm puffs of breath over the
lobe and inner whorls.

Oliver started shivering; that just sounded like the best damn idea he had ever heard.

Liked it? Purchase from Torquere Press TODAY for $2.99US.

If you would like to win a free copy of Shifting Perspectives Book One: Oliver and Angus, just check out Nerine's blog to discover which two stories are due out in 2011, then send this information in an email to Berengaria before midnight on the 15th. There are two free copies up for grabs. (berengariabrown at gmail dot com with NERINE PETROS in the subject line)



  1. Thanks for dropping by, Anny
    And thank you, Nerine. Awesome excerpt.

  2. Thanks for having me Berengaria! Thanks also Anny, trust me when I say, they are very, very moorish ;). Nx.